Software that will schedule a full HD clone do you know of one?

By adlcs ·
Here is what I want to do:
Make a bootable clone of the c to a ext. usb/esata hard drive at a specific time. Using XP and 3-4 enclosures I will rotate the drives each day between onsite and off site overwriting the entire drive each night. This gives me a max loss of one working day and I keep the tax office running.
If I have a system failure I can remove the bootable clone drive from the enclosure, put it into the system and boot up inside of 15mins. Right now I can get it done with Ghost 10.0 and do it manually but this is getting old.
I've downloaded a number of trial versions from major providers looking for this ability. All have a cloning ability but not one has had capability to schedule the task.
Thank You for your help

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RE: Clone

by PoppaTab In reply to An image is not the same ...

Have you investigated RAID arrays at all? A RAID configuration will give you multiple disks with redundancy in the event a hard drive fails.

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RAID not really backup option.

by AWD_Guy In reply to RE: Clone


The goal is to have off-site backups through the use of multiple eSATA external drives.

Breaking and rebuilding RAID arrays especially with drives that were both at one point part of the array can be challenging and I am not aware of any way to automate that process.

I can imagine in a bad situation where the "old" drive in the pair is identified as the good drive in the pair and replicated over the newer drive.

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No solution yet

by adlcs In reply to Software that will schedu ...

TY to all that are looking.

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Miray HDClone response... next version

by AWD_Guy In reply to Software that will schedu ...

I asked Miray support about scheduling HDClone and got this response...

"currently it is not possible to schedule cloning. We expect this feature to become available with the next major release, version 3.9., of HDClone. However, there is no time frame yet when we will release this version."

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Found one!!!

by AWD_Guy In reply to Software that will schedu ...

It is kind of primitive compared to the other products, and has to be scheduled using the Windows or other scheduler, but XXClone-Pro will do what we want.


I will be testing it later this week.

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RE: XXClone

by PoppaTab In reply to Found one!!!

Great! I just looked it over and it seems to do what you want. Best of luck with it and way to go for hanging-in-there to find what you wanted.

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Thank You

by adlcs In reply to RE: XXClone

Thanks for all the effort... I'll give it a try. I really can't understand why with programs doing so much these days this was a hard find. Again TY and Go SD Chargers!!

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