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SQL vs Access on a website

By Tink! ·
Ok, apparently SQL is preferred by knowledgeable application developers.

I am currently revamping the website for my employer. The site was originally designed by a third-party design firm. They then provided all the files on a CD.

The current setup uses ASP pages with the data stored in an Access Database. This is the setup I've been learning to work with.

They did however, provide a folder with a SQL version of the website. There seem to be only minor differences between the two setups.

The biggest one is that the SQL data is stored in an Excel file rather than a database.

As for the ASP pages the coding is very similar. Obviously it has to refer to a different data file and type, but the recordset commands and layout are almost the same as with the Access DB.

There are couple of places where the SQL version seems to have less code, but other than that there is no real apparent advantages (at least to my inexperienced eye)

The future plans for the website are to allow customers to login and access specific pages, some of which may actually be specific only to them.

Am I alright to stay with the Access DB and ASP pages? or should I switch over to the SQL setup?

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Hmm Given

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to oh ok. but 1 question st ...

UserID UserName

FileID FileName
1......SQL Basics
2......How To Design a Database
3......What you need to know to use Access.

UserID FileID

The query I gave you would give for UserID 1 Tink

SQL Basics
How to Design a Database
What you need to know to use Access.

Like is for string matches. e.g.

select * From File Where FileName Like '%To%'

would return two rows
2......How to Design a Database
3......What you need to know to use Access.

PS access being totally non-standard accepts * as a while card instead of %

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Oh duh! Thanks Tony

by Tink! In reply to Hmm Given

Now that I see it I feel totally stupid for not "getting it" in the first place. LOL.

Thanks a bunch for all your help Tony! I'll try it when I get to work on Mon.

Tink :)

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SQL is very simple, once

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hmm Given
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