st bernards? and proxies

By pliaminnes ·
ok is there any way to use like a proxy or something to bypass the st bernards blocking system at my school? and if so how?

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First, I must mention

by w2ktechman In reply to st bernards? and proxies

that your school has policies in place and you should not violate those policies. To get by their program, the best route would be to contact the schools heldesk and make a case to unblock some sites.

If that does not work, then there are alternatives. Go pick up your own system, and use it to do what you want to do.

If neither of these appeases you, read my next post. WARNING: These are the recommended andbest routes to take. Reading the next post may involve activities which are illegal and/or immoral.

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Ok, so you want to

by w2ktechman In reply to First, I must mention

continue reading this even with the warning. If you did not read my first post, I urge you to read it and consider it. This is recommended as information only, and should never be tried or tested in reality (real world, not virtual life).

Items you will need:
small hammer (all metal, no wood, plastic, or rubber parts)
small saw (hacksaw preferred)(completely metal, no plastics or rubber parts)
electrically conductive gel
grounding wire
phone/Lan Crimper
new power cable
new RJ45 connector
wire cutters

Ok, now to begin. You will first need to unplug the LAN cable and re-wire it. Get out the phone/LAN crimper, RJ45 connector and wire cutters. Cut the wire and put the new connector on and crimp it in place. These should be set as follows. reverse all but the #2, #3, and #6 wires.
NOTE: If you cannot figure out how to do this, you should study physics instead of continuing.

Ok, now to continue. Get out the gel and make a good sized ring around your wrist. Be generous with this as the better the ground means less tries.
Wrap one end of the grounding wire in the center of this ring, make a good tight connection.
Now find a good ground (if you cannot, you should study electricity). Connect the grounding wire securely to a good ground.
Now, get out the saw, and place it next to the computer. DO NOT waer gloves as it will impede the grounding flow. Power the computer on, and saw through (start fast and then slow down) halfway through the power cable. This will cause a small shortage of power to the power supply. Now you can bypass the proxy servers. If it failed, keep the ground wire on, put the new power cable in, and use the hammer (again, no gloves) and plunge the nail remover side into the power supply of the unit.

Try again.

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to st bernards? and proxies

And no I won't tell you how. There's a reason why the school has the device in place so quit trying to get around it!

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Easy mistake to make

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Yes

Don't feel bad kid, your mistake here is easy to make.

You see this is Techrepublic dot com a site for dedicated, ethical IT Professionals, the exact kind of IT professionals that installed the ST Bernard Web-filtering appliance on your network and are responsible for implementing your schools security policies.

What I assume you were trying to get do is Iwannabealeethaxxor dot com which is down the hall to the left. Now off you go.

*Edit* That was a reply to the original poster, not to Ben. Sorry for any confusion

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