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Spending the day

By The 'G-Man.' ·
in the server room recovering a failed DC. Aint life grand!

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by jdclyde In reply to or if you're really prepa ...

knew what they were, but not who are reputable dealers in the area.

In a few weeks, I am going to have to start that project of researching that.

Thanks for the link, it gets me started.

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the best thing to do

by jck In reply to or if you're really prepa ...

Have your company president contact a manufacturer of one of the big, houseload generator companies like:


Cummins Onan:

Norwall Powersystems:

Or there are others...

Any one of them can give him details on anything from 5KW to i think as high as 100 KW solutions that run on propane, natural gas, diesel, etc.

Then the best thing to do when he decides which system is best, have him get the company to recommend a good installer. Installing down here is critical because of ground water seepage (for the fuel storage), installation to avoid wind exposure, corrosivenes of airborne salts, etc.

It's not a cheap option, but you can keep a house online down here with one of those systems (if done right) for a couple of weeks.

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Thanks jck

by jdclyde In reply to or if you're really prepa ...

I will let HER know.

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by jck In reply to or if you're really prepa ...

tell HER that you know geeks looking for side employment in FL too lol

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Hurricanes: my preferred natural disaster.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Life is to short

Because unlike the rest of them, you can see it coming a long way off. Can't do that with an earthquake, tornado, etc. Floods, maybe.

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I don't have a favorite

by jdclyde In reply to Hurricanes: my preferred ...

Thankfully in Michigan, most are not an option.

In my entire life, there has only been one tornado within 20 miles of where I live.

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I've been close to tornados

by JamesRL In reply to I don't have a favorite

A mile down the road from the home where I grew up, a tornado trashed the pig barn of a farmer. He was shocked but clearly relieved it didn't hit the house where his family was holed up. The house was only maybe 100 feet away. We knew it was a bad storm but didn't know about the twister till after it was over.

My youngest brother was 100 yards away, at my Grandmother's house, from a tornado that killed a few people a few minutes after it passed my brother.

Still, the tornados are few and far between, we can't complain compared to those living in hurricane prone areas.


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Having lived through both...

by Forum Surfer In reply to I've been close to tornad ...

Tornadoes are so wildly unpredictable. I went through one once. My house barely had a few shingles ripped off. My neighbor at the time however, had severe structural damage and an oak tree on his car. The half dead pine tree next to my house that was leaning didn't fall. I did get around to cutting it down the next day!


I'll take a hurricane ANY day of the week. At least I know what to prepare for or if I need to get the heck outta dodge. Of course, with hurricanes there is always a chance it can spawn tornadoes, as well...particularly on the north east side of the eye wall.

Having visited Cali, I hate earthquakes! With any other natural disaster I've experienced, the ground is the one constant you can count on so I find it particularly unnerving to have it move.

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by GSG In reply to I don't have a favorite

I had to replace my roof a couple of years ago due to one. At certain times of the year, we'll have one or two every couple of weeks. In the one where my roof was damaged, this one house was demolished. I almost bought that house, but went with mine instead.

We pretty much know if we're going to have good chance of tornados, so I have my routine down to the point where by the time I crawl in my shelter, it's lined in pillows and quite comfortable.

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by jck In reply to Life is to short

All my bills are paid. I afford them quite easily. It's called money management.

Worst thing isn't the cards or anything. It's that because of rising property values plus the fact that my homeowners insurance has doubled since I bought the house 5 years go, my mortgage premium went up by $200+ a month.

And as for moving somewhere that doesn't have hurricanes, lower COL, and decent wages...I've already found somewhere.

Now, I'm just looking into the ramifications of short selling the house with a mortgage and HELOC. If I can short sell and it gets me out of both, I am gonna start the process then move up near my office and rent a house.

They have dozens of never-lived-in homes up here for rent that builders just want to pay the note on every month. I can get in one $500 a month cheaper than my current home cost, plus put the yard maintenance on the landlord.

And I don't hate my job. It's just tiring with the rush to do nothing, dealing with not having the terms of my agreeing to work here met, etc.

****, they're already 3 months late on my pre-arranged raise. And if the back-pay doesn't happen when it does come through, I might just walk and tell them that they are in violation of the agreed-upon terms.

And yes, I got it in writing :)

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