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SP2 for Windows XP is officially available

By Joseph Moore ·
Here's the link, direct from Microsoft to download SP2 for Windows XP:

No, this is NOT a release candidate version.
It's out. It came out on Friday to manufactures, then it was available over the weekend on various places.
Then just recently today, Microsoft put it up on their site.

Apparently, it's aroun 250MB in size, so it's gonna take a while.

And now the fun really begins!

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Same here

by oldgrendel In reply to No problems to report for ...

Update ran fine. No errors yet. I am thankfull that Microsoft included a "notice" page on reboot to explain the security features. It sure is nice to proceed with a "ghost" image on standby. Hope everyone else meets with similar results.

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SP2 Download Using Windows Update

by eriksblues In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

"Automatic Updates is the only way to download SP2 from Windows Update at this time. Other methods to install SP2 will be available soon."
This is the message from my windows thanks for the link which I will check out, although the update is downloading(now at 45% via automatic update) as I post this. Already have SP2RC2 installed and will be interested to see what occurs after this update.

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WindowsXP Update link alternative

by eriksblues In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

will also get you to the SP2 update. Currently downloading on this system (via automatic update) as I post this. Note: there was a message when I downloaded SP2RC2 that it would have to be unistalled prior to installing the final release version of SP2. Will see what develops when download is ready to install

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update from sp2rc2

by iain In reply to WindowsXP Update link alt ...

Upgraded SPp2 over SP2RC2 no problem, but NAV2004 not accepted in Security Center

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xp sp2 errors

by bluescomputers In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

xp service pack 2 installation on some systems will not work correctly. after installation and reboot you will get a agp440.sys error and the system stops there. has anyone seen this error or have any idea to fix this without re-installing OS.

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Beware with SP2!

by patrick In reply to xp sp2 errors

A colleague over at a local web hosting and development company (a wireless network expert) tried to install IE SP2 and it completely destroyed his IE settings. It took him all day to rebuild his machine afterwards, and he lost all his favorites to boot. He initially lost his emails as well, but managed to retrieve them several hours later. I am trying to get him to write up his experience for this forum. I will not install it.

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Only on systems that use agp440

by Theodore.M.SEEBER In reply to xp sp2 errors

Sounds like the widely reported video driver error has struck in your case. I believe Microsoft now has a patch for this.

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by mhall In reply to xp sp2 errors

What video card do you have. Could be a mx440. You could try the recovery console available in XP and restore the file from disk?. Don't know if that will work.

Hope this helps some.

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Found the solution!

by rsandrps In reply to xp sp2 errors

At our company we had the same problems with SP2 and agp440.sys on several machines. After several hours of tech support with Microsoft, I found out that the agp440.sys is actually the agp driver for the bios. Therefore to solve this problem download the most recent bios update from your motherboard manufacturer and install them. This should fix the problem in most circumstances.

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by neill.butler In reply to xp sp2 errors

I have the same problem. If you have the XP installation CD see the following article from Microsoft. Sadly mine is a manufacturer install so don't have the CD!;en-us;324764

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