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Spring is on the way!

By neilb@uk ·
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Well, seeing as my weight has crept back up to 108 Kg - that's 17 Stone to you guys - I decided a bit of a hike was in order on Saturday so I yomped along the North Downs (which are South of London, by the way) for a few hours. As we're still in a (for us) cold spell and have been since before Christmas, I wasn't expecting much in the way of harbingers of Spring. But I came across this little stand of Snowdrops pushing their way through the frozen ground.

Happy Days!

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Davette I think you have overdosed

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Indeed.

And have lost your way, it was 33 C here yesterday and currently at 0800 it's pushing 26 C and rising.

Not even close to looking like Autumn let alone feeling like it here yet. Maybe it's all that Global Warming which means that Winter is now going to be just a cooler summer. :0

Col 0:-)

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Kinda tough

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Davette I think you have ...

to lost that which one didn't have in the first place, doncha think? :^0

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Must be around the corner here

by NickNielsen In reply to Spring is on the way!

I saw daffodils on the way to Myrtle Beach this morning. I might have stopped and got a picture if I hadn't been surrounded by those semis...

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Lovely Daffodils, ugly semis

by AV . In reply to Must be around the corner ...

I hate being surrounded by semis. Lets not mention those tandem-semis (or whatever they're called).


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At last! The first EDIBLE evidence of Spring

by neilb@uk In reply to Spring is on the way!

The wild garlic is sprouting in the woods on the top of the Downs. This place is my secret hoard of leaves for the next month before the flowers come out.

A close up

tonight's supper of stir-fried chicken and noodles with chilli, ginger and wild garlic.

Spring is coming at last!

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Did you really, really have to do that?

by santeewelding In reply to At last! The first EDIBLE ...

Put that bowl there like that -- me not having eaten yet today?

Good work. Is that big, green leaf the garlic? Are there cloves?

It's striking! Had a bowl just yesterday of noodles, snow peas, and more, including fresh things I chopped up and added. But, nothing like what you have.

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The big green leaf is wild garlic as its generally eaten

by neilb@uk In reply to Did you really, really ha ...

That one bowl of noodles had a double handful of leaves as the young leaves cook down like spinach. The flavour is quite light but obviously garlic.

When the leaves get a bit bigger in a couple of weeks, I will shred a load of them into mayonnaise for a lovely garlicky dip for crudites, bread - just about anything, really!

The flowers are very good in salads and also a bit of fun dipped in tempura batter and deep fried. The bulbs can be used like cultivated garlic but are single and much smaller.

Sorry about the picture but it was my supper-time!

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I didn't know thats what wild garlic looks like

by AV . In reply to At last! The first EDIBLE ...

I have a lot of greenery that looks like that. How can you tell its garlic? Does it smell? We have wild onions that smell, but I've always been afraid to eat them if I didn't plant them.

I am so happy that Spring is finally here. The snow has melted and we have lots of mud, glorious mud! There is some nice moss though. It feels like a carpet when you walk on it.

Dinner looks very yummy. Might have to try that recipe.

AV :^0

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The garlicky smell is unmistakable

by neilb@uk In reply to I didn't know thats what ...

if you rub a leaf between finger and thumb. That's just as well as there are a couple of plants which are similar when they first come up which are pretty poisonous!

The flowers, which come along here in May and June, look like this (which is a shot of the same site taken last May).

I don't know if it's found in the US but if you've got it in your garden, it's considered an annoying weed over here. I believe


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No - I've never seen that here

by AV . In reply to The garlicky smell is unm ...

Too bad. They're really pretty.


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