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Something that I did find interesting

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
Apple Refuses To Fix Smokers' Computers

Was the headline with the body of the text telling about 2 refusals to repair systems covered by the Apple Extended Warranty

If you run over your computer with a monster truck, stick dynamite in the USB slot or attach it to a Slinky and roll it down the stairway, you can reasonably expect to lose any warranty or cover care you have on it. But now there's another rash activity that can leave you out of pocket if a fault develops: smoking.

The Consumerist website, run by the same group behind Consumer Reports magazine, says two readers have found Apple refused to fix computers because they were smokers. Both had purchased the extended warranty Applecare package. In one case, the problems with the machine were blamed on tar residue from cigarette smoke, while in the other its not yet clear what was to blame.

However, it wasn't just the fact that smoking may have caused the damage that led to Apple to refuse to fix the machines. Instead, Apple staff reportedly claimed that fixing the machines would expose staff to the health risk from second-hand smoke.

Nicotine On Official Danger List
One customer complained directly to the office of Apple owner Steve Jobs and says she was told by a Jobs assistant that nicotine is on the Occupational Health and Safety Administrator's list of hazardous substances. (Source:

Of course, not only is it questionable whether the amount of smoke residue which could have built up inside a Mac would have posed a health risk to a repair technician, but by the time the staff had examined the machine closely enough to detect smoke residue, any damage would presumably already have been done.

Contract Unclear On Smoke Exclusion
It's also questionable whether the terms of Applecare allow the firm to reject claims in such cases. There's certainly no explicit mention of smoking in the policy, and there doesn't appear to be any mention of hazardous substances. The nearest thing to relevant would be a clause which excludes damage caused by "abuse, neglect [or] misuse", though there is a catch-all clause excluding damage from "other external causes". (Source:

And if lawyers wanted to play the literal card, the contract does also exclude damage caused by fire.

Whatever the situation, if Apple does want to refuse to repair computers used by heavy smokers, that certainly seems like a class of customers big enough that it needs to be explicitly stated before people hand over their cash.

To give Apple some credit, it's important to note that this only represents two cases, one of which was last year. However, if this is a widespread issue, the Consumerist story may prompt others to come forward with similar complaints.

Seems as if one may have been a reasonable reason not to repair the unit under warranty but I'm not sure what to make of the second refusal where no reason for the refusal is given or an explanation of what's wrong.

Full Article is listed here for those interested


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my two cup holders don't work

by .Martin. In reply to Nice.

the cup keeps slipping out and spilling... then i need to buy a new computer... do you know why?

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Netbooks don't have Cup Holders

by OH Smeg In reply to my two cup holders don't ...

So what are you using as Cup Holders Martin?

Also if you use TR Mugs instead of those Round Base Cups you'll find you have fewer/less Spillages.

Col 0:-)

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Oh please

by AV . In reply to Something that I did find ...

Tar? In my 25 years of working on computers, I've yet to ever see one that needed repairs because of smoking. I've seen plenty of dust bunnies and concentrated fine dust though. Who knows what evil lurks in that?

If you're that concerned about smoking, wear a mask and gloves when working on a PC like that. Its not second-hand smoke but still disgusting, like so many people's keyboards. Apple is on a slippery slope.


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Yes I completely agree

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Oh please

If they get away with this what else will they refuse to touch as I've run across far more disgusting things in Domestic Equipment over the years.


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The villain du jour

by AV . In reply to Yes I completely agree

Todays its smokers, tomorrow it could be the unclean. Apple will no longer let their techs work on your computer if it is dirty. Too many dust bunnies? You could risk losing your computer and being reported to authorities if the abuse continues.

AV :^0

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It's easy.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Something that I did find ...

Pick on smokers because smoking kills. Newsflash. Conception is 100% fatal.

In which case, none of should work on anyone's computers.


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Davette I think you are referring tot he Quote

by OH Smeg In reply to It's easy.

Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease with an Extremely Bad Prognosis.

While I do not completely agree with it I also find it hard to poke holes in the Logic of it. :0

But there are far more dangerous things that are made by Apple which can kill you just as dead as Smoking. And working in a Apple Only Shop surrounded you with these products, I'm assuming that Apple Techs are dying like Flies so they no longer have enough to do the Normal Repairs let alone those more difficult Repairs.

Also the Loud I Pod Headphones to get a half way decent sound has resulted in Industrial Deafness in the Apple Techs so they don't hear what they are told to do anyway.

Col 0:-)

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Another version with less baggage.

by seanferd In reply to Davette I think you are r ...

What is sexually transmitted and invariably fatal?


(Evolution is more fun if you take part in it, or at least go through the motions.)

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Yes its definitely those smokers

by AV . In reply to It's easy.

Now they're killing video cards and motherboards. :^0


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by seanferd In reply to Yes its definitely those ...

killed my father, killed my mother, and took my mother's board.

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