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Spelling and grammar

By damian.ward ·
Hi there IT gang, I was just reading the 25 tips to promotion article and was amused at the author?s comments about people needing to be able to write clearly without spelling and grammar mistakes.

I then went on to read some discussion items and am amazed at the number of basic typos, spelling errors and syntax problems many of us seem to be having.

It seems to me that we really need to read what we write before hitting that send or save button. I know it takes time, however the respect gained from writing without errors is massive.

Just a thought!

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Yo - Glass House Man - r u their??

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Spelling and grammar

In your first paragraph, the use of "Hi there IT gang," as an introduction is improper unless it is placed in a paragraph on its own. Within the same paragraph it simply becomes a sentence with one too many subjects.

Further, the entire sentence is poorly punctuated and as such has multiple potential subjects. In spoken language it could potentially work as the speaker would insert the punctuation in their speech. In written language, not putting in proper punctuation is just lazy.

"Grammar mistakes"? Say no more.

In the second paragraph, a purist could argue about the use of multiple verb tenses in one sentence. In particular, those used to describe your own action and response: the "went" and "am". Changing the tense so close in one sentence is extremely questionable. It would probably be sent back for retyping.

In the third paragraph, the convention regarding the word "however" is, when it is used as an adverb, to place a comma both prior to and after the word. If you are using it as a conjunction then it is normally written without commas. To have one comma at one end is at best lazy and at worst ambiguous.

But overall I know wot you mean.

(Sorry - my friend is a sub-editor for a local mag and I just couldn't resist. Pathetic of me really but TGIF is my only excuse).

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The difference between ignorance and apathy.

by RFink In reply to Spelling and grammar

I don't know and I DON'T CARE.

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You did prove your point

by maxwell edison In reply to Spelling and grammar

I counted no fewer than four grammatical errors in your very own message.

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by jdmercha In reply to You did prove your point

Does the UK use the exact same grammer as the US? What about Austrailia, New Zealand or Canada?

So let's put on our team colours, get the steaks out of the boot, throw them on the barbie and have a bier.

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