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Spring Cleaning

By zippo84 ·
Ok,so I'm going through all the ways I know of to remove all the garbage from my computer. Defrag, running anti-spyware programs, etc. Does anyone know of any other ways to help clean up a computer. I want to do as complete a clean up as possible. It doesn't really matter if I have to pay for programs or not. Please post links if possible.

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by jemothy In reply to Spring Cleaning

there are all sorts of cleaners etc out there but the best way is still to check trough your data, get rid of what you dont want and back the rest up to disk or a drive just used for data.
give it a scan witha good antivirus and antispyawre to check it's clean.
then format your main drive and reinstall your os and sofwtare.

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by Bucksandchange In reply to Spring Cleaning

I use Pest Patrol for spyware and adware. I alsoo use Norton System Works for windows and registry problems. Clean out build up in the windows files as decribed earlier by clearing everything under each user in the Documents and Settings folders. Just open each folder, making sure that hidden files are shown by opening a winowand selecting from the top bar, TOOLS, Folder Options, and selecting Show Hidden Files and Folders, and clean out everything inn the Recent Docs, Local Settings: each folder in there, Cookies, and Temp.
Also navigate to C: Windows\Prefetch and delete everything in there EXCEPT the desktop.ini file. Then go to C: Windows\Temp and delete all that it will let you delete out of there. Then Right click on IE and go to the properties. Select to clear cookies, delete chafiles and check the box for clear all offline cache files, and history.
This should give you a good clean and then you should disable Systen Restore by Right clicking on My Computer and going to Properties. Click the Sytem Restore tab and turn off System Restore. This will clear all restore Points and not put spyware and other things back on your computer when you reboot. Reboot, and turn on System Restore, then defrag your hard drive.

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by etruss In reply to Spring Cleaning

The cheapest, most effective and possibly even the fastest is to re-install everything from scratch. It doesn't cost anything, will certainly remove everything you don't want and saves all the time you would spend trying different cleaners or trying to decide what to delete.

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by bobjoesal In reply to Spring Cleaning
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by lsqueen In reply to Spring Cleaning

I read through all the answers to your cleanup inquiry and didn't see a mention of the best little free cleaner I ever came across. It's called CCLEANER (short for crap cleaner) and it does an amazing job on a huge range of unnecessary files plus checks the registry for problems and asks if you'd like to clean that up too. Go to and get it before anything else.

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by bcdady In reply to Spring Cleaning

My favorite tools are Ccleaner ( and Diskeeper ( Ccleaner is available as a free trial and provides a good combo of disk and registry cleanup with special customization available for cleaning up excess files for applications like IE, Firefox, Adobe, SAV, Quicktime, RealPlayer, etc.
Diskeeper is a more sophisticated disk defragmenter.

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by rbest In reply to Spring Cleaning

We run a checklist with adaware, spybot, update virus defs, disk cleanup, defrag, do windows security updates. I agree with cleaning up junk no longer used and running msconfig to stop unneccessary start up programs. I would also cleanup the desktop of large files that hog ram, just leave shortcuts on desktop. I have seen desktops that are larger than the amount of ram in the PC.

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by deadpan227 In reply to Spring Cleaning

Backup the stuff you want to keep on your system. Including installation files for the programs you use. Then reformat and reinstall Windows and reinstall your programs. Keep old data on CDs or DVDs for reference.

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by EagleUK In reply to Spring Cleaning

Add up the cost of all of those utilities and you'll soon realize - it's probably cheaper to destroy the hard drive and buy a new one. It's also the most secure method for preventing critical data from being compromised. The U.S. military have been doing it for years.


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by jlafleche In reply to Spring Cleaning

From the answers you've no doubt read by now, you must realize that you need to do some serious planning if you truely want to clean house - and that's just the software. Wait 'til you get around to opening up your machine and giving that a cleaning too (does the phrase "dust bunnies with teeth" ring a bell?). Either method of cleaning your system - backup, reformat & reload everything or software cleaners - may well take a full day to do; possibly more. It will depend upon your finances and your setup and maybe even your stamina. Whichever you choose, plan ahead before you do anything!

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