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So what about them games, eh?

By Oz_Media ·
Despite a rough start that included an opening ceremony 'glitch', rain on Cypress, a most horrific and fatal accident on Whistler's skeleton track, transportation issues (hundreds of people stuck on Cypress waiting for arranged coaches on the first night, a bus full of athletes getting lost in North Vancouver etc.)cancellation of some standing room tickets for Snowboard spectators and the slagging of the Own The Podium program (due to public misconception of its intent), the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games were simply outstanding.

The opening ceremony glitch was humorously sorted out by a stereotypically Canadian mime/clown with a belt full of tools, who got it working again to open the closing ceremony (a little laugh at at our own expense, a little humility and self-deprecation that was recognized and applauded worldwide). Catriona Le May Doan popped out of the floor with her torch and finally got to light the flames.

The sun and crowds came out at Cypress.

The city came alive in a way I haven't seen here in all my years in Vancouver. OTP program got some reprieve as Canada received the most gold medals, in fact the most ever won in Winter Olympics history.

And then there was "The Game"! The Canada US hockey match-up. After losing the opener against the US, Canada had to win 4 straight to get back on the podium. What a game it was, I won't even begin to mock the US team, it was a riveting and exceptionally well played game by both sides. No silly penalties or bad calls resulting in game winning power plays, just 73 minutes of well played and simply incredible hockey.

Between the curling, bobsleigh and hockey alone, the edge of my seat has now become threadbare.

One thing I liked the most was the stories. Athletes assumed to win, often didn't. Athletes assumed to put in a reasonable showing, often won gold.
How Joanie Rochette, after sadly losing her mother who had just arrived in Vancouver for the games, came back two days later and win a Bronze Medal or a flawless performance by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win gold (quite unexpectedly, I now love Tessa too, she's so purrrrdy an all!).

It reminded me of the old Wide World of Sports opening theme, "The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat"

It was a way for Canada to show the world what Canadians really are about and I think it shed a positive, new light on a widely misunderstood nation.

So, in the end and despite some initial 'growing pains', it all came to an end with a hilarious closing ceremonies. Sure, some of the acts are bring widely criticized in both the US and Canada,
"Why not Celine?"
"I'm glad they didn't have Celine?"
"Why Nickleback?"
"Nickleback was the best"
"Avril was lip syncing!" (actually 90% of it was, and usually is in live events, including the symphony being dubbed in, for the TV broadcast)

But that is so trivial, it wasn't **** Clarke's New Years Eve Party after all, music was just the finishing touch. They even played the bands in reverse order, most popular to least well known, so that the crowd would filter out gradually and not congest the streets.

The idea was obviously that people would not be complaining about waiting through an hour of lesser known artists in order to see Neil Young or Michael Buble (which NBC interrupted for an hour in order to air a failure of a season opener by Jerry Seinfeld) they will find something else to complain about of course, "Why not (insert favortite Canadian artist here)?"

But one thing that rings true no matter where you stand, it was one for the books. American's dominated the overall medal count by taking an early lead that nobody could catch up to, Germany, the second largest population represented, came close. Norway, with a tiny population, showed incredible sportsmanship and winning spirit to drive up their medal count too, and what about them curling pants! Now that's having a laugh at yourself.

Everyone won in the end, the athletes, the locals, the tourists, the city of Vancouver, and Canada as a whole..and even the TV networks (despite NBC offering HORRIBLE coverage, that has received widespread bashing from upset US viewers)

Even the normally scathing, London, UK media, which initially condemned the games as possibly the worst, are now saying they learned lessons from watching how Canada came together to make it a great Olympic Games. They say they are carefully planning to try and create similar venue locations, atmosphere and "party zones" that hope to duplicate the scene from Vancouver.

It was a Winter Olympics that will be go down in the records as one of the best, or at least that's what the rest of the world seems to be saying, for now.

Sochi, ball's in your court now, have fun with it...and don't worry Russia, you'll win some medals again, once you get your attitudes back on a more positive track.


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Haven't seen it yet, but after OZ's review..

by cmatthews In reply to Hate to break it to ya

..I'll go and rescue it from the PVR (before my kids record cartoons over it..)
Drat! Culture-less creatures they be.

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Online direct feeds were nice

by Slayer_ In reply to Comercials in Ontario and ...

You could watch the direct feed without commercials right on the ctvolympics website.

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I think I saw them all

by Oz_Media In reply to Comercials in Ontario and ...

PEI included, but I didn't pay attention to se eif any were missed, it was like "oh another one of these"

I really liked the BC one though (now there's some bias for ya), very descriptive of the province. People must think that it represented really remote places though, and not just the backyard you see in every direction here.

I vote tops for the two commercials you mentioned though, VERY clever indeed.

"When you think about Canadians, you may ask yourself, why are we the way we are? Well teh answer;s right under your feet...literally.

Fact is, it's this land that shapes us. There's a reason why we run off that dock instead of tippy-toe in, it's because that water is frozen, six months of the year.

And that frozen water brough on a sport that we can call our own.

This land is unlike any other, we have more square feet of awesomeness per person than any other nation on Earth!

It's why we flock towards lakes, nountains forests, rivers and streams.

We know we have the best backyard in tha world and we get out there every chance we get.

Because it's not just the great outdoors we're chasing it's freedom, and this place gives it to us at every turn. Here we're free to chill-out, free to unwind and free to wind up.

There's a beer that comes from the same land we let loose on and it's proved to be as clean, clear and fresh as the country it comes from.

