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So, not only are CO2 emissions actually contributing to climate change

By AnsuGisalas ·
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And yes they really are...
But again, not only are they doing that, they're also increasing the acidity of the seas ... CO2 in aqueous dilution is H2CO3 : carbonic acid, like in your soda. Remember that scare experiment they showed you back in the day, where they left a milk tooth in a glass of soda overnight, and it was just gone the next day?
Turns out, same thing happens to the shells of many food-chain-starters in the seas. Entire food chains of marine life can be devastated.
Historically, when the oceans tank, they tank hard. It is well documented that marine mass extinctions can kill off almost all marine life, and have done so several times in the past.

But you know, if it's happened in the past with no human contribution, obviously we can find lots of reasons not to do anything about it now...

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by NickNielsen In reply to Humanity has made NO cont ...

And you, Max, play the semantic sophist, tap dancing and hair-splitting when pinned down.

You claim it doesn't exist. The vast majority of climate researchers would appear to disagree.

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"Denying" or "Denier" is another one of those disingenuous words . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to So what, exactly, are you ...

... that you left-leaning, progressive, collectivist-type thinkers use in your lame attempt to discredit people who "CHALLENGE" your assertions. To "deny" presupposes the truth is being presented, something you and all the other environmental looney tunes riding the global warming band wagon haven't even come close to doing.

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by NickNielsen In reply to "Denying" or "Denier" is ...
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Don't flatter yourself...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to "Denying" or "Denier" is ...

you don't "challenge" anything. You just wave your hands and restate your unfounded street-man belief that the overwhelming majority of scientists are somehow mistaken, and that your lack of facts should trump their stacks of measurements.

You're not a challenge... you're an ostrich with its head in a bush.

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In some contexts, denier is very appropriate

by JamesRL In reply to So what, exactly, are you ...

The most common usage I know of is "Holocaust denier". Those are the people who despite mountains of evidence (the Nazi regime were noted for being meticulous record keepers) from many sources, still deny that millions of Jews were killed in WWII.

Max, I am in no way shape or form desparaging you, or comparing you to a Holocaust denier. But I do think there are times when denier is a valid term.

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But this is not that "context"

by maxwell edison In reply to In some contexts, denier ...

Or are you suggesting it is? If not, what's your point?

It's clear to me that you took my exception to being called a "denier" and, for some reason, went off on a totally different tangent.

The charge of being a "denier" has NO PLACE in the anthropogenic global warming / climate change debate. Or do you disagree?

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Your first sentance....

by JamesRL In reply to But this is not that "con ...

...was about the usage of the word denier in any context.

I was simply pointing out that there are valid contexts for it.

I don't believe that in the context of ANTHROPOGENIC warming/climate change, it should not be used. I do think there is sufficient evidence to show that climate change is happeneing at an accelerated rate. But as to man's impact and the extent of it, that is still something that all of us should approach openly.

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All of us being who exactly, James?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to But this is not that "con ...

The science is not in doubt... that's the strange thing here.
Or is it a coincidence that the non-facts of the world's most powerful lobbies are being given a near-equal standing in this "we should all be open" thing that's going around.

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Ansu: It's like a religious debate

by neilb@uk In reply to But this is not that "con ...

The teaching of the Theory of Creation in science classes should be given equal parity with the Theory of Evolution, which is also just a 'theory'. The weight of evidence on the two sides - well, the total lack of evidence on one side - matters not one jot.

And this before we add in the influence of those who don't wish to do anything to reduce the waste in the current lifestyles.

You - we - are wasting our time.

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Last sentence:

by AnsuGisalas In reply to But this is not that "con ...

"But as to man's impact and the extent of it, that is still something that all of us should approach openly."
I thought it felt out of place with the rest of your stance, since it sort of leaves things open that have been thoroughly closed :^0

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