start on top rather than the bottom

By madlizzy ·
my daughter 5yr old touched something, now the start box is on
the top of the screen rather than on the bottom. where it normally is
i have windows xp

thank you for your help

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Ron I don't know if you where around at the time

by OH Smeg In reply to But, but, but...

But a while ago someone asked the same question and I sort of replied the same way as above but without the bit about placing the Mouse Pointer on a Unused part of the Task Bar. To me that was so obvious that it didn't need saying as only a complete idiot would click on a open Tab or so I thought at least.

The Poster there replied that he wasn't an Idiot and jumped on me quite hard. Then several days latter they posted the fix which was exactly what i had said but included the Unused word. :^0


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I have fun here at home, talking my users through something.

by Ron K. In reply to Ron I don't know if you w ...

I can be confusing to them by assuming too much. On the bright side, they seem to feel glad that they have me while I feel bad that I'm all they have. We manage somehow. <br>
Nothing has broken in the past 15 minutes.

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I still can't reproduce her problem.

by Ron K. In reply to Well I have experience of ...

The Task Bar is unlocked and I can drag it up about halfway but I can't get Start to the right and on top.

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The 5-year-old

by santeewelding In reply to I still can't reproduce h ...

Bribe the secret from her with candy. She did it by just touching something.

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The five year old will be a computer whiz, I'm telling you.

by Ron K. In reply to The 5-year-old

Stumped me. Maybe that's a sign that I should hang it all up and go Facebook farming. I was working on my pink roses mastery.

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CTRL-ALT-up/down/left/right? (nt)

by NexS In reply to start on top rather than ...
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Did you try

by Sue T In reply to start on top rather than ...

what NexS said? that should work. It sounds like she rotated the screen which is usually done by a hotkey. there is also sometimes a icon in the taskbar on the right (guess it is left now)that looks like a monitor that you can right click on and fix the orientation of the screen.

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Could have been done as well in

by OH Smeg In reply to Did you try

Something like Catalyst Display options I suppose.

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I've seen a picture of the Start button on top.

by Ron K. In reply to start on top rather than ...

There was a blue column beneath it for all of the programs. Of course I can't find that picture again and I can't create the problems. <br>
One solution not mentioned here is to reboot the computer into Safe Mode by repeatedly pressing the F8 key after your computers sounds the POST beep, before going to regular Windows. The Start button should be at the bottom. Simply click on a bare area of the task bar and choose to Lock the Taskbar then reboot into Windows normally. The start button should remain at the bottom of the window on the left.

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Be aware, while entering Safe Mode it takes a few minutes.

by Ron K. In reply to I've seen a picture of th ...

The screen seems to stall at mup.sys but if you leave it be it'll load. I get impatient so I generally walk away for a few minutes.

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