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Spending the day

By The 'G-Man.' ·
in the server room recovering a failed DC. Aint life grand!

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must be nice

by GSG In reply to We had a major storm

We don't have that excuse. We have our generators that run the red plugs. The red plugs are what the medical equipment and essential services run off of. If our power goes out, we're still working and then have to stick around until it comes back on. It means more work and hassle for us.

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part of the building

by maecuff In reply to must be nice

still had power. They took my area to give to someone else and sent me home. Then when the power came back on, instead of continuing to work from home, I had to drag myself back in.

I just kept my 'working from home clothes' on and left my hair in a ponytail. I'm waiting to catch grief for that.

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I feel your pain!

by Forum Surfer In reply to must be nice

I'm the guy stuck making sure we don't have issues during power cut overs in such situations. I once saw the power provider improperly bring up the 3 phase main lines and cause a main buss to explode. Wow, it was nuts. The fire dept kicked us all out for safety concerns and completely shut down the building to everyone but the electrical contractor since there were live 3 phase lines everywhere and widespread power issues.

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Trade you..

by Shellbot In reply to Spending the day

Spent 1/2 the day preparing documents for training I've to give to next week..

And a short while ago I had to try and explain null values to someone.. the look of disbelief I got when I told them that if they try and add null to another number the result will always return null (for ms access)..and then throw an error :)

* never get non programmers to try and program anything the results are too scary *

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zero vs nothing

by jdclyde In reply to Trade you..

people don't understand that there IS a difference between zero and a field being blank.

Run into that in Excel a lot.

I love when people would clear a cell by hitting a space. fecks it all up.

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by jck In reply to zero vs nothing

gotta love the trim function lol

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by Shellbot In reply to zero vs nothing

ya..normally i don't bother explaining the proper way..but ughh.. dunno..its not that hard to grasp

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From experience, give them what they need

by jdclyde In reply to hehe

don't want their little heads to explode, ya know?

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by Shellbot In reply to From experience, give the ...

but needed to give a half @ssed explanation to she's in the development team.

makes me very frightened..

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Catching up from yesterday

by NickNielsen In reply to Spending the day

when I was dispatched 150 miles out of my territory. Now I have 9 calls to close by end-of-day.

At least I'll see the sun between stores. B-)

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