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so many boring useless discussions repeating itself...

By DaveDXB ·
When do start some real discussions...IN DETAIL...about lets say..

server configurations...

i knows it all out there...but all in bits n pieces...why cany we have someone nice enough to go into detail and length into a topic rather then just rephrasing brief details of what others do.

I cant even find a proper detailed article here on IMPOTANT ,,,ah...i give up.

I wana talk about stsem penetration (not women that is)

-DOS ? control ur own bots? have any live experience it doing it? Nice to be able to temporarily shut down an irc server eh....

-IP cloning...WINS......

-Windows MAJOR vulnerabilities...not small bugs...but the big problems that really will **** u sky high...

Id like some step by step summaries n crap and explanation.."how to's"

-Wireless WEP sniffing...i swear i read about 55 articles on this for linux n windows and STILL cant seem to do it right!

I think the problem is ppl who write these articles dont know how to properly contruct their work,...

"**** for dummies"

Those books are REALLY properly constructed..

To the point!
Step by step how too...etc..

But they dont write about the more ADVANCED techniques used these days.

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Boy, do I agree!

by RknRlKid In reply to so many boring useless di ...

I have never seen the following anywhere, and I have been doing this for years:

1. How to close PORTS in Windows. For security you have to close open ports. But how do you do it?! I have never found a manual or book that tells exactly how that is done. (And not even security books either. All the Security+ and other security books I have omit this important detail.)

2. Closing unneeded services in Windows. Who determines what is unneeded? Then why is it installed in the first place? How is it turned off? (and more important, how to KEEP it turned off. Installing new software always seems to open up the things you just closed.)

3. I echo the point on Windows vulnerabilities. What are they? Especially the big ones.

My father used to complain that engineers build the stuff, and the tech writers write the manual, but the two never talk to each other so there is always a disconnect. Every book, manual and article I read seems to be incomplete. I cannot assume the knowledge the writer has. The writer has to lay it all out for the reader.

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