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Starting an IT consultant business, need advice!

By slconsultingsvc ·
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Sorry if this has been posted before. I am new to TechRepublic. I got on here looking for information from IT consultants. I have been dabbling in the IT consultancy realm for several years on the side. A new customer has come onboard that will finally allow me to make the leap from being an employee to working for myself. I have a couple of different customers who frequently call me and I have enough contacts and a reputation that I believe I can be very successful at this. Scratch that... I know I will be successful at this.
So I am looking for advice from all the seasoned IT Consultants on here. What did you do right or what would you have done differently when you started up? And basically I am open to any advice that any of you have.

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by TBotNik In reply to Starting an IT consultant ...


What is your specialty?

Remember to differentiate yourself from the crowd.


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Search topics here on TechRepublic

by KSoniat In reply to Starting an IT consultant ...

Anything by Sterling "Chip" Camden will tend to be consultant based.

You can sign up for newsletters by specialty and "consultant" is one of them.

Good Luck!

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Keep em coming

by slconsultingsvc In reply to Search topics here on Tec ...

Thanks for the tip on the newsletters. Also I have been an administrator in the medical field for the past few years and I recently upgraded the medical software for a local doctor so I think that may end up being a niche market for me. And quite frankly it would be a very good one. There are just too many small doctors offices that do not have the staff to have a clear and concise understanding of HIPPA requirements as it pertains to their computer equipment.

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by shasca In reply to Keep em coming

I have fully automated integrated Dentist, and opthtometrist. I have quite a huge picture portfolio.

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by TBotNik In reply to Keep em coming


Please contact me via my LinkedIN page at:

I authored all automation software that lead to Public Law 106-129, so we need to talk.


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Thanks for the plug!

I intend to write an article on this topic -- I'll post a link here afterwards.

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by slconsultingsvc In reply to Thanks for the plug!

I look forward to reading the article. I have been reading everything I can from authors such as Erik Eckel and yourself. Thanks for posting such valuable information. Us guys starting out need all the information that we can gather.

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My pleasure

by Sterling "chip" Camden Contributor In reply to Article

Thanks for the topic.

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I'm not a consultant...

by KSoniat In reply to Thanks for the plug!

...but I still find your articles worthy of note. Consistently.

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Thank you...

... very much!

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