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SP2 for Windows XP is officially available

By Joseph Moore ·
Here's the link, direct from Microsoft to download SP2 for Windows XP:

No, this is NOT a release candidate version.
It's out. It came out on Friday to manufactures, then it was available over the weekend on various places.
Then just recently today, Microsoft put it up on their site.

Apparently, it's aroun 250MB in size, so it's gonna take a while.

And now the fun really begins!

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No error messages, etc. Wait and see

by robspcfixerupper In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

I'm testing SP2 on my quad-boot system on my XPPro side. 12 min. to DL 266MB, 12 min. to backup config., 13 min. to install, 4 min. for complete restart. XP Pro logo becomes XP. Security Center loads on bootup. I'll report any errors here.

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Ditto... wait and see

by rick.busch In reply to No error messages, etc. ...

I have installed SP2 onto my laptop. Day 2 and no issue as of yet. Same as Rob with the startup... I will wait and see.

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Ony problem so far seems to be Norton

by robspcfixerupper In reply to No error messages, etc. ...

Norton works fine after SP2 is installed, but it's reported incorrectly in the Security Center. AVG is reported correctly. Symantec says people will get updates soon. The manual update doesn't work for my Systemworks 2003 ( It updates my liveupdate files, but it won't update the systemwork files

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Auto update tonight, no probs...

by robspcfixerupper In reply to No error messages, etc. ...

My Home Edition auto updated today. The main software I run outside of Redmond products: ZoneAlarm, Kazaa 2.11 (not 2.5 or later (too much spyware), AVG, Norton SW 2003, 602 PC Software (Office Alternative), and yes AOL 9.0. All seem fine except Norton's communication with the Security Center.

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download error

by grouchyone In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

I clicked on your link and tried to download SP2. I received a server error stating there is a internal error. I'm using Windows XP with SP1 and all the latest updates. I'm also using Download Accelerator Plus for my download program. Is the problem on your end or mine?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Really...listen to the warnings....WAIT

by jameskelley In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

Installed SR2 today for XP Pro, Lost all my internet connectivity and could not get them restored. Luckily I ghosted before hand. I'm connected again.

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by nakacarve In reply to Really...listen to the wa ...

I had the same issue with a regular Windows update in SP1 and now have to backup data, format the HD and reinstall. Everything else seems to work, I can see connectivity on my network connections, but no packet transmission. I have tried IP Config, nothing, no data. Can't get to the Device Manager... Anybody found a fix without ghosting or reinstalling?

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by jlawren7 In reply to Really...listen to the wa ...

you do have a retore point set when SP2 installed its self.

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XP2 Works for Me.

by cvboykin In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

I intalled XP2 last night. No problems so far! The install was flawless.

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No problems to report for XP2

by lambert.bollen In reply to XP2 Works for Me.

Also no problems during and after installation on my Home installation.

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