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Software firms want copyright law rewrite

By Jaqui ·
A group of large software companies has taken the first step toward inciting a tussle with the telecommunications industry by asking Congress to rewrite copyright law so alleged Internet pirates can be more easily targeted by lawsuits.

The group of companies, which is known as the Business Software Alliance, counts as members Microsoft, Autodesk, Borland, Intuit, Sybase and Symantec, among others. The group released a general outline of its suggestions on Thursday in a white paper that effectively describes its legislative proposals for 2005. The companies say they fear a revenue-sapping future in which software programs are traded as frequently and readily on peer-to-peer networks as MP3 music files are today."

interesting concept, doubt even clarifying the laws will stop the piracy though.

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by Choppit In reply to what's an..

What about GPL then?

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which one?

by Jaqui In reply to

there re several, but there is no read / accept a license for a patch or update.

the only time you get it presented is during system install.
after that if you install you are assumed to have accepted the gpl.

also the focus of the gpl is different.
it is designed to keep the software open source, not protect the organisation's rights.

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GPL and patches

by apotheon In reply to which one?

Because the GPL is an inherited license, any distributed patch to GPL software is automatically covered by the GPL. Thus, if you see the GPL once in regards to a piece of software, you are by law effectively apprised of the license for all future patches.

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copyright for business or ...

by Jaqui In reply to Software firms want copyr ...

Should business be able to obtain copyright for software they pay people to write?

or should the employees have the copyright?
if so, should they get recompense on a continuing basis for the companies profits from thier copyrighted material, or any recompense other than the wages while writing the software?

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by dafe2 In reply to copyright for business or ...

If your an employee, you've agreed to exchange X ammount of hours everyday to 'work'.

By doing so you've reliquished all rights to production software....unless of course you've got a contract or an MRU that says otherwise.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Absolutely

Same comment in two sentences instead of 7 paragraphs! Oh well, maybe I will learn to type better this way!

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Holly S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by dafe2 In reply to Damn

I'm impressed..........are you tired or something? :-)

Not one typo!!!

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by Jaqui In reply to Holly S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually, I bet he slept!!!

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LOL I think your right!

by dafe2 In reply to ~L~

He tried to get me to deal with a (I think) 500 word 7 paragraph post on Novell vs MS yesterday :-) LOL

Too funny!

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Edit feature

by Oz_Media In reply to Holly S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to Tech Q&A, you'll soon see they don't have an edit button when I post there!

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