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So, what if Linux won the war?

By Oz_Media ·
What if Linux won the OS battle, put MS out of business and MAC ran and hid under the bed? (shhhh, stop laughing)

Right now, as Linux has next to no market penetration at all, it isn't a target or virus writers and PC hackers/trackers. Therefore the big Linux boast is how secure and solid it is, like a rock.

However, being thrust into the market forefront, do people actually believe that Linux would remain stable and secure with open source code?

First of all, they'd HAVE to start boxing and selling retail versions as you wouldn't be able to trust downloads anymore; it would be far too easy to corrupt an install from a downloaded file, redirected website or sppofed link.

Secondly, the price would soar, packaging, delivery and marketing costs. That means they have to offer a value added service to such retail clients such as user support, warranty and exchange etc. Once again pushing up costs of boxed, safe product.

Of course to stop any black market resellers that would sell hacked copies, now they have to licence it, and again the cost goes up.

So now you have Linux sold just as Windows is, no cost benefit there anymore.

You have a system that is the market forefront and the target of hackers worldwide, security is reduced, thus requiring patches written by Joe's 16 year old son, David. (it is open source afterall, isn't that a key benefit?).
David's new patch opens up another area of exploit, reduces system stability and causes crashes (just to be fair we'll call that the Linux Screen Of Death (LSOD)).

People will then expect to be able to play games on it too, so yet ANOTHER third party extension is added for free download. That free download is not trustworthy unless from a secure server. So the company providing that download has to start charging for the LX12 gaming interface for Linux. LX12 costs $99.00.

I've already paid for a "safe" version, now I have to pay for a "safe" gaming interface too? Man, this Linux license stuff is a rip off!!!

By now, Windows has all but disappeared, owns less than 15% of the marketshare. People stop writing viruses for it and the few remaining developers just offer the code online to fellow Windows fans to work on and stabilize. Windows now becomes less bloated as there's simply no need for all the patches, add-ons, security updates, licencing etc., they decide to offer it for free.

TR is then filled with posts stating, "10 reasons why Windows is better than Linux", with such reasons as 1) It's free you don't have to pay for licences. 2) It is more stable 3) it has a smaller footprint 4)it is more intuitive and easier to use ....

So what would happen if Linux won the war?

Free, stable and untargeted OS for the world to use? Sure.

Linux fans are far better off just keeping their heads down, enjoying their private club and forgetting about LWD - Linux World Domination (Muwahahahahahaha ]:) ), it aint going to happen and if it did, you wouldn't like it anyway.

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by dwdino In reply to So, what if Linux won the ...

Most of the replies fail to take into account the Ecosystem created by Microsoft (or any large vendor). If Linux were to become THE OS of choice, many would have to find a way to make their lively hood from its products and services. The only reason you can have "free" software is because the developers are being paid somewhere else.

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What I'd do...

by jck In reply to So, what if Linux won the ...

Go back to using my Commodore 64 with my MPS-803 or my Panasonic KX-1091i printer with the Star-Micronics interface, and writing documents in 80 column with GEOS. :^0

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You know

by Oz_Media In reply to What I'd do...

There's always a price list, a rolodex and a pen & paper. I bet it won't be much more than 10 years most kids won't know how cursive writing. Handwriting/penmanship will be to them as Calligraphy is to us today.

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I saw handwriting die

by Slayer_ In reply to You know

For about grades 1 to 8, it was handwriting. had to learn it in G2.
Starting in G8 and on, it had to be printing. The teachers had to print everything. Possibly because of English as second language. But more likely as many of us could not properly read handwriting. I personally cannot write in handwriting, takes me 20 times longer to write in handwriting than it does to just print it out, but if you handwrite as I was taught to in school, I can read it. But if you swoop around and make funny lines, I cannot read it.

I heard once that the death of handwriting, was because of the left brained logical people that cannot draw. The required ability to draw is the same as the ability required to handwrite or write neatly. The left brained people became prominent when computers became products for the masses.

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It's still a mototr skill though

by Oz_Media In reply to I saw handwriting die

when I was recovering from a coma, I had to learn to write properly again, as I had lost motor skills (walking, reaching for and grasping objects etc.).

It was a bummer *** I had excellent penmanship, was into calligraphy and mechanical drafting too. Then I couldn't write my name legibly. So I forced myself to write as much as possible, I started just writing out books I was reading, just writing it all out to develop the unconcious motor skills, and now I write well again. Sometimes, when I am online too much, I find my writing gets poor. I just start writing stuff out again, and handwriting everything (notes, daytime tasks etc)instead of printing it out.

I refuse to let a learned skill fail me due to laziness.

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I never understood the need.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You know

Why have two different ways of writing the same characters? For that matter, why bother with upper case and lower case?

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So it is easier to read your words

by Slayer_ In reply to I never understood the ne ...


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Because English language is important to some people

by Oz_Media In reply to I never understood the ne ...

Some people prefer to communicate effectively without a computer.

Writing in any language is about hand eye control, motor skills, creative thought, and discipline. Computers remove those skills from our youth and it has resulted in a ridiculous world of acronyms, single letters being used to represent words and even sometimes combining with a numer used to represent a word. It's absolutely moronic to see how some people feel they are communicating these days, perhaps in a peer group it works but god help you when you explore the rest of the world.

We've all seen how easily some people are thrown right off topic when they read posts here. It is generally due to their misunderstanding of punctuation, grammar, the inability to break down adverbs, adjectives etc. and they wind up reading something that isn't really there and ignoring what was actually said. In essence, people are just going stupid.

Edit: While many people here have difficulty reading my posts due to my terrible typing skills, the same goes for the written word. If you can't write, it impedes your ability to communicate effectively.

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What does that have to do with case and print vs. cursive?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Because English language ...

I agree with most of what you say, but none of it addresses my question. All of your arguments would apply equally if we had only one case and no cursive. None of them would apply if we didn't have computers.

Why have two different forms of writing? Why have two different cases? Sure, it's what we've grown up used to seeing, but that isn't a reason to continue it.

Don't get me started on the letters 'C' or 'Q'.

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How easily dismissed

by Oz_Media In reply to What does that have to do ...

People dismiss it because they feel no need for what they deem accurate grammar and communication skills that are now seemingly out of date. However many of those same people will hang onto laws and political commentary made over 200 years ago in order to deny a more progressive society.

Cursive writing is an art form called penmanship. Some poeple still require written instruction, and before you go on abotu printing, that's just as bad these days. An inability to write or even print is much like an inability to read, it impedes communication.

When you look for a job in the US these days, you need certs, qualifications,education, hands on skills, communication skills etc. So why is it okay to not be able to print properly, use punctuation or write legibly?

It's not really funny how easily the simplest of skills are dismissed by those who dont't possess such skills.

How anyone can function in society, even in today's society, without being able to write or print legibly and with correct or at least reasonable punctuation is beyond me.

As for capitals, that is an indicator of nouns, eginnings of sentences etc. It maks it easier to read when properly broken into paragraphs and puctuated.

if all comments are just spewed out in lower case and without proper spacing or punctuation it's hard to determine where one sentence ends and another starts.reading english has been taught in a way that the brain recognizes capitalization as starting a new sentence or referring to a noun that way we can read properly and at speed without misunderstanding the comment being can f**k with a language all you like it doesn't mean that proper capitalization and punctuation is not important to those who have to read it.

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