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So what about them games, eh?

By Oz_Media ·
Despite a rough start that included an opening ceremony 'glitch', rain on Cypress, a most horrific and fatal accident on Whistler's skeleton track, transportation issues (hundreds of people stuck on Cypress waiting for arranged coaches on the first night, a bus full of athletes getting lost in North Vancouver etc.)cancellation of some standing room tickets for Snowboard spectators and the slagging of the Own The Podium program (due to public misconception of its intent), the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games were simply outstanding.

The opening ceremony glitch was humorously sorted out by a stereotypically Canadian mime/clown with a belt full of tools, who got it working again to open the closing ceremony (a little laugh at at our own expense, a little humility and self-deprecation that was recognized and applauded worldwide). Catriona Le May Doan popped out of the floor with her torch and finally got to light the flames.

The sun and crowds came out at Cypress.

The city came alive in a way I haven't seen here in all my years in Vancouver. OTP program got some reprieve as Canada received the most gold medals, in fact the most ever won in Winter Olympics history.

And then there was "The Game"! The Canada US hockey match-up. After losing the opener against the US, Canada had to win 4 straight to get back on the podium. What a game it was, I won't even begin to mock the US team, it was a riveting and exceptionally well played game by both sides. No silly penalties or bad calls resulting in game winning power plays, just 73 minutes of well played and simply incredible hockey.

Between the curling, bobsleigh and hockey alone, the edge of my seat has now become threadbare.

One thing I liked the most was the stories. Athletes assumed to win, often didn't. Athletes assumed to put in a reasonable showing, often won gold.
How Joanie Rochette, after sadly losing her mother who had just arrived in Vancouver for the games, came back two days later and win a Bronze Medal or a flawless performance by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win gold (quite unexpectedly, I now love Tessa too, she's so purrrrdy an all!).

It reminded me of the old Wide World of Sports opening theme, "The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat"

It was a way for Canada to show the world what Canadians really are about and I think it shed a positive, new light on a widely misunderstood nation.

So, in the end and despite some initial 'growing pains', it all came to an end with a hilarious closing ceremonies. Sure, some of the acts are bring widely criticized in both the US and Canada,
"Why not Celine?"
"I'm glad they didn't have Celine?"
"Why Nickleback?"
"Nickleback was the best"
"Avril was lip syncing!" (actually 90% of it was, and usually is in live events, including the symphony being dubbed in, for the TV broadcast)

But that is so trivial, it wasn't **** Clarke's New Years Eve Party after all, music was just the finishing touch. They even played the bands in reverse order, most popular to least well known, so that the crowd would filter out gradually and not congest the streets.

The idea was obviously that people would not be complaining about waiting through an hour of lesser known artists in order to see Neil Young or Michael Buble (which NBC interrupted for an hour in order to air a failure of a season opener by Jerry Seinfeld) they will find something else to complain about of course, "Why not (insert favortite Canadian artist here)?"

But one thing that rings true no matter where you stand, it was one for the books. American's dominated the overall medal count by taking an early lead that nobody could catch up to, Germany, the second largest population represented, came close. Norway, with a tiny population, showed incredible sportsmanship and winning spirit to drive up their medal count too, and what about them curling pants! Now that's having a laugh at yourself.

Everyone won in the end, the athletes, the locals, the tourists, the city of Vancouver, and Canada as a whole..and even the TV networks (despite NBC offering HORRIBLE coverage, that has received widespread bashing from upset US viewers)

Even the normally scathing, London, UK media, which initially condemned the games as possibly the worst, are now saying they learned lessons from watching how Canada came together to make it a great Olympic Games. They say they are carefully planning to try and create similar venue locations, atmosphere and "party zones" that hope to duplicate the scene from Vancouver.

It was a Winter Olympics that will be go down in the records as one of the best, or at least that's what the rest of the world seems to be saying, for now.

Sochi, ball's in your court now, have fun with it...and don't worry Russia, you'll win some medals again, once you get your attitudes back on a more positive track.


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Many metal bands love the downloading generation

by Slayer_ In reply to Must be a generational th ...

For the price of bandwidth, new bands can distribute their songs to the world. Many metal bands support downloading, many even support free downloading and make their money from concerts rather than record sales.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Must be a generational th ...

And even Metallica joined that boat, after going after Napster for 4 years.

I have released tracks on purpose to P2P accounts or several bands now, it sells CD's.

They pay for radio rotation, Even though payola is TECHNICALLY illegal now it is still done. PLUS the radio stations, which teh labels also own, get a percentage of funding that is drawn from the artists CD sales.

So why PAY to get music out and then have it leaked online for free, when you can simply offer a few tracks for free an dencourage people to go and find your disk either ono your online store or at an indie record store, or HMV, they'll carry anything in the back corner.

As for blues, that's where metal is derived from the old 12-bar and MOST metal artists, especially the original, older ones, will say how Howlin Wolf and the likes are their key influences. Blues plugged in too, Elvis made the blues 'rock'n roll' in the US.

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Blues started metal?

by Slayer_ In reply to Must be a generational th ...

Can you site any sources for this, I want to read about it.
I only see a slight mention about it in a wiki, saying it came from Blues-Rock.

How did it go from crying on a microphone to screaming into a microphone?

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Finally the right space

by Oz_Media In reply to Must be a generational th ...

I thought most people knew the roots of modern rock/metal (same thing, just harder and faster).

