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Solid State

By technogeek-1995 ·
This may be a dumb question, but what is a solid state hard drive?

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It's also something that could have been Googled quicker

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yes, but

than the time it took to post the question here.

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by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Yes, but

I'm somebody who manages to have enough social skills to get along with people outside of my World of Warcraft guild.

You - not so much, clearly.


I still don't see the Google factor as an excuse for the lack of rudimentary social grace that Santee continues to exhibit. You could certainly find a dozen reliable resources on SSD drives - and I imagine the first place I would look would be the Wiki, if I were after something similar. Sometimes you want discussion or have specific questions that you are hoping a forum conversation will lead to. There are as many reasons to ask a well published question in a particular forum as to look for articles, the least of which is simply to actually connect with people with similar interests.

Guys like Santee tend to stifle that - perhaps he would be better of as a moderator at a Wiki than a "forum contributor".

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santee is what santee is.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yes, but

His response here was pretty typical of normal obtuse style. Some enjoy attempting to figure him out; others find him annoying. Fortunately for those in the second group, his name is easily remembered, making it easy to leave his posts unread if desired.

If you don't like him, you really won't enjoy BALTHOR.

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by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Yes, but

Well, now that you mention it, that name does ring a bell as one of the posters who has the quality of fingernails on chalk.

You're right about this guy, though... trying to figure out exactly where he is coming from and what he is trying to get across is difficult, at best. Oh well, I guess it takes all types.

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by Fregeus In reply to SSD....

SSD are a huge advantage in situation where your device that needs the storage is hazardous. Like Police or Firefighter devices, in field GPS devices for combat troops, etc. Situations where dropping the device (even multiple times) is a real possibility.

Laptops can also be a good feature to have for heavy users, but the price will be higher obviously.


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by .Martin. In reply to SSD....

you can format flash drive into NTFS, but only in Vista (that I know of)

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some thoughts about SSDs

by Dr Dij In reply to Solid State

there are FLASH SSDs, which are non-volatile. Also there are solid state drives made of DRAM. They have an internal battery (or not?) so act like non-volatile within limits. They are much faster and much more expensive than regular SSDs.

Another thought: reliability.
Sure, magnetic drives have a few million transistors in the controller chips. A terabyte solid state disk would have at least 1000 billion transistors, at one per byte, and most designs use more than one per byte. So now there are at least a TRILLION transistors. A magnetic drive would have the same trillion bits as closely packed magnetic spots which are theoretically passive but can be affected by neighboring bits, energy rays that penetrate the shielding, etc.

Undoubtedly they have ECC transistors so some could fail and still be OK but that is ALOT of transistors. Being solid state doesn't make them immune to failure. 'no moving parts' is a misnomer. The electrical current pushes thru semi-conductor junctions that have weakly bound doping atoms. Over time this causes atomic migration, a failure cause.

High voltages, such as static, lighting, power surges, if they make their way inside can speed this up and make the drive unusable. On a magnetic drive, this might just affect the controller and you could have a service bureau replace the drive electronics or pull platters out in a clean room. Don't think there would be any way to recover SSD bytes unless it is designed to allow unfailed sections to be read in special modes.

One other cause of mag drive failure, is that many years ago, 'low level formats' of disk drives stopped writing the indexing bits. These never get re-written outside the factory with special gear. So eventually get weaker. And today's hi-density drives are supposedly chock full of bad bits and heavily dependent on error correcting codes. So they are getting close to as packed as they can get with todays' technology.

So both can fail but to my view, huge solid state drives are both 'cutting edge' and 'bleeding edge', meaning they are likely to have nasty surprises. They'll eventually be compensated for by chip mfgrs and drive packagers.

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by santeewelding In reply to some thoughts about SSDs

An even longer answer would get one into "holes" and anti-charge and crystal lattices and the whole nine yards of quantum mechanics. And from there to the meaning of "parts" and the understanding of imagination unto the absolute.

Misnomers to the left, misnomers to the right, and (mis)nomers all about.

Jerks, too.

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Did you get your feelings hurt?

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Nice

Let it go, Santee. Your curt, snarky answer got you called out. Pouting about it isn't making you seem like a nicer guy.

I thought the previous post was a pretty interesting discourse about the possible electronic failures of magnetic and SSD drives. I tend to think that mechanical and media failure are more common points of failure in the average magnetic drive then the solid state electronics (although I've seen that happen, too).

I think the best observation of the last poster was that the emerging nature of SSD makes it a higher risk technology than a proven, mature tech like magentic media.

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by santeewelding In reply to Did you get your feelings ...

When I said, "nice", I meant nice. When Dr Dij has anything to say, I listen and I learn. He is yet another here who has probably forgotten more than I know about the subject. And, like the original poster, who knows too much to account for the plain face of the original question.

As for letting go, consider yourself caught and released.

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