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Speaker phones are an evil scourge

By Montgomery Gator ·
I work in a cubicle farm with 8 other developers. We are surrounded by other IT groups, such as the network group and the server farm group. For some unknown reason, the other groups seem to be very fond of using the speaker phones, but we see no need to use them. I have mentioned this concern to my boss, and he agrees, there is no need for these people to use the speaker phones and disturb the rest of the department. He has spoken to the other supervisors, but to no avail, other than a (very) short term reduction in this annoying activity. Any suggestions? Also, can someone explain the reason why people would use speaker phones? Is it because they are oblivions? Is it because they are sociopaths? Maybe they enjoy annoying people? Are they too lazy to pick up and hold the receiver? Do they think they do not look good if they use a headset? Or are they self-important? Other than this sick behaviour, I otherwise get along quite well with these other people, and have a good working relationship. I have not talked to them directly about this, since my supervisor prefers for me to go through channels and talk to him about it instead of going to them directly.

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Not phased at all actually

by Oz_Media In reply to Of course Oz

I had to go back and read again to see what I may have taken as offensive.

Actually I don't like being called a ********* though, perhaps ######## or &&&&&&&& but DEFINITELY NOT !!!!!!!! or %%%%%%%%.

That's just plain rude! Your mother should wash your mouth out with ^^^^^!

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by JamesRL In reply to Not phased at all actuall ...

While I will readily cede the right to censor me to Tech Republic, I didn't use a word I thought was swearing. Potentially offensive(but not in a racist, ageist, sexist sense) yes, but not swearing, at least by my loose interpretation.

I suppose, if you didn't know that the person I called a $%#@^&* was in fact someone who I have some grudging respect for, you might think I meant offense.

I'm sure that if I called Oz a %$#%^&$ at a bar, no one would look twice....


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Cultural difference?

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Censorship

Maybe in Canada, calling people a $%#@^&* is no big deal, but (not that I agree with it) we (not me personally) in the USA are a little more uptight about that, and TechRepublic censors to remove anything that may be even a slight bit offensive. I understand how some cultures use insults as endearing terms, and as long as you know the context, you can tell whether someone calling you (for example) a "wanker" means it as a term of endearment or an insult. (Lets see if TechRepublic censors that one)

(Edit: looks like they didn't, either TR does not know what wanker means, or does not care) :-)

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See now

by JamesRL In reply to Censorship

Tom, I would never call you a wanker. Whether thats a good or bad thing, thats for you to judge.

Oz by his own admission, has done some things which may earn him the right to be called a wanker. But you are correct, it does very definately depend on the cultural context.


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oh FUBAR - (edited, bad when you can't even swear right)

by jdclyde In reply to Censorship

I worked in a place where the way you waved good morning was to flip them off and say **** you.

We always meant it in the best way possible (whatever that may be).

Matter of fact, they do it here too. And this isn't even a shop floor. If it is a really good day you now get a double flip off. That is love.

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Doesn't matter where you are

by Oz_Media In reply to Censorship

You can call me an #@^&$*#(%@ anywhere and nobody will bat an eye I'm sure. LOL

My last boss would call me an @^&#$*(@&, I'd also call him a #^&@*$!$%~ when he screwed up. Or threaten to throw him in the lake on the golf course, or crack joikes about his running such a pathetic company in bord room meetings. Life is just a LITTLE more lax here in Canada, as you know. And out west we are pretty much at the bar when we are in the office.

You couldn't offend me James, I would never take anyone as generally thoughtful and eloquent as you are as offensive, no matter what you said or if you meant it or not.
If I'm a di*ck, I'm a di*ck, end of story, call it as you see it. I sure as heck do.

And I can call anyone I know a *(#$^&*@!$ and they will just laugh and throw something back my way.

F***ing A*****e is a term of endearment when coming from me.

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They've eased up on it

by Oz_Media In reply to Censorship

****, **** **** ****, **********.

Well I did say eased and not lifted.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Censorship

It's actually FUBAR

F****d Up Beyond Any Recognition.

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I actually have a few customers who get really worried

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Censorship

If they are not told to FUCK OFF DICK HEAD when they get here. Even when they are expected that is the normal greeting and then they know everything is OK maybe rushed but under some sought of control.

But when I don't even insult them when they arrive they become concerned about what is going wrong. If I ignore then they know that there are some major problems and if I actually great them in what some would call a friendly manner they just pickup what they have brought over and bring it back another day.

Col ]:)

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Ya know Col

by Oz_Media In reply to Censorship

I have ALWAYS liked Autralia, kinda like Canada is a laid back England, Australia is a laid back Canada.

A LOT of fun though!

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