Heavy Metal, HARD rock began with Led Zep, Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath. Ozzy, in numerous interviews, has stated his influences being old blues music. I think it goes without saying that Deep Purple and Zep's influences are MAINLY blues. Jimmy Page, was famous for his endless blues riffs as is Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. IN fact both played in blues bands in their early days before exploring and expanding on their styles.

If you listen to metal, its all 12-bar blues chords, since the grunge era it has become more commonly played in dropped E though.

There was really nothing else other than blues for these musicians to grow up on through the 50's 60's. Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Jimmy Reed and the likes were their main influences.

I think you fit heavy metal into far too thin of a category to see the relationship. Speed,thrashing with Satanic undertones is not where heavy metal began, nor does it represent the gamut of styles played today. Such music is a very small portion of the industry.

You mention a key influence being blues-rock, well blues rock was simply 12-bar blues 'plugged in'.

Any BIO on an original act like Led Zep, Ozzy etc., will opely discuss such influences. Even bands I work with grew up studying blues guitar and methodology.

Blues started rock music as we know it today. Consider progressive metal, such as Iron Maiden and Queensryche, it is VERY blues oriented, the undertones and influences still exist in their music today. doesn't stop there, many European guitarists had very strong Classical influences (as well Ozzy's former American guitarist Randy Rhodes). See Yngwie Malmsteen's vido clips at the bottom of this post to hear how famous clasical composers had direct influence on one of the world's most acomplished heavy metal guitarists.

Speaking of Iron Maiden, their new album and North American tour for 2010-2011 will be announcd in a press release tomorrow at noon. WOOHOO!

more on Ozzy's influences (YouTube interview)

The history of heavy metal:

this guy's home video directly shows how he is influenced by blues and metal and how it has been incorporated into harmonic scales.

Also, this one should shake you up a bit:
Heavy Metal's CLASSICAL influences.

And if THAT got you going, sit down for this one. Yngwie plays what he calls Apreggios from ****. Frickin amazing!!!
Classical taken to an extreme level. So there are actually real, tangible roots to heavy metal beyond noise.

If that doesn't get you thinking, I don't know what will.

Compare it to Nickleback and other modern pop rock and you'll understand why I say that metal is built on some EXTREMELY talented musicianship.

It's not all just pissed off kids making noise. :)

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That's what others said too

by Oz_Media In reply to A shot at Nickelback?

You have a MASSIVE, drunk and rowdy hockey crowd completely filling the downtown core, it was packed like front row at a concert for as far as the eye could see. Then a band that nobody actually likes comes on and plays Burn it to the Ground? Talk about a close call!

They are flakes, but their management dominates radio rotation in North America, what can you do but just shrug and move on?

Someone said all their songs sound teh same, which I agree, his over harmonized tone just gets tiring.

There's only ONE band in the world that can write songs that all sound the same...and they do it well, without apology and with the total respect of their fans, AC/DC!

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Canada Russia Hockey History

by JamesRL In reply to I was glad for Vancouver

In 1972, before many of you were born I know, Canada reached out to the Soviet Union to hold a "friendly" 8 game tournament - 4 games in Canada, 4 in Russia, between NHL all Stars and Russian All Stars.

The Olympics at that time were not open to professionals, and even the NHL farm teams were considered professional, so Canada sent very junior teams to the Olympics, and they had little chance of winning. The Russians on the other hand had full time teams, but since they were salaried in other jobs (Red Army team were members of the Army but trained full time) they were considered amateurs.

So the NHL players thought that being professionals, would walk all over the Russians. The first game was a shock and they lost 7-3. They won one, tied one, and lost one before heading to Moscow. It came right down to the wire and the NHLers won it in the last few minutes of the last game.

Thats why for many of us, the rivallry between Canada and Russia is more important than Canada/US, it was a big thing, like the moon landing, we all remember where we were when the winning goal was scored. We all watched it on TV in school as it happened.

Canada on the other hand, had to be seen as a favorite in these Olympics, though they went down early 4 years earlier. The US team was world ranked number 6th, so honestly did very well to make the final game, and almost won.


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Hey, I was born!

by Oz_Media In reply to Canada Russia Hockey Hist ...

Still crappin my pants in Southern England, but born all the same.

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Graduated high school that year

by NickNielsen In reply to Canada Russia Hockey Hist ...

Caught a little of the backsplash from that series in upstate NY, mostly because of Phil Esposito's involvement. Everybody there followed the Bruins and Bruins' players, even in the off-season.

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Comercials in Ontario and MJ Fox "Ya gotta be here"

by cmatthews In reply to So what about them games, ...

For those that live in other provinces:
We in Ontario seemed to be over-run with BC, Ont and QC province promo's. It would have been nice to see Atlantic and Prairie promos too. Oz, did you see Ontario commercials where you are?

I spent so many hours watching - even now, I can still see Michael J. Fox standing at the base of that huge tree... I kind of feel sorry for him and his state of health, but even he has an Olympic spirit to conquer his limits. A good example.

I'd nominate 2 commercials as best at reflecting Canada:
1) The Rona "extra long Canadian tape measure"
2) The Molson Canadian "more square (miles?) of awesomeness, than anywhere.."

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Hate to break it to ya

by JamesRL In reply to Comercials in Ontario and ...

But the networks don't care who advertises on them, as long as they pay. If Atlantic tourism or a prarie province wanted air time, they would have to do what Quebec, Ontario and BC did - pay.

Don't you think Michael closing ceremony bit ended in mid....


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