So here's to everything this land gives us, Molson Canadian, made from Canada. "

Classic representation and I don't even like Molson Canadian.

As for michael, I think after his delayed speech (it seemed that it took a while for him to gain composure in parts, due to his Parkinsons). The slot machine/toilet bowl graphics didn't seem to work when he pulled the lever, again probably comnputer timed to his speech's click track (he did wear an in-ear). SO I think he was listening to their comments in his ear, "pick it up, 10 seconds to go" etc. and then was battling to keep himself composed, make a speech and deal with 66 thousand people on their feet for him. I absolutely LOVED it, Fox is a true Canadian hero in my eyes.

We met YEARS ago, when I was still right into Family Ties, he was in Burnaby visiting his parents and my girlfriend knew his family very well(we were just kids so 'my girlfriend' was a relative term, though serious enough that we "kissed and stuff").

All I really remember is how cool it was to meet a real TV star and how normal and cool he seemed. then I met Tom Bosley (Mr.Cunningham from Happy Days) in Farmer's Market in LA and figured I was 'in touch with the scene' then. Boy, I had met everyone, was I ever in the know! LOL.

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For those that miss the 2010 Olympic ads...

by cmatthews In reply to I think I saw them all

Even the commercials had a Canadian heart-beat.. I really don't think it would have been as close if CBC had run the show - honestly.

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New to me

by Oz_Media In reply to For those that miss the 2 ...

I watched religiously and the only one I saw here was the tourism spot.

Royal Bank ads were common, the Checy talking cars were on every couple of minutes it seemed, I possted those links in a different thread just for the Chevy ads, here they are again though. I like the "outtakes", but you have to see the full commercials first.
There were some 400 vehicles badged with the Olympic rings and 2010 badge etc. They are to be sol dshortly, with game volunteers getting a $1000.00 discount.

GM bid HUUUUUGE for the sponsirship gig, with government bail out money, of course.

I wonder if their ROI will prove it ws worth it, certainly those 4000 Olympic badged vehicles will sell, but what about the other countless millions it cost them? but again, that was another thread I started a week ago while pondering how they justified spending that much of the tax payers money. At least it wasn't on a C-level staff spa vacation like AIG did though.

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Last Olympics in North America for a while

by TheProfessorDan In reply to So what about them games, ...

With the next 2 Summer Olympics in London and Brazil and the next Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, it was nice to have the Olympics in Vancouver. Have they announced the 2018 Winter Olympic location yet?

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Don't be so sure....

by JamesRL In reply to Last Olympics in North Am ...

If you look at Winter Olympics, there are a limited number of places to have them. Europe has had a huge number of them, North America a few less. Sochi is actually listed as sub tropic so they might have similar issues to Cypress.

In North America, they've already done Lake Placid twice. Quebec City could host, maybe Montreal(farther from the ski hills). They've already hit the western Canadian cities.

So its a smaller pool to chose from.


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I just looked it up

by TheProfessorDan In reply to Don't be so sure....

The bids for the 2018 Winter Olympics are in and they are in Munich Germany, Annecy France and PyeongChang South Korea. So the earliest we could see the Olympics in North America would be the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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A Vancouver mistake

by Oz_Media In reply to Don't be so sure....

Because BC is so sprawling, they decided to sprawl the games too. ALL events could have been held at Whistler, except Hockey without building a new arena.

But they thought it wold be cool to share the wealth, and costs/benefits to cities. Richmond, where the money is and oLympic Oval, was a no brainer.

I know I've always said that the Asian population in Richmond is huge (Chinese, Japanese, Korean Thai etc.) Did you notice as many Asian fans cheering on Korea as Canadians? Most had two flags, depending on who was racing and who to root on.

The Asian population in Richmond is at 60% now!!! Local caucasians, have always laughed about being a minority there, well now they are a visible moniroty by statistics.

Long story short, LOTSA MONEY!!

Of course they wanted ot boost things in the Vancouver core too, thus renaming GM Place to Canada Hockey PLace and having MASSIVE street parties, zip lines across the street etc.

Then there was Cypress, oen of Vancouver's old skiing hotspots, and only 20 minutes away.

The rest was in Whistler, nearly 2 hrs away.

So 'sprawled' is the word. Then there were "zones" all over the various suburbs with huge stages, national showcase buildings/tents etc. Richmond has the O-Zone, Vancouver had several "zones" etc. right through to Whistler Village.

It was a good idea overall but unfortunately, due entirely to global warming (now THAT'S trolling! ), Cypress is melting into the Georgia straight, along with the glaciers behind it. So they had a few issues.

If it was condensed into indoor activity in Vancouver and ALL outdoor at Whistler it would work fine.

I am sure Vancouverites would welcome it annually. It would eventually mellow out and be more workable as far as getting around in town too. But I think we did a pretty good job at representing Canada on a global stage and made it something to remember for everyone that was here from all over the world. So far the reviews have been rave, despite the initial press rants.

I heard lots of grumbling pre Olympics, and yes I added to it too. But that happens with every Olympics, summer and winter worldwide.

But after it was off and going, I had never experienced anything like it, even from my living room, it was purely incredible.

While I really can't speak for yourself, I must admit that I am pretty freakin' proud to be Canadian right now (even if only by residence).

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It's not online, that I can see

by Oz_Media In reply to Last Olympics in North Am ...

The VANOC site lists summer and winter games. They have Summer games listed for a while but nothing beyond Sochi for Winter. I supposed they are wondering if it will start WWIII, or is it IV now?

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