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So what about them games, eh?

By Oz_Media ·
Despite a rough start that included an opening ceremony 'glitch', rain on Cypress, a most horrific and fatal accident on Whistler's skeleton track, transportation issues (hundreds of people stuck on Cypress waiting for arranged coaches on the first night, a bus full of athletes getting lost in North Vancouver etc.)cancellation of some standing room tickets for Snowboard spectators and the slagging of the Own The Podium program (due to public misconception of its intent), the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games were simply outstanding.

The opening ceremony glitch was humorously sorted out by a stereotypically Canadian mime/clown with a belt full of tools, who got it working again to open the closing ceremony (a little laugh at at our own expense, a little humility and self-deprecation that was recognized and applauded worldwide). Catriona Le May Doan popped out of the floor with her torch and finally got to light the flames.

The sun and crowds came out at Cypress.

The city came alive in a way I haven't seen here in all my years in Vancouver. OTP program got some reprieve as Canada received the most gold medals, in fact the most ever won in Winter Olympics history.

And then there was "The Game"! The Canada US hockey match-up. After losing the opener against the US, Canada had to win 4 straight to get back on the podium. What a game it was, I won't even begin to mock the US team, it was a riveting and exceptionally well played game by both sides. No silly penalties or bad calls resulting in game winning power plays, just 73 minutes of well played and simply incredible hockey.

Between the curling, bobsleigh and hockey alone, the edge of my seat has now become threadbare.

One thing I liked the most was the stories. Athletes assumed to win, often didn't. Athletes assumed to put in a reasonable showing, often won gold.
How Joanie Rochette, after sadly losing her mother who had just arrived in Vancouver for the games, came back two days later and win a Bronze Medal or a flawless performance by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win gold (quite unexpectedly, I now love Tessa too, she's so purrrrdy an all!).

It reminded me of the old Wide World of Sports opening theme, "The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat"

It was a way for Canada to show the world what Canadians really are about and I think it shed a positive, new light on a widely misunderstood nation.

So, in the end and despite some initial 'growing pains', it all came to an end with a hilarious closing ceremonies. Sure, some of the acts are bring widely criticized in both the US and Canada,
"Why not Celine?"
"I'm glad they didn't have Celine?"
"Why Nickleback?"
"Nickleback was the best"
"Avril was lip syncing!" (actually 90% of it was, and usually is in live events, including the symphony being dubbed in, for the TV broadcast)

But that is so trivial, it wasn't **** Clarke's New Years Eve Party after all, music was just the finishing touch. They even played the bands in reverse order, most popular to least well known, so that the crowd would filter out gradually and not congest the streets.

The idea was obviously that people would not be complaining about waiting through an hour of lesser known artists in order to see Neil Young or Michael Buble (which NBC interrupted for an hour in order to air a failure of a season opener by Jerry Seinfeld) they will find something else to complain about of course, "Why not (insert favortite Canadian artist here)?"

But one thing that rings true no matter where you stand, it was one for the books. American's dominated the overall medal count by taking an early lead that nobody could catch up to, Germany, the second largest population represented, came close. Norway, with a tiny population, showed incredible sportsmanship and winning spirit to drive up their medal count too, and what about them curling pants! Now that's having a laugh at yourself.

Everyone won in the end, the athletes, the locals, the tourists, the city of Vancouver, and Canada as a whole..and even the TV networks (despite NBC offering HORRIBLE coverage, that has received widespread bashing from upset US viewers)

Even the normally scathing, London, UK media, which initially condemned the games as possibly the worst, are now saying they learned lessons from watching how Canada came together to make it a great Olympic Games. They say they are carefully planning to try and create similar venue locations, atmosphere and "party zones" that hope to duplicate the scene from Vancouver.

It was a Winter Olympics that will be go down in the records as one of the best, or at least that's what the rest of the world seems to be saying, for now.

Sochi, ball's in your court now, have fun with it...and don't worry Russia, you'll win some medals again, once you get your attitudes back on a more positive track.


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by NotSoChiGuy In reply to A shot at Nickelback?

"I thought he looked less gay than usual"

I'm sure that will go on the adverts for their next release!!!


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THey have another clip

by Oz_Media In reply to YIKES!!!

Someone says they suck, Chad Kroeger (lead whatever you want to call him) says "No, Nickleback DOESN'T suck and teh millions of fans who buy our albums prove that."

