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Something of major importance

By wojnar ·
Steelers or Seahawks

Let me begin the count with 1 for the Steelers

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not a sterling effort

by wojnar In reply to They made a game of it af ...

But in some ways appropriate - no one real hero, no single effort outstanding. Good solid team play. The parade should be fun - there are people already getting in place more than 24 hours ahead of time !

Hope the Lions were watching and getting some pointers. Maybe they will be contenders next year.

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well, aren't you just

by jdclyde In reply to not a sterling effort

the funny one?

Lions. Not while the front office stays the same. A championship team costs too much. They are only interested in doing well enought to fill the seats, and not a bit more.

We will be the whipping boys again next year.

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A Travesty of Officiating

by maxwell edison In reply to Something of major import ...

Disclaimer: I am neither a Steeler fan nor a Seahawk fan.

The Seattle Seahawks did not lose fair and square, but rather by err and despair -- by the officials, that is. That game's officiating was TERRIBLE! To take away an obvious Seattle touchdown was bad enough, but then to turn around and give a touchdown to Pittsburgh -- one that was VERY questionable, at best -- made this the worst travesty of officiating in Super Bowl history -- IF NOT IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE NFL!

Geesh, Louise, why not just gift-wrap a football and hand it to Roethlisberger on a silver platter and call it a touchdown? The only touch-down I saw is when the official "touched" Roethlisberger "down" there by kissing his ..... (Be nice, Max).

Shoeless Joe Jackson and company with their Black Sox scandal has now been joined in infamous infamy by the Gutless Black and White Sucks scandal of 2006. The Pittsburgh Steelers were pre-anointed champions, even before the coin flip; and the officials in that game made sure it happened.

I'm not going to say that the game was fixed, but there was more bias in that game than in a friggin' Michael Moore movie.

(And the fact that I picked the Steelers to win proves my impartiality)

(Yes, I did bet $$$ on the game -- but it still was bad -- VERY BAD.)

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You're right

I am a Seahawks fan, but I also try to avoid blaming the officiating. I usually take it as part of the game, and believe that the real winner will prevail over any incidental effect of the officials. However, in this superbowl I think it is quite possible that 14 points against Seattle were scored by the officials rather than the players. Truly disappointing, because I was really looking forward to a good match, no matter who won.

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It WAS a touchdown

by Cactus Pete In reply to A Travesty of Officiating

The replay clearly showed the ball break the plane of the goalline.

The first call on the field, probably shouldn't have been for a touchdown, but the replay showed it to be true anyway.

The Seahawks lost their game, almost like the receiver didn't want to keep both feet inbounds. But they had chances and blew them.

The Steelers actually played worse than normal, too. But less worse (eww grammar) than the Seahawks.

I'm pleased. I'm biased, but I have eyes. Ben got the points.

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Missed calls on both sides

by sMoRTy71 In reply to A Travesty of Officiating

I didn't have as many problems with the calls last night. Mainly because most (not all) were technically penalties. The question was whether they should have called them in the Super Bowl.

The two biggest questionable calls were:

1. Darrell Jackson TD -- Jackson pushed off and he did it right in front of one of the official. It was definitely a penalty and I think, in that case, it has to be called. The official is 10 ft. away and staring right at him. If he needs to push off, he needs to do a better job at hiding it.

2. Holding call on Seattle -- Many are also upset at the holding call that negated the pass to Jeremy Stevens that would have put Seattle on the 2 yard line (instead, Seattle threw a pick on the next play). The offensive lineman for Seattle did hook Hagans as he came around the end (he doesn't have to grab his jersey for it to be holding). Again, it's a question of should it be called in the Super Bowl. In that case, I think it should have been. Hagans would have probably sacked Hasselbeck.

Two calls that I think were totally missed were:
1. Low block call against Hasselbeck -- they just screwed that one up completely. He went low to tackle, not to block anyone.

2. Stevens fumble -- in the first quarter, Jeremy Stevens caught a pass, took three steps and then had the ball knocked away. Refs called it an incomplete pass when it was really a fumble. Two Steelers were chasing the ball down and would have recovered deep in Seattle territory.

Like any other game, there were missed calls. I just don't think that the ones people are making the biggest deals about were actually bad calls.

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Your second point

by Cactus Pete In reply to Missed calls on both side ...

And I'm suprised Seattle didn't red flag that. But I think you had the direction backwards (I'm happy to be corrected). I thought the ball continued on a path in favor of the Seahawks.

Had the call be contested, the refs would have had to spot the ball where it went out of bounds, and was last in control by the Seahawks... Good position for them!

I called that when it happened. It was CLEARLY a catch in the replays. I just wonder what the rules were then. The Steelers were certainly going to recover, but stopped pusuit when the play was whistled dead. I think that's why Pittsburgh let it go.

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