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Someone please stop this gasoline ride....

By cp7212 ·
....I want to get off now. Gasoline was $2.55 per gallon on Monday (8/29). Gasoline was $2.89 per gallon when I came to work this morning (9/1), now it is $3.14 per gallon. Pardon my French, but what the **** is going on?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Look who is in office

Don't have time for the heat but Bush never made billions and definitely not in oil, he was/is a complete failure in the oil business. Hire Bush and wait for your company to crash.

As for the chickens&it military, I always thought soldiers were soldiers, do they go all whimpy under a democratic leader? DO they start getting scared and running away when the government changes? No, the leader is just a little more reluctant to send them off to die that's all.

As for defending everyone else, that's an American mindset, not shared by "everyone else". Nobody feels the US is defending them, even though the US claims and actually beliwves it is defending them. In reality, the US is usually acting out of fear of it's own safety, not to help others.

Seems to have always been the case, WWII onward.

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Mathematical statement.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Someone please stop this ...

Just proving cost of living, really, but you have to admit, you?re better off than us on fuel prices?..

At prices this morning, 02 Sept, on way in to work: (unleaded fuel, most common here)

1 litre 93.9p, exchange rate this morning $1 = 0.54 pence

Ergo, 1 gallon is ( 4.545 litres) = 93.9 x 4.545 = ? 4.27 , $7.84

Have a 50 mile round trip to work, 5 days a week, plus the usual running around the doors.

(Thank goodness I now get 53 miles to the gallon in my new (to me) car!!)

I'm not trying to stir up trouble here, yes, ours is mostly tax, just giving you an idea how much you have to go to catch up with what we pay here (bedgrudgingly)

A necessary evil for some of us.


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Slight correction for conversion

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Mathematical statement... ...

You used the Imperial Gallon for your conversion. To convert to US gallons, so it can be compared to American prices, the conversion would be:
3.636 litrs * 93.9 = ?3.41, or $6.31 per gallon.

But I still get your point, British prices for gasoline (or petrol, as you call it) still more than twice what we paid at the peak, of $2.98 per Gallon (peak price for Regular grade where I live). Now down to $2.67 per gallon, or ?1.44, or 39.6p, using the $1 = ?0.54 exchange rate.

I do prefer the Imperial measure (at least when buying beer), enjoyed getting a full 20 oz pint when I was in England 15 years ago instead of 16 oz here.

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One side note people are forgetting

by jdclyde In reply to Someone please stop this ...

That it is the enviornmental wackos that wouldn't let more refineries be built for so long, and it is the cost of refining the oil that has had a lot to do with the cost at the pumps.

No, don't drill because it only helps a little.
No, don't build refineries because they polute.

I think there is just a little bit more going on than GWB and his evil master plan. Remember, he is too stupid. How could he make that hurricane kill all those people so he could make his money and political payback? Get real. You people need to go take your meds or something.

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by jkaras In reply to One side note people are ...

Nobody is or was blaming him for creating the Hurricane. We were all ranting about how a hurricane that hit three states somehow caused the highest increase in gas prices inside 24 hours. The price hasnt skyrocketed because of fewer refineries or environmentalists or lack of supplies, it was greed over a bs scare tactic over a natural disaster.

Truth is though every form of energy has greatly increased since he has been in power. He and his cronies have profited from his lack of concern over the economics of the common man. That is a legitimate gripe. We as Americans depend on self transit, not mass transit because our leaders never made that option a reality. We are dependant on gas to make our country run because there is no other option. Why because there was big money in supplying oil to buy politicians. Always has always will.

When I was 18 I paid .70 a gallon, I'm 34 and I pay almost 3.00 for that same low grade gas. That's some hike and it costs me more than I can handle even with my little Honda. Truth is once gas goes up and we pay for it it never goes down. Once a precedence is set it inflates. I acknowledge prices will climb as society progresses, but this isnt about progress, its about greed from people who control the oil to make more profit, not world economy.

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While there is blame to go around

by jdclyde In reply to uh...

some of the posts here show people with a predefind agenda that haven't put much thought, logic, or evidence into them.

The Bush family is into oil so everything that happens that is bad will obviously be their scheming?

Just not much objective thinking going on. Show me where Bush has profitted from his "lack of concern".

What would you want him to do, set a price for the gas? MAKE them lower their prices? Do you really think he has that kind of power? The President and rest of the government do not determine prices. They can look into unfair pricing though, and they are.

Think back, the energy problems had already started back when William Jefferson Clinton was still in office and the ONLY thing he did was release from the oil reserve, just like Bush is doing now. HMMMMMM.

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energy problems

by giannidalessismo In reply to While there is blame to g ...

The energy problems problem is quite real, this doesn't mean the
situation hasn't been manipulated by the ones who actually control
things; yer right it goes much deeper than who's in office. President
Of The United States is a figurehead, or a mouthpiece, or a puppet,
or all three. This one is symbolic of a whole sick syndrome, and
deserving of every single bit of flak he gets, no matter how not well
thought out.

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Blame you environuts

by jdclyde In reply to energy problems

for stopping the addition to the infrastructure to distribute the energy.

There isn't a shortage of energy as Canada is always happy to sell us anything we run short on. It is not being able to get enough energy WHERE it is needed.

Your little bike won't solve that one, now will it?

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Someone asked me the other day...

by Oz_Media In reply to Blame you environuts

"What's bad about hugging a tree?"

He said American's deemed him a tree hugger, why is THAT bad?

I explained that Americans cannot understand differences in people, they simply group people together in a blanket and it makes it easier to understand. Therefore if one activist does something they don't like, then ALL activists are lumped together and thus 'tree hugger'is seen to be a bad thing.

He asked me again, "But what's WRONG with loving the environment, our land?"

Because it doesn't provide revenue in it's natural state, it must be destroyed in order to profit from it, therefore protecting it is harming the ability for others to profit from our natural surroundings.

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by jdclyde In reply to Someone asked me the othe ...

When people start to get emotional instead of rational, it sets off images of stoned hippies running around.

It is not rational to say we will stop all development of all land from it's "natural state". There are trade-offs in the world, and having cities for people to live in is just another one of them.

Until we take an approach like China and mandate limits on breeding, the population will continue to increase. Between that and the welfare systems that reward welfare rats for breeding by giving them more money for each kid they pop out.

Then there is the artificial increases in population caused by immigration, both legal and illegal.

What is wrong with hugging a tree? As long as you go off on your own to do it, aboslutely nothing. When you start preaching to people, it is truely a case of you haveing the freedom of speech, and them having the freedom of not having to listen to you.

If you think we should all go live off the land, you are most welcome to. The times that I do spend in the woods has always been sneared at by you as I hunt because I want to, rather than need to, instead of going to get a hamburger from McDonalds or something.

You have seen fit to look down on me for this. Why do you find it hard to believe people would do the exact same thing to you that you do to others? Think about that the next time you cast a stone.

And people don't walk around saying to themselves "gee, what can I destroy today?" Developing an area is not the same as destroying an area. There are a lot of restrictions here in Michigan, and wetlands especially are protected.

I know this won't satisfy you, but it is the best your going to get at 1am. On the road tomorrow (today?) so I will see about a better reply thursday after having a chance to think about this.

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