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Software firms want copyright law rewrite

By Jaqui ·
A group of large software companies has taken the first step toward inciting a tussle with the telecommunications industry by asking Congress to rewrite copyright law so alleged Internet pirates can be more easily targeted by lawsuits.

The group of companies, which is known as the Business Software Alliance, counts as members Microsoft, Autodesk, Borland, Intuit, Sybase and Symantec, among others. The group released a general outline of its suggestions on Thursday in a white paper that effectively describes its legislative proposals for 2005. The companies say they fear a revenue-sapping future in which software programs are traded as frequently and readily on peer-to-peer networks as MP3 music files are today."

interesting concept, doubt even clarifying the laws will stop the piracy though.

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by Jaqui In reply to I Agree

if a large enough company was doing it ( MacBlo mid 70's size for example ) wouldn't the software companies target them, reguardless of what they say about knowledge of legality?
( ignorance is no excuse is established legal base )

specially if they do get changes made to make it easier to prosecute for it?

yes the company can and will pay license fees, but they can be sued for lost income / damages for the interest lost on not buying licensed software to begin with.

I know, the companies that this would actually be a substantial amount are also the ones that generally do buy the softwre legally. after all if they upgrade there is way to much visibility, and way to many chances for disgruntled employee to make that phone call for them to decide the risk is worth it.

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oh yes

by Oz_Media In reply to I Agree

I agree, these companies would be a target, they usually try and make a point by nailing one every few years. Once some stupid looplhole or minimized fine is in place, it cools off until the Publisher's next quarter's reports come in.

Then they do it again, I think they actually plan a 'lets try and nail a big guy' budget sometimes. Maybe they play darts to see which fortune 20 company they will go for, spend some legal dough, etc. Could be good for the books.

Like I was saying, not sure if it was in a discusison with you or not, my brother is a corporate attorney, he firm used to represent Rogers Canada until he changed plans last year. So I have followed the copyright lawsuit trends for a while and sat in on more than one jaw dropping open and shut case that's thrown out.

Copyrights and constitutional rights simply conflict in so many places. While copyrrights allow us the ability to protect our work, constitutional rights allow us freedom share it too.

And to top it off, the end all and be all for me is that I have seen first hand on MANY occasions just how some companies abuse the rights of creative talents they aquire the materials from to begin with.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Common Jaqui

very useful tool for setting up desktops and you can get round to buying the licenses later with a bulk discount preferably. Happens all the time.

In the UK it's how you find out you've got new IT Director, when they read the bit about who goes to jail if the company is found guilty of piracy there's an audit.

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by Choppit In reply to Ghost

Provided that the image was created on a system with a non OEM licence. And then you also need to buy a Ghost licence for each PC you've restored a Ghost image on.

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A ghost licence

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to

You just turned our services guys pale with that one.

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Something new???

by dafe2 In reply to

Your kidding right?

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Unfortunately not........

by Choppit In reply to Something new???

Ghost, Drive Image and Partition Magic are all single PC licences although the pro versions may be licenced differently. Because OEM software is licenced only for installation on the original box, transferral to another identical box (by any means) is a breach of the EULA.

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Had visions of handcuffs

by dafe2 In reply to Something new???

Phew...(Forgot about the stand alone revs)

I checked with the guys & we're ok :-)

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by Choppit In reply to EULA

Hands up anyone who reads the EULAs on all their MS patches before accepting.

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what's an..

by Jaqui In reply to

ms patch?

oh, yeah, you mean m$ where $ is all that perfectly good money going down the drain.
nope never read em.
never accept em.
but then I'm not a m$ user.

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