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Someone please stop this gasoline ride....

By cp7212 ·
....I want to get off now. Gasoline was $2.55 per gallon on Monday (8/29). Gasoline was $2.89 per gallon when I came to work this morning (9/1), now it is $3.14 per gallon. Pardon my French, but what the **** is going on?

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Holy Crow!

by rouschkateer In reply to It's not the gas stations ...

I agree. I couldn't follow any of it.

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ADunlap, Explain anyway

by DMambo In reply to It's not the gas stations ...

I'd like to know what's going on. I can't believe that it's gouging by the stations themselves. I live in a small town, and a number of the stations here are locally owned. I have a real hard time believing that those owners are conspiring to rip off their neighbors.

The distributors, the oil cos., SOMEBODY must be making some serious bucks off of this situation. If you have any "insider" info, I, for one, would be glad to learn something.

On a side note, I would not be surprised if gulf coast residents see outrageous prices for sheetrock, plywood, etc in the coming months. There will be snakes out there just trying to rip off the victims.

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That's what I'm saying...

by cp7212 In reply to ADunlap, Explain anyway

Everybody is saying that the prices are going up because of this and that, but nobody is letting on to where all of this cash is going. It's obviously not to build refineries.

I heard this morning on the news that the federal govt. is thinking about suspending the gasoline tax of 18.4 cents/gallon. Eighteen point four? Who are they kidding? Last time I looked, the gas tax made up 31% of every gasoline dollar spent.

I agree that other countries have it harder with the gas prices, but my question to them is: Did your gas prices go up a dollar/gallon in under a week? And it's still marked to go up today.

We've had natural disasters (besides Carter being in office and creating the futures market) before here and I didn't see the gas prices rocket.

I also heard on the news that the federal govt. is going to be checking into price-gouging. That gave me a good laugh before work. I can see GWB checking into his good buddies to see if it's going to affect his retirement fund. Give me a break. I ask most of the people that are complaining if they voted for GWB, and if they tell me that they did vote for him (or worse, didn't vote at all), to shut up.

Funny how the prices rose up so fast right before Labor Day. Despite all the economic baloo and all of the "reasons why this is happening", I still think something hokey is going on.

BTW, good or bad, thanks for all the feedback.

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Fed Gas Taxes

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That's what I'm saying...

The feds cut is 18.4 cents per gallon. Each state then adds additional taxes, which vary by state. That brings it up to a national average of 31% of each gas dollar.

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Does anyone think reducing gas taxes now is a good idea?

by DMambo In reply to Fed Gas Taxes

A) We have a MASSIVE deficit at this time.
B) We should probably be taking steps to REDUCE oil usage right now (and in the future).
C) A fed tax rollback would at most reduce prices back to Tuesday's levels (a little sarcasm there, but it's true).
D) Winter heating season is almost upon us. I'd rather pay more for my car, which is somewhat discretionary, and be sure I can fill my furnace's oil tank in January. It gets cold in VT.

Who knows, maybe in the long run, the oil prices will prove to be a benefit for the Western economies. China and India are fueling their economic growth with oil. Could this slow them down?

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Vicious circle

by cp7212 In reply to Does anyone think reducin ...

I live in PA and I heard our Dept. of Transportation (PENNDOT) didn't budget enough money this year for gasoline. I think it's a little twisted that a gasoline tax is imposed on every gallon of gas to take care of our roads and now we may not have enough gas money to fuel our heavy machinery.

DMambo, I totally agree with you about the tax rollback. I was driving to work when I heard this and I thought well that price decrease would last until I pass the next gas station....

And as far as winter coming, whether you use heating oil or natural gas, you can be sure they're going to up that..... 'tis the season. I think it's time to buy a wood stove.

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Got a wood stove

by DMambo In reply to Does anyone think reducin ...

Got 4 cords of wood split. Got a bad back, but that's just too bad. We'll be burning all winter. Not too good for the environment though.

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Woodburning and pollution

by JamesRL In reply to Does anyone think reducin ...

Certainly, not burning anything is better for the environment, but don't equate the amount of smoke with the amount of pollution. Haven't seen any studies but I have a sense that burning heating oil has less visible smoke but more nasty chemicals than woodburning.

I have seen some discussions around diesel cars - they create more visible smoke but are less polluting overall. And if we built some new refineries so that we can produce lower sulfer diesel as is the standard in the rest of the world, we could significantly reduce emissions for existing users and save money by encouraging new diesel users.


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Wood burning and spills

by DMambo In reply to Does anyone think reducin ...

Perhaps burning produces less toxic emissions, but the most important benefit is that when there's a spill, it's just a matter of getting my wife out there to re-stack. No dead waterfowl.

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re Woodburning and pollution (James)

by TonytheTiger In reply to Does anyone think reducin ...

Switching to deisel might save one user some money, but would be a great detriment to the country as a whole. It's "and", not "either/or". You can get "X" gallons of gasoline and "Y" gallons of diesel from a barrel of crude. Not making gasoline (or naptha, benzine, kerosene, various oils, petroleum jelly, parafin, etc.) does not increase the yield of deisel fuel from that barrel of crude.

The only difference if you didn't make those other products, you'd have a whole lot more waste to deal with, most of it hazardous.

We'd have to import several dozens of times as much crude to satisfy demand if most people switched to diesel.

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