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Software firms want copyright law rewrite

By Jaqui ·
A group of large software companies has taken the first step toward inciting a tussle with the telecommunications industry by asking Congress to rewrite copyright law so alleged Internet pirates can be more easily targeted by lawsuits.

The group of companies, which is known as the Business Software Alliance, counts as members Microsoft, Autodesk, Borland, Intuit, Sybase and Symantec, among others. The group released a general outline of its suggestions on Thursday in a white paper that effectively describes its legislative proposals for 2005. The companies say they fear a revenue-sapping future in which software programs are traded as frequently and readily on peer-to-peer networks as MP3 music files are today."

interesting concept, doubt even clarifying the laws will stop the piracy though.

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Hmmm :-{ >

by 5jgibbs In reply to I'm against it. Go figur ...

If software co. want there software safe from piracy, then they should make there techniques better for securing the software. I am totally against all this crap movement to prevent people from downloading stuff from the internet. No.1 YOU pay for YOUR CONNECTION to the internet. I pay to do what I WANT on the internet. Why can?t the USA get it. I am scared to live in this country sometimes, the government is to controlled by people with money. That?s going to change or we are all in for a lot of trouble.

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you can't

by Jaqui In reply to Hmmm :-{ >

existing other means aren't very sucessfull.
I have seen software the requires hardware dongles to work that has been cracked to work without it.

license manager software broken.

the honour method is effectively useless.

silly thing is, even the commercial apps for linux I have only seen one that was cracked to work without being legal copy, and that came from cracking the windows version of same app I bet.

so, for reducing license violations at this time, the most effective means is to be coding open source os software. this doesn't mean coding open source, just coding only for those os.

or do what autodesk has started, autocad is now only on thier computers, you license the right to access it online and run it.

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So does Maya

by Oz_Media In reply to you can't

Maya needs to be centrally managed on a registered server now.

Eac user that logs in is verified with MAYA online before being able to use it on your own server.

But it is worth the $16K that's for sure!

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oodest thing though

by Jaqui In reply to Software firms want copyr ...

both Borland and Sybase are giving away a lot of thier software.

Borland builderx, kylix, interbase are free.

Sybase ase free for all os.

yet they want to stop piracy?
how many people read the license agreement that prohibits redistribution of these free items?
redistributing them is piracy? according to the companies it is.

then there is the oddities, such as, an initiative of McNeel and Associates to promote the 3dm file format used in thier app Rhinoceros Nurbs Modeller.
you can download several tools in the source archive, but they don't allow giving the archive away.

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by Oz_Media In reply to oodest thing though

Meaning that you can't repackage the free code as your own or sell it for a profit, especially when it kills someone's computer.

What has happened in the past is people repackage software and redistibute it, possibly tweaking it a TAD wit their own home coded and untested add-ons or exploiting it. When someone buys such software and his computer is killed, the redistributor will often try and blame the original source code or provider and relieve himself of legal repercussions.

Therefore a redistribution clause means only software directly released from the vendor or partners is their reponsibility.

It is more a case of protecting their own butt as opposed to suing other people for copying it. You can make copies, but you can't redistribute the software.

Most similar laws are not inplace to catch people or stop people making a copy, they are usually inplace to protect the company providing it.

In the case of Borland and Sybase, they both sell software as well as offering it for free, if they take expensive legal measures to obtain a copyright clause, why only apply it to some software?

Again,in the case of their free software, it is just a way of stopping the lawsuits against them and only accepting responsibility for what the package or offer from their or authorized partner servers.

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Good topic, Jaqui

by jardinier In reply to Software firms want copyr ...

Now would I be making too wild a guess to suggest that my Technical Question inspired you to start this discussion?

Thanks for all the info, by the way. I appreciate your concern for my financial well-being.

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by Jaqui In reply to Good topic, Jaqui

actually this was in the newsbites newsletter.

since it does affect it no matter what happens, being aware of possible changes to the laws only helps us all be prepared for it if it does change.

such as:
is there anything that would need to be altered in the comanies network to avoid legal issues?
do we have any suspect apps? ( this is software focussed legislation )
if this law is enacted is there anything I need to do, if so what steps and when should I iplement them.

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Standard network inventory

by Oz_Media In reply to ~lol~

I wouldn't think anythign more than the standard network icence inventory would be needed.

Software copyrights are as old as software itself. As far as I can remeber, these protected titles have always been protected for business use anyway.

There should be no change neededm unless you are;
1) somewhat paranoid
2) unlicenced, in which case you are breaking the law already
3) somewhat paranoid. :)

They are just trying to make it easier for them to prosecute by fine-detailing laws that already exist.

Either way, just like being invaded, unless you are the first target you should have ample time to comply if needed.

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by Jessie In reply to Standard network inventor ...

It's not whether or not you're paranoid. It's whether or not you're paranoid ENOUGH!

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I find it strange

by house In reply to Software firms want copyr ...

...that MP3s are the big topic when it comes to file sharing. I remember... I mean... I've heard of... the 1.44 MB arj disk collection days.

Software file swapping has always been an issue, even before the internet boom. ****... did anyone have a C-64? Who actually bought those games anyways? Before the net, there was the hand to hand. Why wasn't this as public an issue as music is today?

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