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So, what if Linux won the war?

By Oz_Media ·
What if Linux won the OS battle, put MS out of business and MAC ran and hid under the bed? (shhhh, stop laughing)

Right now, as Linux has next to no market penetration at all, it isn't a target or virus writers and PC hackers/trackers. Therefore the big Linux boast is how secure and solid it is, like a rock.

However, being thrust into the market forefront, do people actually believe that Linux would remain stable and secure with open source code?

First of all, they'd HAVE to start boxing and selling retail versions as you wouldn't be able to trust downloads anymore; it would be far too easy to corrupt an install from a downloaded file, redirected website or sppofed link.

Secondly, the price would soar, packaging, delivery and marketing costs. That means they have to offer a value added service to such retail clients such as user support, warranty and exchange etc. Once again pushing up costs of boxed, safe product.

Of course to stop any black market resellers that would sell hacked copies, now they have to licence it, and again the cost goes up.

So now you have Linux sold just as Windows is, no cost benefit there anymore.

You have a system that is the market forefront and the target of hackers worldwide, security is reduced, thus requiring patches written by Joe's 16 year old son, David. (it is open source afterall, isn't that a key benefit?).
David's new patch opens up another area of exploit, reduces system stability and causes crashes (just to be fair we'll call that the Linux Screen Of Death (LSOD)).

People will then expect to be able to play games on it too, so yet ANOTHER third party extension is added for free download. That free download is not trustworthy unless from a secure server. So the company providing that download has to start charging for the LX12 gaming interface for Linux. LX12 costs $99.00.

I've already paid for a "safe" version, now I have to pay for a "safe" gaming interface too? Man, this Linux license stuff is a rip off!!!

By now, Windows has all but disappeared, owns less than 15% of the marketshare. People stop writing viruses for it and the few remaining developers just offer the code online to fellow Windows fans to work on and stabilize. Windows now becomes less bloated as there's simply no need for all the patches, add-ons, security updates, licencing etc., they decide to offer it for free.

TR is then filled with posts stating, "10 reasons why Windows is better than Linux", with such reasons as 1) It's free you don't have to pay for licences. 2) It is more stable 3) it has a smaller footprint 4)it is more intuitive and easier to use ....

So what would happen if Linux won the war?

Free, stable and untargeted OS for the world to use? Sure.

Linux fans are far better off just keeping their heads down, enjoying their private club and forgetting about LWD - Linux World Domination (Muwahahahahahaha ]:) ), it aint going to happen and if it did, you wouldn't like it anyway.

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Why print clearly?

by Slayer_ In reply to How easily dismissed

I know my punctuation well, but I can't spell for sh*t and I cannot print neatly. My hand doesn't obey my mind well enough for it. It's not as if I haven't written books worth of stuff. My dad cannot print clearly either, nor my grandpa, its genetic. I am just lucky that the digital age has made printing and handwriting, nearly obsolete.

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by Oz_Media In reply to How easily dismissed

While genes may result on one taking longer to learn how to print or write clearly, they are both learned skills that can be developed with practice, unless by genetics you are referring to a hereditary mental deficiency that impedes your motor skills.

As ot Why print neatly? You are joking, right? Written or printed communication means others must be ale to read what you are trying to communicate. Another reason is that if you write like a 5 year old and can't spell, it doesn't exactly promote you as educated because a good education includes learning and practicing those most basic of human functions.

That's like saying, "I don't need to speak English properly."

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Well actually yes

by Slayer_ In reply to How easily dismissed

I do have several mental disabilities. My spelling is not so good (Getting better thanks to the internet) and my printing is terrible. But on the other hand, math also confuses the **** out of me, I still cannot do long division properly. And yet I can program banking system software. I just finished coding the calculation for joint TDS/GDS. So what do these "paper" skills really matter for anymore?

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With all due respect

by Oz_Media In reply to How easily dismissed

In your case those skills would correctly identify a mental deficiency, whether or nto that is an issue for the employer looking at your resume is up to them.

WHat you are suggesting, is like somene who can't walk sitting in a chair and saying, "so what if I can't walk, why do I need legs? I don't walk for a living."

In many cases, prehaps a company with wheelchair acess or situated on the first floor, you may not need legs. However in cases where the company is on a high floor, insurance measures would ensure that everyone was able to safely evacuate a building in the case of an emergency.

So you do need legs and such a disability should be considered important.

The point is, whether you feel you'll use a skill or not doe s not mean that it is unimportant to others.

We are merely talking about the ENGLISH language. If you have a learning disability that's completely understandable, it doesn't mean that it is not VERY important for others though. If yuo want to rewrite a language do so, just don't expect teh world to forget their most common language for teh sake of your disability though. And with your excuses including, why use capitals, that has nothign to do with a learning disability anyway, that's just plain 'kin lazy!

