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So What is the DMC's problem - with GWB visiting Iraqi that takes some guts

By JimHM ·
OK GWB went off to Bagdad to thank the troops - and celebrate Thanksgiving. Great treat for those serving in the theater when the Commander and Chief comes.

So then the DMC - starts crying - "It was all political." - "It was for next years election." - Yadada - But at the same time they had two over in Afghan - Billary and someone else - I guess she was there to AID the Morale of the Troops by going down on each of them?

The DMC - has nothing better to do the critize some other polictal party for doing the same thing they are doing... I think they are PO'ed for being Upstaged - by a better man

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Exactly the thing you would do

by maxwell edison In reply to Believe it or not ...

I'm sure it's exactly the thing you would do. And it's exactly the sort of thing I'd do.

And you're right, the motives are all speculative. How do any of us know what's going in the President's mind, or anyone else's for that matter?

So why not give the man the benefit of the doubt? It was a nice thing to do for the troops, it's something almost any of us "would" do if we were in his shoes, so why criticize him for it?

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So why not give the man the benefit of the doubt?

by Oz_Media In reply to Exactly the thing you wou ...

Isn't that the most common excuse for all his BS though, Max?

How many times do you give him the benfit of the doubt before you doubt?
I'm not implying you all made a mistake in electing him, he squeaked into the White House has made nothing but controvesial decisions sonce then and is still being given the benefit of the doubt. This would be a good reason for DOUBT when it coems to his re-election, against the will of the rest of the world, I see him getting elected once again due to the strong Republican supporters that are fed BS by the media in order to cloud the reality of his mistales. The scary part is that you eat it up hungrily as you look for some tiny piece of justification to support your last decision. It has been proven that he initiated many of the problems with the sanction breaches, other countries ar also breaching BUSH's imposed sanctions, no problem there, but with Iraq it's an issue?!
Other countries have WMD, nuclear technology and etc. that could eliminate half the continent, yet they are left alone as it is in Bush's better interests. To avoid conflict or negative relations.

Tell me Max, why do you PERSONALLY, think the war in Iraq was neccessary? Keep in mind, Liberation wasn't why you all supported the effort in the first place, that was Tony Blair.

I can often let things slide as perhaps there is more to it that we see, which is very obvious in the US. How many times do you let the it slide before you realize he is giving your country a bad name and pushing longtime allies to the wayside. Do you REALLY think these Allies will be happy to support the US in the future? Have you not heard and read all the negative comments from other countries about the US actions lately?

What is it Max, your Allies or the USA, that is important. If it is just the USA, why are you concerned about liberating another country?

If it your allies, why would you go against thier wishes?

If it is BOTH, why was there no middle ground or at least further discussion before the invasion?

You all stand alone and spit on the world but complain that you are not supported?

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by john_wills In reply to So why not give the man t ...

The Iraq trip will undoubtedly help Dubya to re-election. He has squandered international goodwill engendered by September 11, and people do not ignore that, but the Demcorat disarray, a recent Massachussetts Supreme Court decision, the passage of the law against partial-birth abortion (never mind whether it survives judicial scrutiny) and various other things will make Dubya seem the world's best hope against the loony pseudoliberal left. And that same loony left may not all be voting Democrat: Al Gore has come to SF to persuade people to vote the Demcorat candidate for mayor in a few days because if they vote the Green candidate in the Green party will throughout the lefty parts of California pull a lot of votes from the Democrats and California may thus give its electoral votes to Dubya. I'm a bit cynical about politics, and skeptical about the ability of any form of government to fulfil government's function, whatever party or politician is in power, but I do find some amusement in the present dominance of Dubya and his like.

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by Oz_Media In reply to re-election

"I'm a bit cynical about politics, and skeptical about the ability of any form of government to fulfil government's function, whatever party or politician is in power"

That is pretty much where I stand. I don't think anyone will do the perfect job. It's when they go **** bent for leather on some cavarly campaign that I get pissed off.

Our PM is rarely a topic of discussion, just the way O like it. He does his job and makes decisions but neither REALLY have e horrible effct whether positive or negative. A fex tax dollars here, the odd restriction there but nothing really that life effecting like invading countries or getting us terrorized.

All in all it's peaceful and I can enjoy my life and the unsurmounted beauty of BC in peace with the wildlife that brought us all here in awe, while my PM just quietly sits in his office and pushes paper, not buttons.

It kinda like the difference between a boss that's always in your face and always making major changes in an attempt to score the ultimate goal, and a boss who let's you write your own ticket, come to work and manage your own time, create with your own ideas and practically run your own business.

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Not unique to the USA ...

by jardinier In reply to So why not give the man t ...

In Australia we breed sheep for three purposes: wool, meat, and supporters of the conservative government.

Supporters of the conservative (Liberal/National) coalition all attribute to John Howard the same God-like infallibity which American Republicans give to Bush.

Howard has been caught out on several occasions for consciously lying to the people of Australia. His popularity rating has increased after each such revelation.

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You're probably breaching a US sanction

by Oz_Media In reply to Not unique to the USA ...

If you're breeding sheep for WOOL as well as political followers, wouldn't that then make them dual purpose goods? I'm sure the US has a sanction against that, you better hope Bush can't sell a roo or it's all over for you guys. mind you, it would take them about two years to make any headway once they arrived ni Sydney. Should give you time to suck back a few Fosters and giggle at them as they run around shooting each other.

Just sick Rolf Harris on them, the extra leg will really screw with thier heads. Deedle-eedle-dum

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I think it was well controlled and he was safe

by JimHM In reply to As an American

It was better than Billary's comments to the troopes that "The People of American do not support your efforts... " or something like that.

Plus - You would think all the GWB haters would of loved to see him shot down. Gee - then who are the republicans going to run? Right now you got about 8 Dem's running - none of them have a similiar voice - So that tells me that the Democraps don't have a clue about what they want to do.

Yes - you are correct about the president should be protected and not take adverse risks - and yes the risks were high going there - but I think it was well protected - I believe that keeping it out of the Leftest Media made excellent sense - I also feel it was well worth it - and gave those brave men and women serving something special - and a shot in the arm.

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By the way - where is the line drawn?

by maxwell edison In reply to As an American

If it's too dangerous for a President to go to this war zone, is it also too dangerous for the Vice-President? How about a cabinet member? What about the Senators and Representatives? At what point is the person expendable enough to get a pass on the risk factor, and who should make such a determination?

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Very good question

by Cactus Pete In reply to By the way - where is the ...

It's not really what I'm addressing, however. I do believe that the office of the president is clearly past that line.

Let me just say that, of course, I wish every positive thing possible for the troops, especially those deployed. I just don't feel that the risk was proper.

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by john_wills In reply to So What is the DMC's prob ...

I don't like Dubya - though I might have voted for him had I been a U.S. citizen. The Democrats like him even less. Most people vote on a touchy-feely basis, which they often mistake for a bread-and-butter basis - adequate brad and butter touching them and making them feel good. Dubya has done quite a lot of things that make people feel good, however irrationally. The Thanksgiving caper was the latest, and really quite appropriate for the Comander in Chief, at least if those security precautions were all really taken. So more people are likely to vote Dubya come November. So the Democrats are annoyed: they do not detachedly watch the karmic pattern emerge, and they have no principles suitable for changing the pattern, so they get annoyed, exactly what tey should not do, for their own sakes.

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