Sound Problems

By VAR1016 ·
Hello all.

As of today, I no longer have sound when playing a Youtube video - and other online things that contain sounds such as music playlists.

The sound is fine for WAV sounds. I have tried system restore with no effect. I also updated the Realtek audio driver again no effect.

System details:

Homebuilt PC
Gigabyte M/Board M55+
AMD 5600+ processor,
4GB ram;
XP Pro SP3

I have had this problem before, on another PC that was running Vista; with that one restarting the computer cured the problem until the next time, but it always came back.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...


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So far so good!

by VAR1016 In reply to Go to Add Remove Progra ...

Hello again; I hope you are well.

I have done as you suggested, and so far it works. I was very surprised this morning to have no sounds at all; previously I have just lost music and video.

Thanks very much and best wishes


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OK Paul I have a similar issue but with an ABit M'Board

by OH Smeg In reply to So far so good!

Whenever I power Down or reboot the Realtech Sound Drivers disappear. I have to reinstall them after every restart. This is on my main workstation that I have built in the last few months so I haven't had much time to play with it to work out the issues.

Generally because the Realtech Sound Drivers are not Digitally Signed you can not reinstall or initially install them after you have contacted the M$ Update Server and allow your system to install the Initial Download from M$ that allows either Windows Update or Microsoft Update to be run on your system.

As I;m inherent ally LAZY I don't bother messing around I just make sure that I have an Up To Date Backup and then **** the Boot Drive away with a Wiping Utility and rebuild from a Image of the HDD that I made after doing a Base install of the Hardware Drivers that I need and the Software that I use. I do have to reapply any updates that are made after that image was but it's just faster for me to do it that way.

Maybe one of the others here has some idea of what is happening here and can suggest a Registry Hack that may save you the need to reload. But once Windows starts to Screw Up like this I never fully trust it again so I find it easier to just start from a Known Good Point and rebuild completely. In the mean time I just have the Latest Realtech Sound Drivers copied to a Temp Folder on a Slave Drive and Update them on every Restart till I get the time to reload the System. I also make a Slipstreamed Install Disc for Windows with all my Hardware Drivers with nLite as this saves a lot of time and messing around when you need to rebuild from Scratch. I also setup nLite for a Unattended Install so it saves even more time and the need to enter a Product Code for Windows. You may like to try this at some time. :)

Just make sure to read the User Guides on the nLite site as the first time you use it it appears different or strange but it's really straight forward.

OH BTW nLite only works up to XP if you want to do the same thing with Vista you can use vLite available here


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by VAR1016 In reply to OK Paul I have a similar ...

Thanks for that long expos?!

It's a wee bit above my ability level I think - e.g. "**** away the boot drive"!

The funny thing about this fault is that it is not consistent. The sound on video and music always works on start-up. Sometimes it will be fine for days and then...

You might have seen that Rob has made a suggestion, which I shall try.

I did use NLite once or twice and managed to slipstream SP3 into XP, but I never had cause to use the files so have no idea if they would work or not.

To repeat myself, I find it very strange that I had the same problem on the HP Pavilion computer when it was running Vista.

Many thanks again, and best wishes


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Paul I think this is more to do with the Realtech Drivers

by OH Smeg In reply to Phew!

Not being Digitally Signed with M$ as Realtech refuse to pay the M$ Tax and have their Drivers Digitally Signed. I know some M'Board Makers have submitted the 64 Bit version of this application to M$ for Digital Signing as they just wouldn't work on that Platform so to get their products Certified for Vista 64 they have paid the M$ Tax.

I personally wouldn't put it past M$ to insert a bit of Code to break the Realtech Drivers but the reality is much more likely that some Programmer at M$ has used a shortcut which breaks these Drivers. While M$ has to be a bit careful here as all new M'Boards now come with Realtech Sound Devices built on they can allow some slip ups to occur under conditions that may not affect every computer with these drivers loaded. Places like HP then have to sort out a Workaround for any issues that M$ introduce with their Updates instead of M$ needing to rewrite their Individual Update that causes the problem.

More like a bit of Power Games being played here between M$ and the Hardware maker in this case Realtech with both blaming the other for problems like this. The up side is if you fit a Creative Sound Blaster Card any type it will work perfectly but you will have to disable the Realtech Sound Device in BIOS.


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M$ Etc.

by VAR1016 In reply to Paul I think this is more ...

Thanks again, Col.

Sneaky aren't they?!

So far Rob's suggestion seems to be working, but when budget permits in these tricky times, perhaps I'll have a look at Creative Sound Blaster cards - certainly if the problem reappears.

All the best


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Well unless you need Surround Sound

by OH Smeg In reply to M$ Etc.

A old PCI Sound Blaster Live would work a treat and you could pickup one for about $10.00 Second Hand or maybe one of the Old AWE 32's that came out as a PCI Card. They are piratically giving them away as no one wants to buy them.

Apparently because they are not 7.1 Surround Sound they are not as good on the average computer with a set of Stereo Speakers plugged in and the rest of the Sound Reproduction not working. You would only receive any benefit of the new Sound Cards if you are recording from the Line or Mic Inputs as they do have better Sampling Rates. But if all that you are doing is listening to whatever sounds that the computer makes and some Music/Video a simple old Stereo Sound Card is more than adequate. :)

Really you can not blame the programmer's too much at M$ as they have what they consider to be their Standard and because Realtech do not submit their driers for Digital Signing they could very well be using something that wouldn't be acceptable to M$ Ideals.

It would however be easier if M$ didn't charge like a Wounded Bull for the Digital Signing to supposedly make whatever is Certified as correctly written and Implemented. It is however a lot of work to fault find any drivers like this and M$ do not hand out the Complete Source Code to the Makers so that they can develop Drivers that will work without issues.

Another Perfect Example of why Accountants shouldn't be involved any Technical Process as both sides have Developers who are more than capable but they have a Layer of Isolation between them that is put in place by the Legal Eagles to protect M$ Secrets and then the Accountants jump in and want to charge for what any half way decent Developer would willingly hand out to outside Developers so that their products would work with the in this case OS in use.



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by Jacky Howe In reply to Sound Problems

can I suggest that you follow the previous instructions that were provided. You have a swag of information there. If you run into any problems start a new thread with the error messages that you get.


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