Once again, I don't mean any disrecepct towards you for having a mental deficiency, learning disability or anything else that you have no control over.

But you can't ecpect the world to expect less from others because you have genelogical issues.

That whole 'no child left behind' stuff is pure crap.

I believe very strongly in equal opportunity, but don't expect me to lay down while others catch up.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to How easily dismissed

I'm not questioning the need for accurate grammar, spelling, or punctuation. I'm not questioning the necessity of forming written characters in a clear fashion so readers can easily tell one from the other. I'm asking for a reason to continue teaching both printed and cursive characters. What difference does it make if I write the characters as unconnected individuals or as one continuously connected word? Why maintain both systems? (Four systems if you count upper and lower cases.)

You're right that we've been taught certain conventions, but we can just as easily teach others. We've been taught that sentences begin with an upper case letter, but we could as easily recognize the beginning of a sentence by the first character after the period that ended the last one. Capitalization doesn't lead to faster reading in and of itself; we read slower when it isn't there because it's a convention we've been taught.

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Heh when I read his long unbroken paragraph

by Slayer_ In reply to How easily dismissed

it only took me half a second to get into the flow. It doesn't really matter to me. After reading 12 year old kids Engrish/Malaysian butchering of grammar, it was easy.
Just look at this last tech support request I got.

"alright, this is very annoying. I log into the game all is just peachy, all the graphics are fine everything okay except! the writing everything is fuzzy and all blurry. I have installed my new drivers, I have changed the resolution and the quality of the game several times and I'm running out of idea's anyone able to help me????"

^^^Further proof that we need more than a spell checker in browsers.

And Ozzie, no worries (Though you mixed up some replies :) ). Those "normals", many work dead end jobs, gas stations, restaurants, or are still in school. Many others died of drugs or gang violence. Meanwhile I graduated at the top of my class (Thanks to the previous top leaving early) and immediately got a job programming making more than double/triple what those "normals" make. I don't think of it as a disability, its a mechanism for me to ignore/forget useless information.

however I do wish I took physics instead of chemistry, chemistry was fun, but physics would have been useful, even if I didn't understand it fully. And all those years wasted when they tried to force me to learn French and Ukrainian, hopeless....

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I get it Palmetto

by Oz_Media In reply to How easily dismissed

In short, is we could all just reduce our grammar teaching to suit that of yourself, the world will be a better place.

I don't have an issue with using cursive handwriting nor capitalization, same numer of strokes, if not fewer than printing.

I understand that the common conventions do not suit your needs, however there are many things in life that don't suit mine either. I don't expect any changes to national systems just to appease my own desires though, I understand what a global system is and I will adapt to suit it as best I can.

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not I

by Oz_Media In reply to How easily dismissed

I actually dropped out halfway through grade 11 because my parents separated and we moved, I went to work full time instead. It was fun when I went back to school to visit friends and was making more than thier teachers though. It wasn't until I went to trade school that I had to pass a test showing that I had sufficient knowledge of math, formulas, reading comrpehension etc, in order to qualify for the class. Even then, it was an hour in a classroom writing a test and not anther year or five in school.

My goal at that point was to prove that I was able to earn more money than my friends who graduated and went on to college, and I still make more compared to those I have met since.

Sure I could have followed my brothers path and graduated ,went to college and become a successful corporate lawyer but my heart wasn't in it.

Actually just got news today that my time is up at my current position, BDM's and sales reps are always first to go. But I've seen it coming for a while now in a dead insudstry that won't pick up until at least May, don't really care though and have irons in the fire all the time. Actually thinking of getting into selling boats and yachts, have a one on one with a manager of a major dealer next week. I contacted him, told him what I wanted, what I've done and what I could do, so I'll see where that leads if anywhere. I have also have a couple of offers from former customers over tha last few months that I have ignored so far but they are there if I want them. I find I get offers and opportunities all the time, and just seek them otuu when needed.

If not, I can make more working for myself than I've ever made working for anyone else, no big deal. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and it's faded now, past experience has proven to me that decent paying jobs are easy enough to find, skewul or no skewul.

Edit: I was fortunate enough to enter the workforce when it was just a matter of a handful of resumes and a friendly handshake to seal the deal. It allowed me to gain experience when drive and eagerness was enough to get a start. Today I agree that for younger people it is much harder to get a foot in the door and gain any experience without a formal education, mainly due to the recruiting/mass resume hiring process that people have been sucked into.

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I don't doubt it

by jck In reply to You know

Doing long-hand mathematics for most children already is, thanks to the calculator/computer.

Way to go. Cripple our kids when the batteries/power is gone.

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So, what if Linux won the war?

by afuller In reply to So, what if Linux won the ...

the way you know that it has happened is when everybody on the planet begins talking with a LISP.

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