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Something of major importance

By wojnar ·
Steelers or Seahawks

Let me begin the count with 1 for the Steelers

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RE: Don't get it

by DugaDugDug In reply to I still don't get it

Sports and entertainment in general provide an escape/distraction for people and provide relief from daily stress of regular day life. They can give fans a sense of belonging and also bring together diverse groups of people.

With that being said, my money is on Pittsburgh due to the fact of the Teams they had to beat to get to the Super Bowl as well as their 3/4 defense. Seattle has a chance but they didn't fare too well, meaning didn't dominate, this season when playing teams that used the 3/4 defense. Pittsburgh has the toughness and confidence that I like. I just hope for an entertaining game.

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Can we please get Chas' account locked out until Sunday at 11:30 PM?

by DMambo In reply to I still don't get it
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All work and no play

by puppybreath In reply to I still don't get it

makes Chas a dull boy.

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I have My Play

by TheChas In reply to All work and no play

I have leisure activities, and I play.

I just have never understood the attraction of watching sporting events. Especially professional sports.

If my memory serves me well, I've been to:

2 or 3 high school basketball games.

1 Harlem Globetrotters game.

1 football game.

1 hockey game

There is one benefit I get from watching sporting events on TV.


It does not matter what the sport is, if I end up sitting there when someone else is watching any sporting event, I am very soon sawing logs.

I suppose the fact that I was one of those tall skinney un-coordinated kids in school factors in to my lack of interest in spectator sports.

Like I said, I just cannot fathom the attraction, or understand the amount of attention that professional sports in general, and the super bowl in particular garner.

If the outcome of the game had some meaningful impact on our lifes, I could begin to understand the attraction.

A guy I work with watches the super bowl every year. He does not care a bit about the game itself. For him, it is all about the ads.

He does not understand why I would not want to see all of the wonderful commercials that might only appear that 1 time.

I have more enjoyable activities for myself than watching a bunch of millionaires playing a game in the employee of billionaires.


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OK, I agree with you....

by puppybreath In reply to I have My Play

and since it makes so much sense, let's take it a couple of steps further:

Have you noticed how much time and money is wasted on all of the multi-millionaire musicians? I can't understand why anyone would waste their hard earned dollars on mindless noise when those dollars could be spent on charities. Imagine how long you could feed one homeless person just from the money you'd spend on one Stones ticket. And think of all the money wasted on instruments that children use and then discard. More wasted dollars we could find a good use for.

And what benefit is there really from smoking or drinking? If we banned smoking and drinking, imagine all of the money we would have available for medical research. Not to mention how much healthier everyone in the world would be.

And movies are a complete waste of time! They are all just fantasies put together by more multi-millionaires who want to take your hard earned cash for their own selfish needs. If we took all of the money wasted on going to the movies (including that large tub of buttered popcorn and red licorice whips) and add to it the millions and millions of dollars that studios spend to produce and merchandise their movies, we could house, clothe, and feed all of the unfortunate individuals out there.

See, just a few minor changes and we've saved the world! Of course, no one would want to live there but it's for the benefit of everyone and we have ways of changing their minds.

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Irrational Extrapolation

by TheChas In reply to OK, I agree with you....

I don't believe I called for the elimination of the super bowl, or of spectator sports.

I just cannot comprehend why they are so important in so many peoples lives.

However, I think that we in the US do need to evaluate our priorities and the value we place on most forms of entertainment.

As I said in my first post, if we spent 1/4 of the effort tracking local issues and politics as is spent on sports, there would be a revolution of accountability in both government and business.

There are many spectator activities that I might enjoy, but have decided that they are not worth the going rate in the market to me.

Concerts: Havn't been to one in years.
There are many groups and bands I would like to see. But, I am not willing to pay the going rate for tickets.

Movies: Again, the going ticket price is just too high for the value I get from watching a movie.

Cable TV: I would be willing to pay up to $10 a month for basic service. (Fat chance of that happening) It does not matter what the content is, or how many channels their are. I just won't get more than $10 a month of value from cable. So that is all I am willing to pay.

And thats the root problem, the marketers and entertainment companies have enough people hooked on the entertainment that the cost isn't important to them. So long as they raise the prices slow enough, people just keep on paying.

I'm not saying take away the super bowl. I just want to understand why so many people pay more attention to a game that has no impact on their lives than they do to local elections which have a signifgicant impact on their lives.

If you enjoy it, go ahead and watch the game. Root for your favorite team.
But, let's keep in mind that the outcome doesn't really matter.


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by puppybreath In reply to Irrational Extrapolation

it's because people need a release from the problems being caused by the politicians and special interest groups.

Do you really believe that getting involved in local politics will make a difference?

It doesn't matter which party you support, sooner or later the special interest groups will get to enough politicos to get what they want.

Call it bribes or campaign contributions or whatever, politicians are all people and people can be corrupted.

You speak of watching a bunch of millionaires playing a game and what a waste of time it is. How about putting that into a political anaolgy since many of our Congressmen are also millionaires?

We're all watching a bunch of millionaires come up with ways to beat the system so they can spend our money and serve the special interest groups who will fund their next campaign so they don't have to work for a living.

Sorry, I'd rather watch football.

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Interest in the game doesn't mean ignorance of the world

by wojnar In reply to Irrational Extrapolation

I understand your point but a large number (not the majority would be my guess) DO follow local politics, get involved with charities, contribute to their churches, try to make the world a better place.

The thing about the Steelers is that they are very active in the community, very up front about their faith and do not just grab all the glory they can. They represent the average working man in a blue collar town. They do their job as best they can and are not affected by the praise they get for doing it. Bill Cowher was very sincere when he told Mr Rooney - 'This is for you'. All the Steelers are a class act (even Joey Porter who can get a little carried away when speaking into a mic is a man of integrity).

One for the Thumb - mission accomplished !

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So. Is this one of your minority sports?

by neilb@uk In reply to Something of major import ...
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Can we please get Neil's account locked out until Sunday at 11:30 PM?

by DMambo In reply to So. Is this one of your m ...


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