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Spelling without the aid of a spell-checker

By SoldierJedi ·
What is happening to the way we type?

I've been browsing through the discussion threads, and I've noticed that there are a lot of posts where the spelling is absolutely atrocious.

At least three typos on each line!

There is no excuse for it, and it is mildly offensive, as it shows you do not care about how others may perceive you, or the value they attribute to your opinion or comments.

Personally, If I'm reading a post or a reply, and it is littered with lazy typos, my opinion of the writer is dramatically reduced. I can imagine that the writer is a hyped-up gibbering, slobbering nerk who hates Microsoft, blames them for everything wrong with computers in general, persists in typing the abbreviation "M$", and cannot see any fault with Open Source Operating systems, but everything faulty in the "WINTEL" corner of the ring...

Apologies to you slobbering nerks who do like Microsoft... <g>

There may not be spell-checker in Discussion Forums, but that makes no difference. You should know how to spell without one, and have the sense of self-respect to review your text before posting it.

Laziness. Sheer laziness...

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by Cactus Pete In reply to On spell checkers

Isn't that always the answer?

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I learned that the hard way

by Oz_Media In reply to On spell checkers

I have a friend who since a near fatal car accident has suffered some brain damage. He is unable to speak or write fluently and just seems SLOW to most people.

He used to call me almost three times a day on average to ask me how words were spelled. After a while I just offered to fix his letters and documents for him, yes I know, but I do have excellent grammar and spelling when needed.

The letter were pretty much completely rewritten when he got them back and even though he appreciated it, I felt bad to be constantly changing his letters this way it must be embarrassing for him. I then showed him how spell checker worked.

He the sent letters saying : My mother and FARTHER said THERE car took OURS to get re-paired.

So I showed him Thesaurus:
My mother and FARTHER (no he dwouldn't go as far as to say 'distant') said the present car took OURS to get MATCHED.

I guess in the eyes of the original poster, this guy would be lazy. He is one of the most active people i know. He writes down his daily activities, journal style, as he forgets. He is constantly trying to learn new things and improve himself, yet it is hard due to brain damage that stops him from retaining short term memory.

Spell check hasn't helped at all!

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Spell checkers not mind readers

by Myths In reply to On spell checkers

When my kids were in school, I had to constantly remind them that even if the spell checker recognized what they typed as a word, it didn't necessarily mean it was the word they had intended to type. Until spell checkers become mind readers, upgrading your version of whatever will not help.

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Pot calling the kettle black ...

by jardinier In reply to Spelling without the aid ...

Dear Mr rat's arse,
The third paragraph of your posting is grammatically incorrect: "At least three typos on each line!"
This is not a complete sentence. It should be preceded with "There are ..."

In the fourth paragraph, you have used a capital "i" for "if," when it should have been in lower case.

The fifth paragraph: "Apologies to you slobbering nerks who do like Microsoft... <g>"
also is not a complete sentence: It should be preceded by "My"

And the final "paragraph:" "Laziness. Sheer laziness." Is SO grammatically incorrect I won't even bother commenting on it.

So Mr rat's arse, perhaps in future you might consider behaving like the cultured person which you claim to be, and do your wanking in private and not in a public discussion forum.

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Well, I appear to have caused a bit of a stir....

by SoldierJedi In reply to Spelling without the aid ...

OK, so I deliberately chose strong language.

I'll also apologise if the strength of my wording was left open to interpretation.

Please don't assume that my location is any indication of my character. It's just where I live.

For reference, "Nerk" is a slang name used by Ronnie Barker's character Fletcher in "Porridge" - a 70's UK sitcom about life in prison.

I also would like to point out to everyone who jumped to the defence of US spelling compared to UK spelling, that I consider "color" to be as correct as "colour". My argument wasn't against everyone that didn't spell things the same way i do, but against those posts where it is SO OBVIOUS that the poster was typing in such a hurry that they made genuine mistakes, and NEGLECT to do anything about it.

I take the point that this is an informal discussion forum, but even so...

This isn't a full-blown apology for my original post, as I'm glad to see it stirred up some interesting replies.

There does seem to be some strength of feeling regarding spelling, despite protestations, judging by the flaming I received for my post.

As for my Alias,

for those of you who claim not to judge people by what they write, you sure took offence to my name.

Is a name that important? This is an informal discussion, right?

Prejudice on the basis of a name gets rather tricky if my name had been Muhammed, right?


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Humility ...

by jardinier In reply to Well, I appear to have ca ...

When, and if, you are able to practise some humility, you will find that you will be warmly welcomed as a contributor to the discussions at TechRepublic.

This is an American based website, but open to anyone in the world. We get very few perspectives from citizens of the UK.

So stay with it and you will in time find that we are fundamentally an open-minded international family, and allow quite a lot of flexibility in both opinions, and how they are expressed.

I would say that, speaking generally, those who appear to be very lax in their spelling become emotionally charged with a particular discussion topic, and just want to respond instantly.

So, as Aristotle in Greece, and Gautama Buddha in India suggested (at roughly the same time -- several centuries BC) learn to tread the middle ground.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Humility ...

>We get very few perspectives from citizens of the UK.<

Well Julian, I try my best!!

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And you speak volumes

by Oz_Media In reply to Shame!!

I have ALWAYS loved your comments here. It reminds me of an old yet familiar attitude among people at home.

You may only have a single voice but your comments speak volumes.

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Guru you're so regular hee we tend to forget that

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Shame!!

You're a Pom and besides Jnr been keeping you away for a while now hasn't she?

Actually you're so regular here you seem to just be one of the Guys in the next cubical who we all throw spit balls at every so often.

Isn't it interesting that when it all comes down to it we make very little distenction on who lives where and just carry on normally?


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by GuruOfDos In reply to Humility ...

>I would say that, speaking generally, those who appear to be very lax in their spelling become emotionally charged with a particular discussion topic, and just want to respond instantly.<

Yep! My biggest typographical errors are caused by just such steaming haste! Add to that the fact that my keyboard is liberally infected (infested, choked, clogged, etcetera) with coffee drips, ***-ash and other assorted detritus and you begin to see a pattern. I have just reviewed several dozen of my posts and apart from one or two 'actual' spelling errors (for which I hang my head and apologise most humbly), most of my typos are caused by certain key combinations in particular words (my classic is 'remeber' instead of 'remember').

Now I'm happy to admit that I am only a two-finger typist, but I'll lay money that I can give the most competent two-handed touch typists a damn good run for their money when it comes to words-per-minute, given certain conditions.

I can sight-read virtually any high level programming language and bang it in (while eating a sandwich and whistling Dixie), and most low level ones for that matter and probably type a dictated page of programming script without a single error. Give me two paragraphs from Byron and I'll make a dozen typos. My fingers are 'programmed' to program, not to type English (or any other language)! My mother was a 120 wpm touch typist, audio typist and a legal secretary and spent most of her life in front of a QWERTY. Give her a page of programming language (BASIC, COBOL, FORTH, etc.) and it would take her ten times as long as me (working with only two fingers) to type in the code and then I'd spend another hour or two debugging it. Programming is NOT her 'language' (the patterns of characters make no sense to her). It is mine! That doesn't make either of us better or worse at spelling, per se or a better or worse person. I would bet that our handwritten script is fine as WRITING English comes naturally to us both...we've learned to since age 3!!

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