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I've been working as a one person IT team doing network and database management for a small company of 110 users for about a year and half now. My previous experience was similar but in a very junior role. I have been given a task by my director to come with our own specialised cti (computer telephony)integrated software that could save the company tens of thousands in licensing costs. The problem here is that being a one man band I've come to realise that by taking this task on I'm stretching myself thin. I've made good progress so far in learning how to program in c# plus my previous database knowledge. My question to you all is:how do I get this software built without having to contract or hire another developer because that would leave me back in square one and lose the oppurtunity for a bonus by building this app? I'm aware that it is possible to outsource development projects or certain aspects of them but what are the implications on cost effectiviness and overall quality of the projects?

Your help is appreciated in advance.

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Why reinvent the wheel..... Asterisk Linux is your answer

by vance In reply to Software developer or net ...

Asterisk Linux is a platform for exactly doing this. It has saved companies like yours 10's of thousands of dollars. It has every feature known to the telephony world and is actually easy to setup.

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Wight the priority

by th7711 In reply to Software developer or net ...

Do you have another more important task to complete? If the answer is yes, put a case to your boss and ask for his priority. Then, you may find the fund to outsource the CTI project without lossing your bonus, may be have a credit as you can "manage" your tasks. As suggested, you can go to college or Open source for more resources.

Personally, I thinkyou shoul dtake up the development by yourselves.

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by chinrich In reply to Software developer or net ...

WOW, this is so similar to my friend who not only is a One person IT team but is also the accountant and software developer. I don't know what to tell you. I am just suprised at how often I am hearing about this situation. He explains it as a blessing and a curse.

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Non IT Admins Don't Have a Clue

by XITManager In reply to

Just to put my 2-cents in...I spent 23 years building and supporting a single person support shop in a Health Care center. I was the sole tech for over 200 users, with 2 part time students for help. I maintained telephone, networking , VMS hardware and software on a mini as well as all the PC support. In addition I programmed critical interfaces to our systems. Last year I was "moved" out of my position because I was not moving forward fast enough. I was spending too much time supporting the programming and I didn't have an advanced degree. So my advice to you can never do enough. Do everything you can to get support staff.

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advanced degree

by RAMROD In reply to Non IT Admins Don't Have ...

...can I ask when you say advanced degree are you saying that you lost your position because you did not have the qualification that is a degree? As in a university degree? Surely your real world experience and track record should speak for itself? So much so that you do not have to lose a job because you don't have the paper (degree certificate)?

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re. advanced degree

by XITManager In reply to advanced degree

Yeah...I have a B.S. in Computer Science but an outside consultant issued a report stating that the IT Director position should have a Masters which I don't have. 24 years of mixed hardware, software and programming didn't mean much to them. Funny thing, they brought in an interim guy WITH the degree and no real experience in PC support, health care systems, VMS etc. and he was gone in 2 months. Its been a year and they still haven't filled the position. Don't ask me to comment on the outside consultants...its a very bad topic with me.

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there we go again ...

by mrtgrady In reply to Software developer or net ...

If you've not an experienced CTI programmer then although the cost of producing a solution may only be your time, the cost of supporting it is the time you lose from doing the rest of your job properly. The ROI on a self-made solution is lost to supporting it unless you get it right first time and I guarantee you won't do that!

The saving made in buying in a solution will come in the form of the fact you can get on with doing your job and that a bought in solution will have warranties and possibly tech support as part of the deal.

If your boss is offering a bonus on saving money then buying in a good solution should be justification enough to get it.

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Where will it end

by MichaelPO In reply to there we go again ...

I think 110 users can be managable or overwhelming based on tools, standards and type/age of equipment. If you do it right, you might even have some free time for your database stuff. It sounds like your Director will just keep piling it on as long as you keep getting it done. This project looks like trouble, when added to your primary duties. Is the possibility of a bonus really worth it?

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Hire IT Tech Temp

by jms1024 In reply to Software developer or net ...

You could hire short term (from a staffing firm or local IT college) a tech to help with the day-to-day responsibilities while you program. Saving the company a LOT of money ought to mean they could invest a little to get some short term help for a special project.

We contacted the local college that taught IT courses to find someone new and inexpensive. We weren't looking for someone to come in and change things, just to do what we asked. Worked for us and in the end we actually hired one fellow (because we lost another one due to illness.)

I agree that you ought to consider asking for some money though to help as without this EXTRA project you were already 100% committed. Asking the company to put up some dough is one way to find out what they really are wanting to do as well.

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Great advice

by mtnweb In reply to Hire IT Tech Temp

I totally agree - you should hire a temp to help you with the day-to-day IT tasks so you can focus on programming. The suggestion about contacting your local college is very good - you may find a student who needs to do a practicum. He or she will gain valuable experience while you get the help you need, and that person's salary would be less than that of a programmer. Good luck!

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