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Speaking of politics - Mutiny in Australia

By NexS ·
The Labour party has now given ol' Kevvie the arse. They kicked him out and left Julia Gillard as Australia's first female Prime Minister of Australia. Yep, we are a little behind in having the women in Prime Minister Power.

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by NexS In reply to Ours is, for better or wo ...

It was a big of a shock, but that's true. I never thought of it like that and it makes sense.

With all the ties the US have to other countries, there's no doubt that issues in the 'States' affect every other connected nation.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Ours is, for better or wo ...
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Split the difference

by JamesRL In reply to Ours is, for better or wo ...

I agree there are areas where the US president has a huge amount of impact on the rest of the world, and in these areas, the world has the right to be critical.

But I also agree that there are many areas where the President's decisions only impact the US, and in those areas, non-Americans should be reluctant to weigh in. After all the situation in the US is different than that of other countries, and the President has to govern within that framework and not in some other place.


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Now KRudd can seriously Apologise to Australia

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Speaking of politics - Mu ...

Sorry I lied from the first day I was in power, perhaps significantly before that.

Sorry I promised the world and delivered shite.

Sorry I said Sorry to the Aboriginal population yet in 3 years in power did ZIP to change their circumstance.

Sorry I'm a snivelling little butt-squirt who consistently abused people who worked with me or for me no matter what their position or the circumstance.

Sorry I cost the tax-payers dearly by personally bneing in charge of a government department with continual, massive, personnel turnover.

Sorry I tried to foist a NEW TAX of BILLIONS of dollars that had never been raised or consulted prior to me thinking it a swell idea, only to have it back fire in the most splendid fashion possible (i.e. my sacking from the Job).

Sorry that, in my complete failure, I have now foisted on Australia a new Prime Minister who is an avowed hard-line Left Wing politician who a) was not voted in by the population; and b) up until now has had no reason nor compunction to discuss her own background and policies.

Keep on saying Sorry, Kev, 'cos your failure is complete but you can still contribute positively by enabling us to dance on your political grave a little longer - before the reality of having a hard-line Leftist PM comes home to roost.

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While it's true he came short

by NexS In reply to Now KRudd can seriously A ...

On a whole bunch of promised issues, you can't deny that he DID do alot for us.
Particularly, steering us from the recession (though the cost for that was quite substantial) and the changes for health systems.
The new tax that the mining companies are hoo-haring about is only to try and slowly pay back the debt from our recession avoidance. Though, personally, a choice to place an export profit tax would be more fair.. In my opinion, that is.

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Any "More Tax" is short-sighted; without notice it's immoral

by drowningnotwaving In reply to While it's true he came s ...

The proposed Tax on the mining industry is short-sighted.

The flow-on tax revenue from the investment plans in mining simply **** the potential increase in taxes out of the water. From a revenue perspective, the government was better off getting the investment and taxing the multiple cycles of cash (GST, PAYE and Company Profit (Payroll as well though that be a state tax)). What a massive windfall.

The fundamental basis of the tax, whilst tempting to those of the "they are too rich for me" opinion, is floored. Now the economy is booming and there fleetingly appears some basis for the tax. When things are less rosy, and we are genuinely competing against other countries on the planet for an unfair share of the mining investment dollar, such taxes are shown for the retrograde steps they are.

The "proposed" benefit of the tax (which as assuredly backfired as quickly as the tax itself) was a suggested plan to decrease company taxes for small business. As every small businessperson I spoke to, and including my own thoughts as one myself, paying less tax is good. But what's better is GETTING MORE SALES. Taking an action that is destined to reduce employment and reduce investment in this country is farking useless, no it's dangerous, for me as a small businessperson.

ANY government of any persuasion that introduces such a major, potentially MASSIVE policy without either community or industry consultation deserves the fate it will get.

Gotta say it has been a good job on the economy, but given the war chest provided entirely by the Libs, one may suggest that (in Labor's own words ...) a drover's dog could have done as well.

His arrogance, including not recognising the historical failure of Ben Chifley in a parallel action, has been aptly rewarded.

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I have been told

by santeewelding In reply to Any "More Tax" is short-s ...

That all politics are local.

They sure are.

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The Difference

by drowningnotwaving In reply to I have been told

of course, being US politics, where often your local is our local too sometimes by accident, sometimes by your design.

But, as I have said before on TR, I fully recognise Australia's status as a rounding error in the scheme of things.

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"rounding error"

by santeewelding In reply to The Difference

I like that.

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Opinional Gold!

by NexS In reply to Any "More Tax" is short-s ...

"<i>His arrogance ... , has been aptly rewarded.</i>"
Both true enough, and mildly amusing.

I agree entirely in that there should have at least been some discussion regarding the idea and implementation of the tax.
And Julia has done, probably, the right thing by 'opening the government's doors' to the mining companies.

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