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Spying in IT

By tweakerxp ·
Have you or your IT department been asked or requested to spy on employees, monitor their surfing habits or read their emails? I was asked a while back to setup a users account on their managers system so she could monitor the users emails. I didn't feel right about this. I know it's company property but still felt funny about it.
What's your thoughts on it.

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No there he was doing his job

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Your are lucky you still ...

Thew whole point of username and password is to identify someone. Hand them out, and then anyone with access to the document could be anyone of the people on this list.
If you can log in as me it could have been you. No audit trail, any use of evidence collected in management's scenario would be completely invalid. So he did his job and provided them a technical solution that maintained the integrty of the system.

It's no different to everybody logging on with same username with a blank password in auditing terms.

There are already sundry schemes for dealing with the mess in san franscisco, all you need is a vaguely competent person to set them up and a process to manage them.

Unfortunately they chose to employ some low forehead type, no doubt he was cheap....

Username and password are identity, authorisation is attached to them.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to No there he was doing his ...
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Which CCIE in San Francisco did that?

by Ocie3 In reply to Your are lucky you still ...

Can you please offer a link to the information?

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I believe that this is what they're talking about.

by Ron K. In reply to Which CCIE in San Francis ...
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by Ocie3 In reply to I believe that this is wh ...

In July 2008, I probably heard the news but I was too busy to really pay much attention to the details.

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Thanks for the link to the most recent story. Sad! -nt-

by Ocie3 In reply to San Fran Admin
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The employer also owns all of the network's contents. -nt-

by Ocie3 In reply to Expectations of Privacy
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not actually

by vulturex In reply to The employer also owns al ...

The company is just responsible for all data on the network.
Some companies allow BYOP for example , which does not allow jurisdiction over all data held in private pcs.

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The context of my remark was in reply to

by Ocie3 In reply to not actually

the specific message, not a generalized assertion. The original post does not mention any "BYOP" (bring your own popcorn). Businesses who allow that are asking for trouble, IMHO, if only because some of the data which is their property is accessed by, if not also stored on, the property that belongs to an employee or agent. Permitting that is usually not necessary and introduces "boundary issues" which can have significant legal ramifications.

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