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Speaker phones are an evil scourge

By Montgomery Gator ·
I work in a cubicle farm with 8 other developers. We are surrounded by other IT groups, such as the network group and the server farm group. For some unknown reason, the other groups seem to be very fond of using the speaker phones, but we see no need to use them. I have mentioned this concern to my boss, and he agrees, there is no need for these people to use the speaker phones and disturb the rest of the department. He has spoken to the other supervisors, but to no avail, other than a (very) short term reduction in this annoying activity. Any suggestions? Also, can someone explain the reason why people would use speaker phones? Is it because they are oblivions? Is it because they are sociopaths? Maybe they enjoy annoying people? Are they too lazy to pick up and hold the receiver? Do they think they do not look good if they use a headset? Or are they self-important? Other than this sick behaviour, I otherwise get along quite well with these other people, and have a good working relationship. I have not talked to them directly about this, since my supervisor prefers for me to go through channels and talk to him about it instead of going to them directly.

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There was a similar one

by Oz_Media In reply to Cubical fun

I remember in the lates 90's they had one that would boost the volume and set all windows sounds to the most annoying windows sound of all, the dreaded CHORD. Everyone would look wondering what you had done wrong, then a second or two later BONG again, then BONG again, it sounded like people were making mistakes over and over again.

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Oh the good ol days

by jdclyde In reply to There was a similar one

When the only time your computer made a noise was when something was wrong or you told it to.

Now I do into offices and the damn thing bings and bongs everytime you just walk by it, let alone use it. grrrrr. drives meeee nuuuuuttttsssss!!

There coming to take me away (ha ha)
There coming to take me away (ho ho)
To the funny farm...

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Thanks (Not!) jdclyde

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Oh the good ol days

Now I got another stupid song stuck in my head!!! Now they are going to take me away to the funny farm!! Aieeeeeee!! (scream done in Howard Dean maniac style)

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We're there for you

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks (Not!) jdclyde

I used to do that when I worked in the shops. I would walk around whistling zippidy do da or something REAL anoying to get is stuck in everyones heads.

At least you know your music to get it stuck from just a few lines....

Have a great weekend! (in the funny farm.) Yes, I have my boys singing that song too. Drives the wife nuts

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by Oz_Media In reply to We're there for you baaaaaa badada baaaaaa badada baaaaaa badada

Ba-dada ba-dada, badum dum dada dum. baaaaaa badada

6 YEARS in an automotive shop! Day in day out.

At one office I worked at, we would think up the most annoying tunes from commercials or old TV shows and hum them in the office then walk away, leaving everyone to walllow in it endlessly.

Like the Mary Tyler More it in your head yet? NOt to worry,

"You're going to make it after aaaaaaallllllll .........meow!"

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Tom provided

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks (Not!) jdclyde

You are not swinging from the fluro tubes no one will take any notice of you quietly loosing your mind.

With all the noise in the open plan offices this is a common problem so I used to send some very explicated voice mails to the offending parties just to shut them up even if only for a short while. But I don't suppose that you can do that now days with the PC atmosphere that pervades every place. Another thing that I use to do was to throw something at the offending person that generally go their attention but again I don't suppose that is an acceptable response now days either.

Perhaps just walking over and ripping out their phone and dumping it the the waste basket will get your point across, it will at least shut them up while they try to get it connected again and after you have done it a few times you'll either be fired or they will be so scared of what you will do that they will start to behave themselves.

If you make out that you are cracking up you might even get an extended holiday out of it which will help you no end as when you get back as you already have the reputation so they will never know what you will do next.

Col ]:)

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World's most annoying screensaver

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh the good ol days

It HAS to be the SCIENCE theme screensaver., ARRRRGH!

If I EVER walked into an office with that in the background I would root out the offender and very politely disable it immediately.

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Well I cured a guy from using Speaker Phones

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Speaker phones are an evi ...

At least while at work.

He laid some heavy duty junk upon me one day and to return the favor I rang him at work and acted like he was a Queer and had left me after spending the night with me after picking me up in a bar. I laid it on thick but what I didn't realize was he was in a high level meeting and very quickly picked up the phone so that no one else could hear the conversation.

I'm told to this day he never answerers the phone by just pushing on the speaker button until he is sure of just who is ringing him up.

Col ]:)

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That deserves

by jdclyde In reply to Well I cured a guy from u ...

An atta boy!

It is amazing how people never look at you the same way after something like that....

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A funny story

by Oz_Media In reply to Speaker phones are an evi ...

I just remembered a funny speakerpone story.

When at North American Telecom, reps would go out and demonstrate speaker phones by calling my office. We also had technicians that would call the receptionist and test installs, she'd just say too quiet, not clear etc. so they could configure the lines and PBX correctly for best the sound.

I would often pickup these calls (inbound through the side door) when she was on the phone. So I'd tell them, "sounds like crap", "SHOUT a little louder", "NICE install, what have you done" etc.

So one day the sales manager (and install troubleshooter) called and I picked up the call.

SALES MANAGER: "I am calling you from the NEW Polycomm speakerphone, how do I sound?"

ME: Like you are sitting inside a clothes dryer or talking from a soup can, pull the string tighter (an old telecom joke)or climb out of the bucket. You sound like you are a thousand miles from the speaker!"

The sales manager quickly picked up and stammered, it must be this dead unit can you have XXXX send a new one out? Apprently he was trying to close a big deal for a car dealership.

He got back and tried giving me sh*t but I just told him that he should hae at least called firt and TOLD me to play into his demo, and regardless it DID sound like crap and the customer would have been complaining anyway.

Happy ending, he DID get the deal, just with different equipment.

Another time I actually removed the speaker from a sales reps phone. But as we were a phone company he just sent it to the warehouse for repair and took a new one, DOH!

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