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Solid State

By technogeek-1995 ·
This may be a dumb question, but what is a solid state hard drive?

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Id say not worth it

by Slayer_ In reply to Solid State

They cost more, offer less space, and will likely not last as long?

Granted laptop HDD's usually don't last long anyways, at least not in modern laptops (I got an old P2 laptop with the HDD just fine, MOBO blew up and most the hardware doesn't work, but it still boots up and runs fine, just no sound/floppy/usb/ps2/pcmcia/network.)

My current HP laptop fails the SMART test horriably, though it IS still working, I suspect it will die soon, at barely even a year old (one month passed the warranty, go figure).
If this is the quality of HDD's now, what will SSD's be like?

... Bring back fujitsu drives, at least they lasted 4 years before they blew up (I got a Fuji drive from 1997 that still works fine, even passes SMART with 90% performance and 80% fitness).

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by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Id say not worth it

I guess everyone has different results. I haven't been fond of Fujitsu or Hitatchi drives, and prefer WD and Seagate.

But I also haven't had the bad luck with laptop drives that you have. I've got old 4gb 2.5" IDE drives that will not die in my basement - but somewhere down there is a 5.25" half-height Seagate MFM 10mb drive that still works, too.

YMMV. I've had a lot of friends go through a lot of thumb drives and memory cards (CF, SD, etc), too. I can't think that I've had one go bad, and often I've been able to "recover" friends "bad" cards by doing a low level format or formating on a different OS (OS X or Linux, usually).

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