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Spelling without the aid of a spell-checker

By SoldierJedi ·
What is happening to the way we type?

I've been browsing through the discussion threads, and I've noticed that there are a lot of posts where the spelling is absolutely atrocious.

At least three typos on each line!

There is no excuse for it, and it is mildly offensive, as it shows you do not care about how others may perceive you, or the value they attribute to your opinion or comments.

Personally, If I'm reading a post or a reply, and it is littered with lazy typos, my opinion of the writer is dramatically reduced. I can imagine that the writer is a hyped-up gibbering, slobbering nerk who hates Microsoft, blames them for everything wrong with computers in general, persists in typing the abbreviation "M$", and cannot see any fault with Open Source Operating systems, but everything faulty in the "WINTEL" corner of the ring...

Apologies to you slobbering nerks who do like Microsoft... <g>

There may not be spell-checker in Discussion Forums, but that makes no difference. You should know how to spell without one, and have the sense of self-respect to review your text before posting it.

Laziness. Sheer laziness...

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!

by GuruOfDos In reply to hee hee

Well done dp!

You win todays booby prize!

( . ) ( . )

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by Oz_Media In reply to C O N G R A T U L A T I O ...

I was going to reply until I read booby prize. If I had known you meant BOOOOOBIES!!!! I would have posted. :-(


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Color me skeptical

by maxwell edison In reply to Spelling without the aid ...

I suspect that Mr. (or Ms.) Nerk is the creation of some other "long-standing" member who wanted to take a poke at someone's spelling, but was reluctant to do so under his or her own regular alias.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Color me skeptical

I was thinking along those lines too Max. A few problems I've seen with that theory though.

This person joined and used a real name as well as a real company name of a law firm in England.

Now if this person was to defame(I know you hate that word too)this said company, would that not be cause for egal repercussions from the firm mentioned? although the person's name is not available in te company's directory, he is an IT staff member and not a lawyer.

I know my brother's firm would sue without a second thought if they were used in this manner.
I also think thst if this IS a unique peer, he may want to be more careful how he represents himself if also providing a company name behind his moniker.

Oh Max, what will we do. We have found a new OzMentalCase, was I REALLY THAT bad though??

Sue I poke a prod you, but never the 'forum'.

Well, I see this behaviour in other forums, perhaps this is a learned lack of ettiquette on Nerk's behalf and will be adjusted to comply here.

Why anyone would bother creating a new alias to stay in a forum is beyond me, why not just go somewhere else and ***** if it isn't accepted here?

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And you....

by GuruOfDos In reply to Color me skeptical


Color and colour are equally acceptable to me, but only because I program in VB and COLOR is a VB surely a UK version of MS VB SHOULD have the keyword COLOUR?!

A little too close to the topic for the monicker to be a pure coincidence, methinks :-)

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please excuse my. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to And you....

.....heir oar.

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by Oz_Media In reply to please excuse my. . . . .

When my father passed I got a SAIL!

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Proper venue

by generalist In reply to Spelling without the aid ...

Personally I prefer to have things properly spelled in postings. But I do recognize that there are people who have great technical skills but lack wordsmithing abilities. And there are also people who get their fingers crossed while typing.

In this venue, grammar and spelling mistakes are fine as long as you aren't trying to pass yourself off as a technical writer or high level consultant. But don't expect any sympathy if the same mistakes cause problems when dealing with people outside TR.

And PLEASE don't let the grammar and spelling errors go out in the form of documentation.

You have to tailor things to your audience. And if you have problems with grammar and spelling and you have to write things for a picky audience, have a writer review your stuff.

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by AusMentalCase In reply to Proper venue

Eye two wood prefer correct spelling inn discussions butt, as ewe correctly point owt, sum of us do get hour fingers crossed on the keyboard.

As four tailoring too yore audience, that depends on who won seas as yaw audience.

If, fore example, you're kids are using SMS on a mobile fone to text they're friends, then expressions like 'L O...HOW R U?' instead of 'Hello. How are you?' may bee fine, but I don't want to come home to a message scribbled on a scrap of pay per stating 'L O. Going 2 B L8 2nite. Don't W8 up'.

Like wise, if I was posting a comment to a group of like minded pee pull in the four rums, I wood not yews the same language as I mite if I was righting a begging letter to the bank manager.

That said, eye do try to yews proper spelling and punk chew hay shun, even when my writing stile is relaxed and in four mall.

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You're doing it now

by GuruOfDos In reply to ...

Your penultimate paragraph begins 'Like wise'.

It should read 'Like whys'


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