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Software Audits Are A Waste of Time

By SentryWatch ·
We make this bold claim as many organizations worldwide are really wasting large amounts of time, money and effort on a task that really is very simple when you understand what can be done!

Wasting money on software compliance auditing is no way to run your business entity, when the money for the cost of conducting software compliance audits (in the manner they are being conducted at present) could be far better spent on your core business activities, BUT we suspect you already know this!

We know that software compliance is NOT the core business activity of your organization and the money spent on traditional auditing techniques is MOSTLY WASTED and could be better deployed and utilized elsewhere.

"To combat and overcome both illegal and unauthorized software usage in organizations you need a robust technology asset management solution to force a shift in attitude to what is really a PEOPLE based problem!"

You can read the rest of this article here along with some other articles at our web site

You may contact me direct at if you want to know how to force a sea-change in conducting compliance audits across your organization and free up those resources and $ you are wasting!

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Strange Laws

by pgm554 In reply to NO Budget For Audit Softw ...

I was at a training seminar, when the question of unauthorized software on company machines came up (legitimately bought by the end user, but used on a company owned machine).

This, under the auspices of the EULA, could be considered piracy and a compliance issue for the company that owns the machine.

The company would be libel for fines and penalties (even though the software is legit).
The software needs to be purchased by the company and registered in their name.

Don?t you just love lawyers?

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Maybe you should read the EULA

by JasonLove In reply to Strange Laws

I have not yet seen a EULA that prevents a purchased piece of software being run on any machine regardless of who owns it.

You can buy some software and install it on a desktop at work. The licence doesn't preclude you from doing that. It merely states that you can't install it at work AND at home.

I can tell you, that my company does not allow privately purchased software on their machines but that is for an entirely different reason.

We don't have control of the licences or media. Hence we don't know whether the purchaser has it installed on their home PC or not.

It therefore makes sense for us to refuse it's installation - we are protecting our interests.

BTW. I hate lawyers too!

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by pgm554 In reply to Maybe you should read the ...

Ever open a piece of software that says by opening the software you agree to the EULA,but the EULA is inside the sealed software.

So to read the EULA,you have all ready agreed to it before you read it.

Nice Catch 22 ,eh?

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Ed Fosters Gripeline - EULAs

by SentryWatch In reply to EULA

If you really want to check out some strange, unusual and downright deceptive EULAs have a look at "EULA nasties" at

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by Beothuk In reply to Maybe you should read the ...

We don't allow staff members to install their own software on our PCs.

Even if they hand the CDs over to us for safe keeping we have no way of ensuring that they haven't got a copy at home and that they haven't installed it there.

No IT Manager in his right mind would allow that sirt of situation to develop.

The risks are too high.

If I caught any of my staff installing such software, they would be out looking for another job!

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But you can't push all the blame on management either

by JasonLove In reply to Users are NOT the biggest ...

You're right that management often refuse to purchase the tools that users need.

However, my experience (30+ years) has been that management make a decision to provide a suite of office type tools. For example, they choose the Microsoft Office suite.

This makes good sense because then you can have standard templates, styles etc across the company presenting a common image to internal and external customers alike.

Along comes Joe User. He doesn't like Microsoft Word so he installs WordPerfect instead. He doesn't like Excel so he installs Lotus. Illegally because he got them from a friend.

Management provided him with suitable tools but he didn't like the tools he was given so he instaled his own.

Is this management's fault?

Definitely not.

If Joe User is told that company policy requires the use of (eg) Microsoft Word for word processing, and Joe User doesn't like Word - tough. Find another job. Don't try tocost my company mega bucks in fines because he doesn't like Word.

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Software audits ARE a waste of time!

by JasonLove In reply to Software Audits Are A Was ...

I should know. I've wasted hundreds of hours on them!

I have lost count of the hours my team has wasted filling up floppy disk after floppy disk with the same old stuff - lists of all the files on a PC. We have enough floppy disks full of old and useless audit records to lift the QE2 out of the water.

I've lost count of the reams of paper we have generated that has then been dumped into an archive and forgotten about.

So why does this happen?

Because the audit software doesn't tell me what has been added since last audit. It tells me what Is on the machine now.

So I have to dig out the old audit records and manually compare the old with the new and hope that I can spot the changes.

I've got better things for my team to be getting on with rather than wate their experise trawling through tons of garbage.

Anyone who challenges this guy's assertion that software audits are a waste of time has obviously never conducted an audit before.

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Has anyone here used Centennial????

by :0) In reply to Software Audits Are A Was ...

We are trialing a product called Centennial. It tracks all software versions and any licensing (as well as ALL hardware including roaming laptop users).

So far, it seems ideal!!

Any comments???

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Change the culture - management by threat

by mandrake64 In reply to Software Audits Are A Was ...

My organisation takes a dim view of breaches of its computer usage policy. This includes the installation of unauthorised software even for evaluation purposes. All software must be approved through the Information Systems Manager before installation and use. Audits of installed software are carried out on every reboot and action taken to remove unauthorised software once found.
Our policy clearly outlined the consequences of breahing the policy including suspension without pay, loss of computer access privileges, demotion and dismissal. I think people have got the message and it appears that the culture of the organisation has changed.
What goes on within people's home might be another story. No-one appears to have any control of their teenagers these days!!!

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