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Speaker phones are an evil scourge

By Montgomery Gator ·
I work in a cubicle farm with 8 other developers. We are surrounded by other IT groups, such as the network group and the server farm group. For some unknown reason, the other groups seem to be very fond of using the speaker phones, but we see no need to use them. I have mentioned this concern to my boss, and he agrees, there is no need for these people to use the speaker phones and disturb the rest of the department. He has spoken to the other supervisors, but to no avail, other than a (very) short term reduction in this annoying activity. Any suggestions? Also, can someone explain the reason why people would use speaker phones? Is it because they are oblivions? Is it because they are sociopaths? Maybe they enjoy annoying people? Are they too lazy to pick up and hold the receiver? Do they think they do not look good if they use a headset? Or are they self-important? Other than this sick behaviour, I otherwise get along quite well with these other people, and have a good working relationship. I have not talked to them directly about this, since my supervisor prefers for me to go through channels and talk to him about it instead of going to them directly.

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Like I said

by Oz_Media In reply to Ahem

Women just don't understand!

Notice nobody else is laughing.......

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Lack of Understanding

by BFilmFan In reply to ALRIGHT!

I want you to know that you made me splatter coffee all over my monitor at 6:30 Sunday morning reading your missive. AS I was reading it, the foghorn was being tested at the St Augustine light house..hahaha.


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by neilb@uk In reply to ALRIGHT!

Damned if I'd admit that MINE was weenie on an international forum.

(does this translate?)

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Wasn't that a song????

by dafe2 In reply to Weenie?

"I wish I had an Oscar MINOR weiner........."

LOL Some things are best left unsaid

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Is that why you typed it instead?

by Oz_Media In reply to Wasn't that a song????

You'll have to forgive my attempt at an unoffensive, candid referal to the male genitalia. Would SHLONG have been more masculine?

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You??? Candid?

by dafe2 In reply to Wasn't that a song????

Don't think that computes. Look at it this least you didn't use the word noodle....but could have used the word sausage.

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It's odd

by Oz_Media In reply to Wasn't that a song????

People on TR are offended by the most inert terms and okay with the bllunt sometimes. Perhaps an issue not knowing what is politically correct and what isn't?

I had a thread pulled for using the term BOX in a joke to refer to female geitalia. It was assumed by one person to be due to racism, but TR did send me email explaining that the reference was the reason, not the racism.

I'll peer mail it (the joke) to you one day and you can see if it was that bad. :)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Weenie?

Then there are those who need to overcompensate to enforce an inner desire I suppose.

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Simple solution for all you telecomm guys....

by awfernald In reply to Speaker phones are an evi ...

Replace their phones with other phones that don't have speaker-phone capabilities.

When I got the privilege of setting up a relatively large network down in South America, guess what, conference rooms and senior management got speakerphones. Everyone else.... nope, not a chance. We gave them headphones.

If you need to have a conference call, isn't that what a CONFERENCE room is about?

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by dafe2 In reply to Simple solution for all y ...

We still use Meridians (Till our VOIP is implemented)

Bottom line though, only Management or conference rooms get speaker and/or display phones.

Asside from the anoyances talked about saved a crapload of money puling back those phone sets from users who swore they couldn't live without 'em.

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