Spreadsheet Opens Slowly

By jondapicam ·
I have a user who is using Excel 2007. His machine has 3 GB RAM, and a 2GB processor. If he opens a spreadsheet, a small spreadsheet, by clicking directly on the file, it takes about 1 minute to open. If he opens it from within Excel, it opens right away.

I have eliminated the antivirus as the culprit. The spreadsheet is on his desktop, not on a network drive.

Does anyone know why this happens? I have seen similar occurances throughout the history of Microsoft Office.

UPDATE: I've checked the file associations, and they match up fine with mine. I saved the spreadsheet to the old format, and it came up with errors like it was looking for files that weren't there when I went to open it. It did open, however, and quicker because I clicked OK for all the errors.

He has mentioned that some open fine while others take the minute. However, I also have Office 2007, and I can open them all fine.

Any ideas?

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Spreadsheet Only Slowy try your option ADD-INS

by fkowal In reply to Spreadsheet Opens Slowly

For your Slow Excel problem.
See if one of your ADD-INS under tools menu is pointing to a "bad" location.

Word can have this problem with Templates when the template a file is based on is point to a location (such as a network location) that no longer exist.

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One add-in

by jondapicam In reply to Spreadsheet Only Slowy tr ...

There is only one active add-in, and that's PDF Creator. That location is good.

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by computacentre In reply to Spreadsheet Opens Slowly

The user is probably opening it from the server on the first instance which is work suicide while opening from excel will download the file from the server and copy to the clipboard to work on.Office autosave function for data recovery

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by jondapicam In reply to probably

The spreadsheet is local on his machine. This only happens on his machine, a unique issue. It opens quickly on my machine or on anyone else's machine.

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Found this at

by XT John In reply to However

another tech site:) Hope that helps!

Hello everyone.

The problem of SLOW open, save, and close of Excel is actually quite common. The solution is to delete all of your *.emf files. These are temporary files created by excel each time you open, add, change, etc... an Excel file. Over time, not only does your pc accumulate a lot of these files, but they can also become corrupt. If you use Excel often (which most of us do), you'll want to check for and delete these *.emf files.

Navigation =
Start-->Search-->files & folders-->Local Disk
Enter *.emf in the file name box and then press FIND/SEARCH.


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Did not fix it

by jondapicam In reply to Found this at

Deleting the .emf files did not do a thing. Any other ideas?

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it has been ages but....

by enginolmez In reply to Did not fix it

it may be about the custumization you made to your excel \Documents and Settings\........\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel there must be a excel11 file and that shouldnt be bigger then 30kb but if you custimize the excel by increasing the button available for you it becames larger and prevent you to open excel quickly.
create a new folder there and but that evil in it. when you open excel, excel will create a automatic excel11 file.
hope it will solve it

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I have the SAME problem

by SteveFerro In reply to Spreadsheet Opens Slowly

I recently upgraded to Excel 2007. If Excel is NOT OPEN and I try to open any spreadsheet from Explorer or from Outlook, Excel starts quickly, but then the spreadsheet takes about 1 minute to open. If however Excel is already running, I can open the SAME spreadsheets instantaneously. It does NOT matter where the spreadsheet is located. It behaves this way whether they are local, in e-mail, or on a network location. This is REALLY annoying for an Excel junkie like me!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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This worked for me!

by evhershey In reply to I have the SAME problem

I tried several remedies online and none of them worked. Then , I DISABLED and then re-ENABLED my Local Area Connection via the Network Connections and my Excel and Word docs went back to opening very quickly.

I don't know why this worked, I have had the problem for a few weeks and I have rebooted several times, so hopefully this will work for others.

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This worked for me as well!

by ramiller In reply to This worked for me!

I can not fathom why this solution solved this very annoying problem that has been plaguing me for several weeks.

I must admit that I was full of scepticism and tried this only because it took only a minute to try and I was completely out of ideas, but it worked!

Thanks for relieving this headache for me.

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