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Something of major importance

By wojnar ·
Steelers or Seahawks

Let me begin the count with 1 for the Steelers

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As long as Guiness goes well with crow...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to SEAHAWKS
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The Guiness went very well with crow ...

by KaceyR In reply to As long as Guiness goes w ...

... so the evening wasn't a total loss!

Ah well. There's always next years attempt! :)

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why would

by Jaqui In reply to Something of major import ...

this be concidered imprtant?

a completely meaningless event.

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Oh just go watch your curling matches then !

by wojnar In reply to why would

I agree, as a sport, football can't compare to hockey but we don't have a professional hockey team here in the 'Burgh - we only have the Penguins.

I am sure Don Cherry would agree - that is enough reason to watch football.

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what's curling.....

by Jaqui In reply to Oh just go watch your cur ...

and hockey?
and football?
[ translation: I don't watch, or follow, any pro sport ]

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not a problem

by wojnar In reply to what's curling.....

For me it is just an excuse for getting together with friends.

(a Canadian who doesn't live for hockey ???? alert the media !)

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If they weren't playing against the Seahawks, I would definitely root for Pittsburgh. But the Seahawks are my team, and besides that, I think they can win it.

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Watched the first quarter

by neilb@uk In reply to Something of major import ...

It was crap. I'm going to bed.

Don't you have a lot of adverts? We have quite a lot less than half as many.

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7 to 3 at half time

by jdclyde In reply to Something of major import ...

and the half time show of the Stones is horrible!

Glad I didn't have to pay to hear this! horrible, awful, and terrible.

Of course there will be those of you that are emotional about the stones and will enjoy hearing them even when they sound so horrible!

oh thank goodness! they are done!

Mind you, justine and jannet weren't any better. britny and tyler was better.

how about that first touch done by the steelers? my bud almost had a heart attack when they challenged it!

I agree with neil, yawn yawn yawn.... I must not be drinking enough beer?

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They made a game of it after all

by jdclyde In reply to 7 to 3 at half time

Really pleased with the way the game turned out.

pit takes it, 21 to ten, and i called it by ten. off by one. drat.

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