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Spending the day

By The 'G-Man.' ·
in the server room recovering a failed DC. Aint life grand!

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Michigan winters...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Life is to short

Sorry JD but I'll take a hotter climate any day of the week. The bikini and "more revealing clothing" season in Michigan is way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way too short for my taste!


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everything is a trade-off in life

by jdclyde In reply to Michigan winters...

I will pass on living in a giant sandbox, thankyouverymuch.

While the season is short, we have so many lakes and rivers, we have one of the best boating in the US.

I get major migraines from excessive heat, so would not fit in well moving further south.

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I was like that once...

by Forum Surfer In reply to everything is a trade-off ...

But after joining the gym and going regularly for over a year, that (and many other minor problems, aches and pains) seems to have stopped. Which is excellent for me, because I love the sweltering heat for some reason. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I do so enjoy punishing work outside in unbearable heat. As long as I intake massive amounts of water, I actually feel better once it is all said and done. Of course I don't smell better until I shower.


Edit: I've been boating in Texas, Florida as well as up and down the SE coast. It definitely isn't a bad scene for recreation or fishing purposes. Navigating shipping channels at ocean inlets in boats under 30' on the east coast will separate the men from the boys, as well. I've seen many a grown men cry out for their mothers and atheists start praying once the bow goes near vertical and all you see is clouds followed by that unnerving sound of the prop revving as it leaves the water for what seems like an eternity. Of course it usually isn't <i>that</i> bad, but I've seen it like that many times once the weather gets the least bit bad. And it is much less of an event in boats over 40', but where's the fun in that?


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Have always been like that

by jdclyde In reply to I was like that once...

Even back in HS, when I was in sports. Makes it difficult when you are/were a long distance runner.

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Powerboats are for wimps

by JamesRL In reply to I was like that once...

My best day on the water was the toughest. We were on a big lake (Opeongo) on Algonquin and we were the only fools on the lake. We had about 10 miles to paddle, but the wind was blowing up three and four foot waves coming from the general direction we were going in. It was raining too but not that hard.

When your loaded canoe, with all your food and camping gear goes near vertical with every wave, thats when you figure out whether you have cohones. And the only thing you can do is to paddle like heck as you climb the wave and relax in the trough.

Now that wasn't the really tough part. That comes when you try and turn. Anything like a 90 degree turn and you will find your canoe will empty out as it rolls over and over. So you have the length of time between one wave and the next to get as close to 180 as possible.

We had to overshoot the island and come back around. Thats when we lashed the canoes together, broke out the tarp which we attached to the paddles, and went sailing. I'm sure we never broke 20 MPH, but we left a wake and laughed all the way, that nervous laugh you get when you know you are in danger but have no choice but to continue.

I will never forget that day.


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If you took care of your toys

by jdclyde In reply to Spending the day

you wouldn't break them!

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It broke all by itself!

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to If you took care of your ...

it's a Dell 2850!!

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What broke, h/w or s/w? No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to It broke all by itself!
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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to What broke, h/w or s/w? ...

Lookes to be a disk failure that did not show up on the RAID alerts.

The light was blinking orange yet the server alert panel suggested all was well.

Alas the server just suddenly rebooted and got stuck in the POST.

Replaced the disk but the array was lost so nothing to rebuild from.

New card inserted, replaced faulty disk and threw the image at the machine!

Just a few AD issues to sort now..

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Could be worse

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Spending the day

at least I have another one that works!

My log files are hitting the roof but as far as the users are aware nothing is wrong and I fixed it all within 30 minutes.

Kind of glad I configured things correctly in the first place!

Just gotta wait for the restore (taking an age - thats what I get for storing a few system images on a DC) and then grab the latest system state from the backup.

Could have been worse I guess....

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