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Spy Ware ?

By kwittenborn ·
Every once in a while when I type in an URL for a web page it comes up to a page cannot be displayed error. The address that I typed in ie: gets changed to http:///? I have searched for this and found other people with the same problem but no fix to be found. Anybody have any ideas?

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by Oldefar In reply to Spy Ware ?

I am going to suggest that your keyboard needs to be relocated to a higher or lower height. Before blowing this off, here is the logic.

The string "%20" is the Unicode version of a space as pointed out by Joseph Moore.

Now, for a change to occur in the IE address you would have to get that change from someplace. You have eliminated spyware, and since it is not a consistent problem this would eliminate a bad DNS or LHOSTS entry.

That leaves a bad entry, and bumping the space bar while typing is the most likely cause.

As further indication that this problem occurs during entry is that while other people have reported it, nowhere will you find a reference to a specific rogue application, OS issue, or even IE version. Chronic known issues rarely go unresolved for more than a few days, but the reports of this issue go back years with no specific cause identified.

If you want to prove this out, load a keystroke logging application and see what the computer says was typed next time the problem appears. There are a number of these available - do a search on "free keystroke logging software" to find sources.

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by Oldefar In reply to

If this in fact resolves your problem, credit goes to Joseph Moore. All I did was expand on his insight.

Yes, I did see similar problems years ago but it wasn't caused by errant fingers. The mystery keystrokes were created by a young lady leaning over her keyboard to answer a phone.

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by kwittenborn In reply to

When this happens it looks like
When I type in the address with a space it comes up like
There is no search string attaced to the domain name when this happens automatically. Thanks for the help though.

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by marccouture In reply to Spy Ware ?

First, make sure your system is free of uninvited guests, as others have mentioned in this thread. Also, ensure you are running the latest browser revision (if using IE, install v. 6.1 and associated security patches).

Sorry to repeat what a few others have told you already, but check again if you are typing the URL correctly. Why, you ask? In your response to a recent posting, you typed the following as being a result of an error:


Notice the extra slash at the beginning? The URL should look like this, if typed correctly`:

Two slashes only, no space between the last slash and the first "w".

Good luck!

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by kwittenborn In reply to

Thanks for the reply but when I type it, it is with 2 slashes and when it changes the address it adds the third slash. Weird I know.

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by wlbowers In reply to Spy Ware ?

I use the following on a regular basis on my machine and when I do a clients machine.


Ad -Aware

http: //

Hijack This

Remove spaces after copy and paste.

The first three use a definations file that tells them what to look for. Very easy to use.

Hijack This requires knowledge of what you are looking at in its list. You can remove the wrong thing using this utility.

Good Luck Lee

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