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speed up bootup time

By douglas168 ·
I am looking to speed up bootup time on Win9x clients.

two Enternet LAN connected via 56K FR. Each LAN has one Cisco 2501 router and two Cisco 2924 switches. Both LAN runs at 100MBPS (some like printers and slower PCs run at 10MBPS)
Each LAN has one NT4.0 sp6a server. One location's server is PDC while the other one is BDC. Both servers are setup with DHCP, WINS, DNS(BDC's is secondary). Each location has about 40 hosts.

Each win9x host uses DHCP which is config to use local DNS, WINS.

Both servers and clients uses TCP/IP only.

Server is Pentium 350 128MB RAM
Clients range from Pentium 200 to Pentium 650 with 64MB RAM.

When the users boots up Win9x, it stays in 'win9x blue screen' for a while.

What are the ways to speed up bootup time?

Appreciate any help!

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speed up bootup time

by Man@Large In reply to speed up bootup time

1)Windows often shows the blue screen of death because it looks for a .vxd
file that it can't find.If you manually extract them to BOTH your
windows\system and windows\system\vmm32 folders from you win 98 cab
files, Windows won't crash when it wants these files. 2)To get rid of logo, go to MSDOS.SYS (rightclick,properties,uncheck hidden and read only)(open with notepad) and under the options type "LOGO = 0", then exit,save. 3)To speed up boot-up, go to MSDOS.SYS (same as above) and under options type in "BOOTDELAY=0", exit,save. 4)To make windows9x use RAM first, go to System.ini, type in "ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1", Exit,Save. 5)Do Disk Cleanup,ScanDisk,Defrag and you may want to check into regclean, a free from Microsoft(works great!)

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speed up bootup time

by douglas168 In reply to speed up bootup time
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