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Someone please stop this gasoline ride....

By cp7212 ·
....I want to get off now. Gasoline was $2.55 per gallon on Monday (8/29). Gasoline was $2.89 per gallon when I came to work this morning (9/1), now it is $3.14 per gallon. Pardon my French, but what the **** is going on?

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JCK, I'll trade for your 90 degree bike ride.

by DMambo In reply to people in San Fran

I'll put up a 10 degrees below zero ride in January at 7:00 AM, in the dark, and with kids to drop off at school. Don't forget the frozen snow banks on the side of the road! You'd better have a damn tough bike. :)

A guy I work with lost his license a couple of years back from May thru November. He rode his bike nearly every day, but was mighty glad to be able to drive again before the snow started falling.

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There you go again

by jdclyde In reply to JCK, I'll trade for your ...

trying to apply LOGIC to the rantings of a loon.

It is CLEAR he doesn't have a family to care for or he wouldn't have made such an STUPID assertion.

When he grows up, gets a family with another nutbag that agrees to breed with him in this terrible world he will learn his professors in college were full of sh!t.

Does mister F#ckNut own a car? Bet you he does!

Evil, EVIL!

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all I can say is...

by jck In reply to JCK, I'll trade for your ...

You know what the weather is like in both places.

If you don't like it there, move here.

Half of NY and NJ and MI already have.

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I'll take the weather here

by DMambo In reply to all I can say is...

Except the last 2 weeks of March / 1st 2 weeks of April, or Mud Season, as it's called. I'd rather debate Maxwell Edison and Absolutely on the merits of the welfare state than put up with Mud Season. But it does lead to Spring!!

Besides, I have spousal permission to get season passes for skiing for the boy and me this winter, and I'm pretty sure the skiing's better in VT than in Fla. Tho with all the global warming going on, I might be wrong.

When I'm skiing, I'll have plenty of contact with the NY and NJ crowd (not that I want to - they're all Jets/Yankees/NJ Devils fans).

Keep dry (again)

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mud season

by jck In reply to I'll take the weather her ...

Well, we have mud season too.

But, we have these things that solve that.

They're called roads.

I'd rather be able to jump in the water and cool off in the hottest summer, than to have to try and build a fire or find heat in a blizzard.

Anyways...whatever floats your boat...or slides your sled, as it might be up there.

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Maybe so

by jdclyde In reply to all I can say is...

but they are all in diapers!

Not ready for that myself.

Old drivers are bad enough around here, without having to IMPORT them! :^O

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No tolerance for people like that

by jdclyde In reply to people in San Fran

First, in their self-rightiousness the spit down on everyone else.

Second, it is CLEAR that he is more concerned with the PLANET than he is the PEOPLE on the planet.

I put on 700 miles on a SHORT week. A long week can easily hit 1200 miles, and I hit that a lot.

In the kiddie porn post, he DEFENDS the kiddie porn.

and again, he defends kiddie porn as a part of our personal liberties being infringed on.

This F*ckNut is so far out of touch, there is no REASONING with him.

Oh, and I think it is a safe bet he didn't vote for Bush either time! B-)

As for being ignorant, I would BET that isn't the case. Most likely HAS a College degree and sits around having pseudo-intellectual discussions with his buddies. Not that you could tell it from the complete lack of typing skills. From too much time instant messaging all his Buddies.

I would also bet in his early 20's, and just hasn't been around in life enough yet to know that all his professors were full of sh!t, which explains why they are on campuses instead of getting a job in the working sector APPLYING their knowledge to something.

Or maybe still living at home with mommy?

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by jck In reply to No tolerance for people l ...

just remember...don't do too much spitting all likelihood at some point, you were in his position too.

We've all been naive.

We've all lived with mommy.

We've all had discussions with friends.

As for his concern about the planet over the a way, that's not a bad thing...cause if you over pollute and contaminate the planet enough...the people don't get to live.

Kinda of an eco-backscratching...

Anyways...gotta run

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Hurts the message

by jdclyde In reply to well...

when it is carried by a f@cknut.

As soon as you start ranting and raving and ATTACKING everyone, they just stop listening. They also assume (correctly often) that the message is just as nutty as the messenger.

Notice that he has not come back to enlighen up with any clarifications of his position.

I NEVER attacked people as a method of trying to convince them of anything.

And just because I know everything, doesn't mean I THINK I know everything! ;\

And again, people where HE lives are responsible for more polution than people were either of us live so he is in no posistion to attack any of us.

He is a flippen nutter.

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Let me push my college

by jmgarvin In reply to No tolerance for people l ...

Not only are there non-liberal (apolitical even) schools out there, they seem to be growing in popularity.

Might I suggest ITT Tech for an apolitical school?

I'm attending New Mexico Tech for my PhD, and I have to say it is apolitical and in some cases non-liberal. Quite a good school.

The problem is with the choice of professions too. If you get a degree in basket weaving, you will have the crazy hippie instructors, but if you push for a science or technology degree, you typically end up with the geeks that could careless about pushing their political views on others.

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