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So What is the DMC's problem - with GWB visiting Iraqi that takes some guts

By JimHM ·
OK GWB went off to Bagdad to thank the troops - and celebrate Thanksgiving. Great treat for those serving in the theater when the Commander and Chief comes.

So then the DMC - starts crying - "It was all political." - "It was for next years election." - Yadada - But at the same time they had two over in Afghan - Billary and someone else - I guess she was there to AID the Morale of the Troops by going down on each of them?

The DMC - has nothing better to do the critize some other polictal party for doing the same thing they are doing... I think they are PO'ed for being Upstaged - by a better man

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You're right about touchy feely -

by JimHM In reply to frustration

You're correct about most of the American voters - Touchy, Feely is he someone you would let your daughter date. Never look at the hard issues that need answered with hard solutions.

It's a shame - we Americans need to take responsibility back into our own hands for our elected leaders, and elect them on the basis of what they can do about the current and future issues that will present themselfs.

Gore - to me was a spineless man - during his 8 years as VP - he did nothing. Yes - he was the second most important person - but did he do anything that can be remembered? OH yea - he invented the Internet...

I agree - Americans need to get away from the touchy feely (look what happened to us under the Peanut farmer - Jimmy Carter)... Nice guy, very intelligant, some good social ideas - but just not a leader.. Was a Nuc researcher in the Navy - those guys were locked away - and went to work.

Hey - I never heard GWB called Dubya? Is that stand for something?

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On the "nickname" Dubya

by maxwell edison In reply to You're right about touchy ...

I'm not sure who started calling GWB "Dubya", but the earliest use of it that I've seen was from columnist Molly Ivans, an extreme left-winger (a border-line socialist, even). Molly Ivans writes for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and has a nationally syndicated opinion column. Molly Ivans was a huge Ann Richards supporter, is a Democrat party drum beater, is a Republican party critic, and has been most critical of G.W. Bush for years, going back to his earliest days as Texas governor. Ivans referred to GWB as "Dubya" when he was first running against (and defeated) Ann Richards in her run for re-election as Texas governor.

"Dubya" is the "Texas drawl" way to pronounce the president's middle initial, and its intended use has its roots in disrespect. Even though it's probably used, at times, by those who like the president, it's almost exclusively used by those who dislike (or despise) him in an attempt to somehow reduce him in stature.

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Ah - Duh hello - got it

by JimHM In reply to On the "nickname" Dubya

Us northerners - got to hit us on the head with a brick sometimes...

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Ok I'll bite

by Oz_Media In reply to On the "nickname" Dubya

"in an attempt to somehow reduce him in stature."

George W Bush has no stature, unless you are a Republican. Other countries can't stand the guy, Iraq doesn't know what the **** he is doing in Iraq, the British are said and done with it, then this little publicity campaign where he saw NO people of Iraq, heard NO voice of the Iraqi people. Back door in Back door out (damn, I'll resist)and that was that. Few select troops get to see him ramble through his We're winning for the people propaganda and that's that.
Not exactly Bob Hope, at least he would have been worth watching.

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With Bob Hope...

by mrbill- In reply to Ok I'll bite

would have been some beautiful girls, but in this day and age that would have been inappropriate. Unless he took some Chippendales for the female GIs.

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Drag em all over

by Oz_Media In reply to With Bob Hope...

Fill the place with ****-tang and have at 'er.
AF1's wings could have had girls dancing on them with fireworks and flags waiving in the backgroud. Now that would have been good TV. Of course in the US it probably would have been censored to the point of looking all jerky like a silent film.

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Molly Ivins

by john_wills In reply to On the "nickname" Dubya

Molly Ivins is not "a border-line socialist"; she is a straightforward socialist, applying socialist principles in an environment wavering between libertarian and liberal (proper sense), with some deviation over towards corporatism. She is not "extreme left-wing", just plain socialist, not communist or loony-left U.S. pseudoliberal or anything like that. She would fit right into the London Guardian's columns, but would be less remarkable there. I used to read her quite often in "The State" of Columbia SC, but the SF Chronicle doesn't run her so often. What kind of person thinks that an ordinary socialist is "extreme left-wing"?

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I suppose. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Molly Ivins

...I was being, shall I say, "kind" when I referred to Molly Ivans as only "extreme left-wing". I know all about Molly Ivans. I've been reading her stuff for years.

And you're right on with your assessment of Molly Ivans as a socialist. Does she admit to it, or is she a closet socialist masquerading as Democrat?

And is she the one who coined the term "Dubya"? I can't recall anyone using it before her, as she used it against then gubernatorial candidate GW Bush.

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Oh OH I know I know!!

by Oz_Media In reply to Molly Ivins

"What kind of person thinks that an ordinary socialist is "extreme left-wing"? "

An ordinary Republican that is extreme Right-Wing?


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Iraqis laughed at it too.

by Oz_Media In reply to So What is the DMC's prob ...

Iraqis were laughing at the attempt and also saw it as a US propaganda mission. If he wanted to visit Iraq and show himself as a saviour, he could have at least spoken with Iraqi's.

He was flown in under heavy cover, skirted into a special bunker/meeting room. Had a few smiles and waves for the cameras and he was gone.

Yes it is VERY moral boosting for US soldiers, unfortunately he was in and out without most soldiers even knowing he came, just the select few that circled in front of the cameras for good measure.

I don't know how many factes have to be posted regarding the US propaganda and coverup of these stories, but you should have all caught on by now.


GOT IT YET!?!?!?!?

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