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Smorty, Jay whats going on?

By stargazerr ·
The Lets open a can of worms, shall we? discussion has appeared in the new discussions list. I am pretty sure it wasnt there this morning.

The Messenger discussion has made the Hot Discussions List. It only has 4 posts!

and my Love all humans, was it? discussions has dissapeared from the new list. Of course, I understand that. A discussion related to religion has no place in a tech forum


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Logical and well thought out

by jdclyde In reply to Algorithm
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Seriously and on a Lighter Vein

by onbliss In reply to Algorithm

On serious tone: Why would TR want to feature this kind of discussions? I can understand TR's magnanimity in allowing Miscellaneous discussion. Actually it is symbiotic to an extent. But why would a non-technical discussion be featured?

On a lighter vein: If JDClyde's participation was a criteria, then should'nt ALL posts be featured? :-) Could not resist that JDCLYDE. SOWIEEE :-)

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Better becareful saying that

by jdclyde In reply to Seriously and on a Lighte ...

MARK has been working his way through the rest of the livestock, and with you making noises like that, could very well be next! If you see a man wearing just a cowboy hat and velcro gloves, RUN! :0

As for non-tech being featured.

I like the idea of TR being "a place where techs go", instead of just "a place for tech". Which do you think will bring more people in?


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by onbliss In reply to Better becareful saying t ...

I like it being the "a place where techs go". That is why I am here. Infact I have gone on records, saying elsewhere that I enjoy the non-tech discussions. Also, the wit and wisdom on Information Technology, from the discussions is of immense value.

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No Linux Religion discussions either?

by Too Old For IT In reply to Smorty, Jay whats going o ...
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I always thought

by stargazerr In reply to No Linux Religion discuss ...

that us linux practitioners form a cult


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Good one :-)

by onbliss In reply to Smorty, Jay whats going o ...


Edited: I replied to the wrong post. This was meant for JdClyde's comments about him being the Content.

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well, you know how it goes.... ;\

by jdclyde In reply to Good one :-)

Just one of those daze. Just been having "one of those daze" for a few weeks now it seems!

I wonder if someone put something in the coffee? Oh well.

My adoring fans await! B-)

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