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Spelling without the aid of a spell-checker

By SoldierJedi ·
What is happening to the way we type?

I've been browsing through the discussion threads, and I've noticed that there are a lot of posts where the spelling is absolutely atrocious.

At least three typos on each line!

There is no excuse for it, and it is mildly offensive, as it shows you do not care about how others may perceive you, or the value they attribute to your opinion or comments.

Personally, If I'm reading a post or a reply, and it is littered with lazy typos, my opinion of the writer is dramatically reduced. I can imagine that the writer is a hyped-up gibbering, slobbering nerk who hates Microsoft, blames them for everything wrong with computers in general, persists in typing the abbreviation "M$", and cannot see any fault with Open Source Operating systems, but everything faulty in the "WINTEL" corner of the ring...

Apologies to you slobbering nerks who do like Microsoft... <g>

There may not be spell-checker in Discussion Forums, but that makes no difference. You should know how to spell without one, and have the sense of self-respect to review your text before posting it.

Laziness. Sheer laziness...

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Not at all

by Oz_Media In reply to Well, I appear to have ca ...

You say "Prejudice on the basis of a name gets rather tricky if my name had been Muhammed, right?"

Yes, that would most definitely be seen as racial prejudice.

Where is 'rats ***', Northern England?

You picked an alias that implies you are care free, yet in your VERY first post here you started to slam people. I'm almost starting to like you, I almost did the same thing. I have learned to be a LITTLe less antagonistic but have become known as a s*&t disturber for telling it like it see it. I don't pull punches and like to get my word in, that's what discussions are about.

So if you are willing to accept spelling mistakes and other grammar related errors, welcome aboard. If you are disgusted by the 'atrocious' spelling here, then please don't bother participating because nobody is interested.

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What a hornet's nest....

by jellybeenz In reply to Spelling without the aid ...

You really poked a stick in it, Rat's Butt. I don't have a problem with abbreviations and everyone gets "fat fingers" sometimes (or always). I do, however, find the constant misuse of words somewhat distracting. For example, "loose" instead of "lose" and "your" in place of "you're" to name just a couple. These types of mistakes are understandable by someone whose native language is not English. This comment is not directed at them. When I see these errors posted by members who have a LOT to say and say it often, I tend to lend less credence to their (exaggerated?) claims of expertise in other matters. Maybe that's not fair, but the truth is that it's your written words that color (or colour, if you prefer) other's perception of you in online forums.

I'm sure I've made some grammatical errors in here somewhere. Have at it. :-)

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Poke it in, rattle it about...

by SoldierJedi In reply to What a hornet's nest....

Maybe If i'd toned down the language used, I might not have got such a vitriolic response:

"You embarrass me as a Brit. and I'm sure others would feel the same. What a poor example to show in a global forum where you have offered nothing constructive at all.

Damn, I am ashamed to find out your are English, what a disgraceful act to follow."

Wow. What a response. I'm going to print and frame that post... ;-)

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Your alias ....

by jardinier In reply to Poke it in, rattle it abo ...

is obviously a total contrast to your assumed skill as a wordsmith.

So I suggest a more appropriate alias would be "MrPedant."

If you continue to submit postings in the nature of the original discussion posting, and further comments later on, rest assured my friend that in no time at all other TR members will simply ignore you and in reality this will mean that, so far as the majority of members are concerned, you will simply cease to exist.

The ball's in your court. Play by the rules, or just **** off. It is extremely unlikely that you will get any response from myself, unless you clean up your game.

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Chronically misused words

by Cactus Pete In reply to Poke it in, rattle it abo ...

Since many people feel a certain twinge upon reading posts with particular commonly misused words, I thought I might point out one example in the above post:

"...I might not have got..."

Perhaps this would better have been displayed as, "...I might not have received..." The least you could have typed to conform with the language could have been, "...I might not have gotten..." which still manages to poke me somewhat, as I have never been fond of using versions of the word "got" in place of more proper English.

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Have got

by wordworker In reply to Chronically misused words

Isn't "got" used as a transistive verb more frequently in UK English? Seems like you hear it a lot in Monty Pyton skits, though that may not be representative of the "best" usage.

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Monty Pythons the deceptors

by Oz_Media In reply to Have got

My love, MPFC, some of the most educated yet humorous men alive (and passed).

Yes this motley crew of scholars and professors do like to play on the more 'common' dialects and people in England. Very rarely do they speak the good Queens English though, mostly territorial slang.

Many in North America not used to such humor would see Englishmen as Wellie wearing (gum-boots) hanky-head clad morons (aka. Gumby's, I believe LONG before the Gumby and Pokey show).

or perhapse they see Englishwomen as moustachioed, old bags that crab away and slop floors for a living (Ok they may be onto something there).

Then again, perhaps they are all just idiots that can't walk, aka The Ministry of Silly Walks.

Either way it is taken, I think that these men have taken EVERY aspect of England, tich, poor, smart, stupid, male, female, upper class to absolutely classless, religious followers, athiests and found the humorour side of all these lifestyles and people. The ability for them to laugh at the very institutions that gave them thier very high education, the churches that have been successful since the dawn of time and even moreso, for the PEOPLE of England to see this humour is brilliant, unsurpassed and unequalled.

To base your own opinions on a MP sketch is even funnier though.

Nest time the wiff nags at you just say "button your lip ratbag!!!" let's see how good HER sense of humour is! In Englnd it would be funny as everyone is used to that form of humour, I'm not so sure about out here though.


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TV is my life

by wordworker In reply to Monty Pythons the decepto ...

Let's see I learned British culture from MPFC and my philosophy on life from Star Trek (original series), my fondness for blond women from watching Bewitched and Brady Bunch, and classical music watching Looney Tunes.... Yes the **** tube was my babysitter! Now my wife has turned me on to Ab-Fab so I'm getting an updated view of UK culture.

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Talking of misused words

by GuruOfDos In reply to Chronically misused words

Misused words or expressions are bad enough....bastardised ones are worse.

There is NO SUCH thing as a 'power outage'. It is a 'power cut'. Proper use of the English language AND easier to say AND write.

There is no such word as acclimated. It is acclimatised or, if you are North American, acclimatized. That is with a 'zed', not a 'zee'.

There is no such thing as a 'free lunch'. It is 'corporate hospitality'.

Now, y'all like to ***** about us Limeys throwing in a whole bunch of u's when we write words like splendour, colour and neighbour, and we ***** at y'all for leaving them out but nothing riles me more than bar-b-q instead of barbecue. Oh, apart from the fact that British doughnuts have THREE more letters than their American donut counterparts!!!

Hey look, I'm being sarky, alright?!!

Q. How do you get seven dead donkeys in a Safeways carrier bag?

A. Easy. Take the 'f' out of 'Safe' and the 'f' out of 'way'.

(Booby prize to the first poster who tells me there's no 'f' in way!)

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hee hee

by Cactus Pete In reply to Talking of misused words

There's no F'ing way.

[Here, that is pronounced 'effin']

Say, is there an extra 'u' in pronounced?

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