To which I obviously call BS. A record label can sell amillion albums of ANY band, with rotation and merketing. Look at William Hung that utter failure from the American Idol auditions, with She-Bang.

He debuted on the Billboard Top 200 charts at #34, selling 37,676 units during its first week.
Hung's album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Independent Album chart.

Get this, he has since released 10, that's TEN CD's. Though losing the popularity of his first, he actually sells them.

Marketing can make anyone a star, even Nickleback.

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Well I don't hate them but

by Slayer_ In reply to THey have another clip

They kind of sit in a similar play list location as Slayer. one or 2 songs in a row, and your sick of em, but every song is fairly good.

For Example, Every song on Christ Illusion is a great song, but, trying to listen to em all in one sitting is painful.

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I had lunch withJeff Hanneman just last year

by Oz_Media In reply to Well I don't hate them bu ...

And a few beers, of course.

They were in for the Megadeth/Slayer tour. Which rocked, though I am more into Megadeth than Slayer. Have to admit though, Slayer kept metal alive in North America, whilst the scene continued worldwide but was all but dropped in US and Canada.

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That would be like saying...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to THey have another clip

...McDonald's sells quality hamburgers; based on all the people that buy them.

Um, no.

I agree with you on this and that voice-over software could turn anyone into a star.

Oh well, no sweat off my brow...they're not getting any of my $$$, nor will they ever. More power to them!

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Hey I like their one song

by JamesRL In reply to A shot at Nickelback?

Wait, do they have more than one???

They all kinda sound the same.


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Isn't that normal for "Rock" bands?

by Slayer_ In reply to Hey I like their one song

Metal is where the unique music is!

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I bow to you gracefully

by Oz_Media In reply to Isn't that normal for "Ro ...

Never has a more honest word been spoken.

Up the Irons! \m/ \m/

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Must be a generational thing

by NickNielsen In reply to Isn't that normal for "Ro ...

I hear it the other way 'round!

With very few exceptions (Black Sabbath and Metallica prime among them), most metal bands sound the same to me. Each rock band, though, has its own unique sound.

Now, if you want unique music, go to the blues. It's amazing how much variation you can get from a 16-bar, three-chord progression.


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Metal is separated by many regoinal subgenres

by Oz_Media In reply to Must be a generational th ...

In parts of Northern and Eastern Europe, there are very strong Detah metal influences, or Satanic Metal. IN Japan Glam Metal is sill strong, as is the bands that brought the New wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) to American shores, starting the metal masses here.

In Brazil they are into almost anything, Iraqi's LOVE Slayer and Ozzy where they secretly play and headbang the hours they can. They dream of being allowed to express their musical tastes publicly.

There are literally dozens of different Heavy Metal sub sultures an dgenres out there and each has it's unique undertones. but they ALL, trace back and respect the originals such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden (Progressive metal), Judas Priest (the first to bring leather and studs into the picture, then there is Alice Cooper (not technically heavy metal now, but in the 70's when he took the stage it was dubbed a satanic ritual and not respected rock artistry (vaudeville shock rock) as it is today.

Metal has MANY MANY flavours and they have all been developed rigionally, not simply by a recording engineer seeking something new (which sad enough is where Metallica ended up). Even Canada and eth US have VERY different metal sounds, bands like Anvil and Snake Eyes (whom I used to manage and where the OzMedia nickname was given to me), sound very similar, havign grown up with teh same mentors but developing a rather unique 'Canadian' sound.

It's as diverse as genre as any, if nto moreso, the thing that really separates them form others such as Rock, country etc. Is not soem underground satanic overtone, but teh simple fact they they aren;t radio fodder. They make it own their own, they play hard for decades for next to nothing (and often nothing at all), just for the sake of expression. They don't get huge record deals, unless they sell themselves down the river, their privately engineered CD's sell at small record stores or in teh undominated indie sections of popular stores, where labels own the marketing real estate.

It's that fight for the right that makes it stand out. Some of the worlds best guitarists, vocalists, drummers, bass players are found in heavy metal, as they have real creative abilities and personal talents taht are shared amongst themselves, developed in basements and sleezy bar stages etc over years of a hard grind. Many get offered mainstream gigs with HUGE bands and turn them down, because they are true to themselves.

As you can see, I have nothing but respect for their trade and choice to stand on their own.

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