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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

By AnsuGisalas ·
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And yes they really are...
But again, not only are they doing that, they're also increasing the acidity of the seas ... CO2 in aqueous dilution is H2CO3 : carbonic acid, like in your soda. Remember that scare experiment they showed you back in the day, where they left a milk tooth in a glass of soda overnight, and it was just gone the next day?
Turns out, same thing happens to the shells of many food-chain-starters in the seas. Entire food chains of marine life can be devastated.
Historically, when the oceans tank, they tank hard. It is well documented that marine mass extinctions can kill off almost all marine life, and have done so several times in the past.

But you know, if it's happened in the past with no human contribution, obviously we can find lots of reasons not to do anything about it now...

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I got to drive the T Bird to the Wedding Ceremony

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NA no work here

And the Edsel back to the reception. Over all the Edsel is the easier car to drive as it doesn't have these stupid things like a folding steering wheel that needs to be moved to-wards the passenger side to get in and out.

Of course the Bride was at home in the T Bird and wanted to drive herself there till her Lord and Master put his foot down and refused to give her the keys.

Then I had to drive the Chrysler Cruiser back to their home from the reception and that was downright nasty to drive. The person who was supposed to drive the Edsel was involved in a collision getting to the set off point and the Groom had to go and pick her up and pay the Tow Truck to bring the bent car back to his place so he was somewhat reticent to allow her to drive after that. Apparently crashing a car 500 meters from their front door was not a way to impress the Cars Owner. :^0

Unfortunately when I handed them over all where straight I don't think that they bent them after I left either. As all 3 where parked away in their slots and hidden.

Over all the day went off without any real problems and now all I have to do is recover from the ordeal. People there even thought I was somehow involved with the bride and they kept calling me her father. I just replied No I'm her mothers husband.


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Climate change was a cash cow for the government

by AV . In reply to Climate change

But that is all gonna change now after New York and New Jersey go after the federal government for $80 billion from FEMA to rebuild the states after Hurricane Sandy. Thats a huge chunk of change for one storm. I can't wait to see if Congress approves the money. Reminds me of this. Ha ha!

You won't have to pay for it my dear Aidemzo, but all the US taxpayers are going to have to chip in and help rebuild. I see a new federal "disaster tax" coming on the horizon as we can all look forward to more bizarro weather in the future! Oooh! I bet the left wingers are getting chills up and down their collective legs at the very thought of a new tax right now!


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As George Carlin said

by NickNielsen In reply to So, not only are CO2 emis ...

"The Earth is gonna do okay. Humanity's phuqued, but the Earth will be just fine.

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Too true

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to As George Carlin said

Whether it's a habitat that can sustain human life or not, it will keep on spinning. It's amazing that, over 14 billion years, life has gown and developed many times, on occasion wiped out by natural disaster. However, in just 2000 years, we can screw the whole lot up and make it all but uninhabitable for ourselves. Mankind is SO bloody dense!! We think we are clever for all our inventions, language etc. , in reality we are the worst thing that ever happened to the big blue ball. Then again, if we are wiped out in even another 1000 years, it's barely a blip in Earth's timeline. Mankind will just be a boil that the Earth had to lance in order to carry on.

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George Carlin thinks "Save the Planet" loonies are full of crap

by maxwell edison In reply to As George Carlin said
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On that subject, yes...sort of

by NickNielsen In reply to George Carlin thinks "Sav ...

But what about this subject?

I liked George because he was able to see the idiocy and hypocrisy in our lives and make us laugh when he pointed it out to us. Anybody who walked away from a Carlin show without thinking "Whoa. He was right about that..." wasn't paying attention or was offended because the truth cuts deep.

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I am a bit concerned that

by robo_dev In reply to So, not only are CO2 emis ...

The naysayers and denialists....are not here.

Its like after years of saying "you're wrong", they just quietly say "guess you were right", and exit stage left.

Call me hopelessly naiive, but if we can land a spacecraft on Mars by remote control, surely there can be technical solutions to help sort some of this out.

The trick, of course, is to figure out how to come up with incentives to invest in technology solutions, and even models of industry/goverment partnership. since this problem is so big, expensive, and complicated to address that neither government nor industry can begin to solve it alone.

The brains and capability of both NASA and the US Military Industrial Complex are what is needed, and both of these have some excess capacity at the moment. The next race to the Moon or War should be a race to protect the planet or a War on climate change. Turn swords into...windmills?

And last but not least, there IS water on Mars, and it's not terribly hot there just yet.

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Most likely they, like me, are fed up with the brain dead who aren't able

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I am a bit concerned that

or prepared to do their own research but rely only on the BS out of the politicians and the other self abusers after money for BS. Sheet, Mount St Helen's did more greenhouse gas emissions that the whole human race did in 100,000 years, and there are a few volcanic eruptions each year with a few major ones every decade.

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Missed logic

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Most likely they, like me ...

The fact that greenhouse emissions are heavily effected by volcanoes is more of a reason to reduce further HUMAN impact on the globe. Look up the word: COMPOUND

'Why should I, I am not the biggest part of the problem.' is exactly the mentality the world needs to get rid of.

P.S. I NEVER listen to a word politicians say, but I also grew up exposed to science as opposed to faith.

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I suggest you look up some of the older posts on this subject

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Missed logic

I've never said humans don't contribute in some way, we do that by breathing. I also agree we should make all reasonable efforts to clean up the environment from human and natural damage. I have consistently said it was all due to human activities, have also consistently said human activities are a very minor aspect, as proven by the people who've been studying this for decades. I've also been saying the politicians and political scientists who push this as an urgent item are total BS artists.

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